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Mission Trips

Kenya Mission Trips, April 27 - May 9 & May 29 - June 11, 2018

April 27 - May 9 & May 29 - June 11, 2018 April 27, 2018 - Dr. Hansen did a television inte... Read More

Israel Mission Trip, February 11-22, 2018

February 11, 2018 - Visiting the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem.       Februa... Read More

Kenya Mission Trips, February 8-10 & 23-26, 2018

February 8-10 and 23-26, 2018 February 8-10, 2018 I met with and led devotions for my Kenyan s... Read More

2017 Year in Review at World Ministries International - Kenya - Korea - Malaysia - Israel - China - USA

Knesset member Glick China Fox News - Amarillo, TX V.P. home - Kenya Huruma Redeeme... Read More

Kenya Trip, August 9-15, 2017

August 9 - 15, 2017 I arrived in Nairobi in time for the Kenya Presidential elections. I also he... Read More

Malaysia Trip, July 19 - August 1, 2017

July 19 - August 1, 2017 July 19 & 20 - From Seattle to Shanghai, China to Kota Kinabalu, Ma... Read More

The 6th World Holy Spirit Conference, South Korea, October 7-13, 2016

Seoul, Korea October 2016 October 7 - Arriving and being greeted in South Korea for The 6th Worl... Read More

Kenya Trip, May 12-23, 2017

May 12 - 23, 2017 May 12 - Praying for the mission team at my World Ministries International hea... Read More

Israel Trip, January 20-30, 2017

January 20 - 30, 2017 January 20, 2017 - Dr Hansen and Dr Buckardt were picked up at the Ben Gur... Read More

2014 In Review - Kenya - South Korea - Israel

Let me start off by thanking all of those people who have supported me in prayer and finances. It ta... Read More

Israel Mission Trip, September 20 - October 4, 2013

This trip was a text book example of how God ordains and leads divine appointments. The trip was Sep... Read More

Mexico, May 14-20, 2013

I travel to nations that God has instructed me to give the warning message, attempting to wake up th... Read More

Cayman Islands Trip, March 21-27, 2013

On the morning of March 21, 2013, I arrived in the Grand Cayman Islands. Senior Pastor Torrance Bobb... Read More

Kenya Mission Trip, January 16-24, 2013

The timing of God is perfect. Before judgment of a nation, the LORD sends His prophets to give wa... Read More

Kenya Mission Trip, May 10-22, 2012

Team: Dr. Jonathan Hansen; Dr. Mike Hyodo, WMI Kenya Field Director; Cpt. Milton Alvarez, Evangelist... Read More

ISRAEL MISSION TRIP, March 25 - April 2, 2012

Saturday/Sunday, March 25-26: Dr. Hansen, Pastor EJ Buckardt and Peggy Magnuson flew from SeaTac to ... Read More

Kenya Benevolence, August 2006 - July 16, 2012

"Blessed is he who considers the poor; the Lord will deliver him in time of trouble." Psalm 41:1 W... Read More

Kenya Mission Trip, October 11-31, 2011

In October 2011, a mission team from World Ministries International traveled to Kenya, East Africa. ... Read More



Israel Part 2, May 14-22, 2009

DR. JONATHAN HANSEN VISITS ISRAEL ~ MAY, 2009 In my last newsletter titled “ISRAEL Part 1&... Read More

Israel Part 1, May 14-22, 2009

DR. JONATHAN HANSEN VISITS ISRAEL ~ MAY, 2009 My heart is aching as I watch the news and listen to ... Read More

Radical Liberal Politics - Kenya - Guyana

Dear fellow believer, we are in an intense spiritual and cultural battle in the United States of Ame... Read More

WMI Kenya Trip, January 31 - February 18, 2008

From 1/31/08 through 2/18/08, I led a mission team to Kenya where we met with political and church l... Read More

America's Christian Heritage & How We Have Become a Nation Facing Unprecedented Problems - Kenya - Burundi - United Arab Emerates - Oman

What has happened to America's Christian Heritage? In the United States, both in society and the ch... Read More

2007 Kenya Mission Work Progressing Forward

Kenya is a fertile field for the gospel of Jesus Christ, a country of people realizing their need... Read More

Kenya Mission Update

Recently I had the privilege to go on a mission trip to Kenya and travel with Dr. Mike Hyodo as p... Read More

The Kenya Benevolence Ministry of WMI: "Help us help them"

Dozens of children surrounded the World Ministries International (WMI) team as we walked through ... Read More

Apostasy: The Great Falling Away Part 2 - Kenya - Jamaica - Liberia

In this, what I believe is the final generation, the world and the Church have witnessed and become ... Read More

The Middle East Showdown: The Beginning of WWIII and the Attack on America - Liberia - Romania - Russia - Kenya - Ghana - Jamaica

Since 9/11, newsmen have reported various leaders declaring that World War III has started. The Ne... Read More

Special Edition: A Call to Reach the Nations & The Feast of Tabernacles 2006 - Kenya - Ghana - USA

With this newsletter we ask that you join with us in making a difference for the nations. Please tak... Read More

Jamaica National Repentance Crusades, September 16-26, 2005

Jer. 1:5 “Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee; and before thou camest forth out... Read More

Jamaica Mission, February 10-21 & May 21-25, 2005

The time has finally come to hold the national crusade meetings of repentance in Jamaica! This news ... Read More

Jamaica Missions, April 16-26 & July 9-20, 2004

World Ministries International visited Jamaica twice in 2004. From April 16-26, and July 9-20, WM... Read More

Cuba: Change is Coming, June 23-29, 2004

World Ministries International visited Cuba on June 23-29, 2004 with the International Christian All... Read More

Japan: A House Divided - Luke 11:17, May 21 - June 7, 2004

Pictured above is the Asakusa Kannon, a Buddhist Temple in Tokyo, Japan. World Ministries Interna... Read More

Ghana 2004: A Nation in Need, February 19-22 & March 1-6, 2004

In last month’s newsletter, we presented a day-by-day synopses of our meetings with the govern... Read More

Liberia 2004: A Nation At The Crossroads, February 23 - March 1, 2003

I greet each of you in the wonderful name of Jesus Christ. I am writing to you from the nation of Gh... Read More

Dear children, let us not love with words or tongue but with actions and in truth (1John 3.18).

Throughout Scripture, the Word of God exhorts us to be doers of the Word (James 1.22), in that when ... Read More

Itinerary For Liberia

Dear partners of the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ, As you are reading this, l am in the nations... Read More

Possessing the Land 2004

Urgent Requests From Prophet Hansen AFRICA From February 10th to March 9th, I will be leading a ... Read More

SPECIAL EDITION: WMI Benevolence Ministry - Benevolence - Mission Trip - Jamaica

Matthew 10:40-41: “He that receiveth you receiveth me, and he that receiveth me receiveth him ... Read More


On the next two pages are some shocking pictures. The horrors of today’s world. I don’t ... Read More

Local Happenings At WMI - America Mission Trips

Our local campus of World Theological Centre for Evangelism and Missions has completed its first ye... Read More

WMI Outreach Ministries - Romania - Jamaica - San Salvador - Kenya - Russia

Dr. Mike Hyodo heads up World Ministries’ arm of outreach to the world. Dr. Mike is a dentist... Read More

Jamaica Crusade, November 2-19, 2001

THE WMI TEAM Dr. Mike Hyodo, EJ Buckardt, Pastor Edwards, Rev. Hansen & friends Grace Camp... Read More

Year 2001 In Review - Looking Forward to 2002 - America & Jamaica Missions Trip

Sharing across the nation with the conference, “Direction in an Age of Confusion”. The... Read More

FALL NEWSLETTER ~ 2001 - America Mission Trips & Family

NEWS RELEASES! July 29, 2001 The Jordan Times “Shiite Cleric puts $1m Bounty on Israeli Rabbi... Read More

WMI goes to Florida - New York - Seattle - Dallas - Kansas - New Orleans - New Mexico - Yakima, WA - Missouri

Read More

January 2001 - Late Skirmish mars peaceful WTO II - Romania - Kenya

Read More

The Year 2000 In Review: LOOKING FORWARD TO 2001 - America & International

Time is moving on at warp speed. All spiritual eyes are on Israel, especially Jerusalem. An explosio... Read More

WMI Takes Message To Europe - Kenya - Netherlands - Czech Republic - Austria - Germany - Sweden - Poland - Romania - Finland

Read More

May 2000 - The Seattle Times - America Mission Trips

Read More

Ground Breaking News at WMI! - America - Sweden Missions Trip

Read More

Pastor Hansen Holds Revival Meetings at Bethel

Read More

WARNING!!! - Prophecy For Kenya Being Fulfilled

Read More

Warning!!! - President Moi's Re-election Prophesied

Read More

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