Team: Dr. Jonathan Hansen; Dr. Mike Hyodo, WMI Kenya Field Director; Cpt. Milton Alvarez, Evangelist; Peggy Magnuson, Watchman/Intercessor; Sean Bradley, Cameraman.

The purpose of this trip was to unite Christians to be Christian first and not tribalistic or racist. Kenya, like America, is fighting for their freedom. Global forces are trying to destroy the moral fabric of Kenya, bringing the nation under a New World Order value system where Christians who are truly loyal to Jesus Christ will be persecuted. Islam is trying to take over the leadership of Kenya. Without Christians voting as a united body, Christians will lose their religious freedoms and Kenya will eventually be governed by Shari'a law.

Thursday, May 10 - Friday, May 11, 2012: Our flight was from Seattle to Nairobi via Amsterdam, arriving in Nairobi at 8:30 PM Friday. Dr. Mike met us at the airport and drove us to his comfortable home. Cpt. Alvarez had taken a different flight and arrived in Nairobi the next morning.

Dr. Hansen, Francis, Cpt. Milton, Dr. Mike

Leaders on the Grandstand

Dr. Hansen Speaking

Vice President Stephen Kalonzo

Saturday, May 12, 2012: We left the house at 8:00 AM and drove to the WMI office in downtown Nairobi. We were happily surprised to be joined here by Pastor Francis Koriata who was to be our host in Maasailand the following weekend. He was one of the committee people for the Prayer Day event, and accompanied us to Uhuru Park. Dr. Mike went immediately to the airport to pick up Cpt. Milton, who joined us at the office. In spite of lack of sleep, he went with us straight to Uhuru Park in mid-town for the National Dedication Day (dedicating Kenya to God) where Dr. Hansen was to be one of the speakers. We were escorted to the main grandstand where all the leaders of the event were being seated. This event was a special blessing to attend as it represented the coming together of the church in all of Kenya to stand for Jesus! Hallelujah! Prophets Hansen and Batarseh were each given a brief time to speak. The Vice President said at the beginning of his speech that more time should have been given to Dr. Hansen and less time to himself! This demonstrated to the whole country the Vice President's trust in this relationship. Dr. Hansen stressed that church leaders themselves dedicating the nation to God was not going to stop judgment and make the nation prosperous. The nation needs to repent of their sins and elect a president, vice president, members of parliament, and judges who will make a personal covenant with Jesus Christ to turn the nation around.

Dr. Hansen and Cpt. Alvarez

Dr. Hansen Preaches

Kahara Baby Dedication

Sunday, May 13, 2012: We drove to the Redeemed Gospel Church Huruma, head church of Archbishop Arthur Kitonga. Dr. Kitonga is considered the “father” of all the bishops in Kenya, and he oversees 2,000 branches of the Reedemed Church. Dr. Hansen and Cpt. Alvarez shared speaking time at the 9:00 AM service and then Dr. Hansen preached the 11:00 AM service. Dr. Kitonga told him to take as much time as he wanted and that the doors would be locked so no one could leave before he was finished. Talk about a“captive audience”! The messages were well received, and afterwards we were taken upstairs to a V.I.P. lounge where we were served a wonderful lunch. After lunch, former Mayor Nathan Kahara's wife, Rhoda, joined us with her daughter, son-in-law and their new baby. She asked Dr. Hansen to christen the baby. This was a very special time for Dr. Hansen.

Pastor Kennedy’s Graduation

At 4:00 PM we attended the Service and Graduation Ceremony for Pastor Kennedy Hirum Kamau of Gospel Revival Centre Church. Pastor Kamau had just graduated from WMI’s Bible School at our Nairobi office. He had also taken a second degree from another bible school, so both chancellors presented Pastor Kennedy with his degrees. Dr. Hansen spoke for the occasion.

Dr. Hansen with Dr. Joe Kayo

Dr. Hirbo Huka Cheto

Monday, May 14, 2012: We left the house at 8:45 AM to head for the office. There, Dr. Hansen had a meeting with Anne Munene, the dental rep for supplies for all the dental clinics WMI operates in Kenya. Then the men took off for City Hall where Dr. Hansen spoke to a large group of churchmen and business leaders headed up by Dr. Joe Kayo. Dr. Kayo is one of the most influential leaders in the country, and it is good to see the long-time relationship between he and Dr. Hansen grow even stronger. The team then went directly to the Hilton Hotel where they had a short meeting with Prophet Bahjat Batarseh, planning a TV shoot for the following day. In the meantime Peggy stayed back at the office, as she felt impressed to be in intercession for quite a while. WMI staff devotions were scheduled for 2:00 PM, and because Dr. Hansen was tied up with the other meetings, Peggy was asked to share at this gathering. We had a nice sized group, as the students from the Bible School joined in the devotions. Later in the afternoon we had an appointment with Dr. Hirbo Huka Cheto, a medical doctor from one of the Nairobi hospitals. He is founder of Global Gospel Ministries and also an evangelist.

Cpt. Milton gives testimony

Dr. Hansen shares at KEGMA

TV shoot with Dr. Batarseh

Tuesday, May 15, 2012: We were at the office by 8:45 AM so that Dr. Hansen could have devotions with the staff. He had Cpt. Milton give his powerful testimony to this group, and they were amazed and blessed. Cpt. Milton was raised among the New York mafia and traveled worldwide with the global drug cartels. It is so wonderful to see the power of the Cross change a life like Cpt. Milton's to one of complete sacrifice for the Kingdom! At 11:00 AM both Dr. Hansen and Cpt. Milton addressed the KEGMA group, a downtown weekly meeting of pastors headed up by one of Dr. Hansen’s “spiritual sons”, Pastor Mike Adippo. At 2:30 PM we were at the Hilton Hotel again for the taping of two TV programs with Dr. Bahjat Batarseh. This wonderful gentleman traces his family heritage back to 64 AD...yes, I said 64 AD...being a part of the Greek Orthodox Church. Like Dr. Hansen, he is a prophet to the nations and is respected worldwide. He is also a U.S. citizen with a home here, as well as in Jordan. Watch our “Warning” program in the months ahead to hear these powerful interviews. He will bless us with a visit to WMI headquarters in the near future.

Peggy & Pastor in Kwa Njenga Slum

Muddy Slum

Children in New School

Best Asian food in town

Pat. Mike and Nancy Adippo Family

Wednesday, May 16, 2012: At 8:30 AM we had devotions at our South C Clinic with the clinic staff. Here again Cpt. Milton gave his testimony. We have a new female dentist heading up the staff now, and she took the time to give Cpt. Alvarez a quick exam. We drove to the Kwa Njenga Slum where we met with the overseer of the Comido School and Church, Pastor James Kariuki, another young pastor whom Dr. Hansen raised in his home while living in Nairobi. It had been raining for two weeks in Kenya, and the slum was full of dirty water and mud. It is quite a long walk from the entrance of the slum and back to the school where we were headed. We had to wear high rubber boots to trudge through the mud. We visited the new classrooms where Dr. Hansen and Cpt. Milton shared with the 300+ children who are receiving an education there, along with a good meal every day. Words can hardly express the joy felt to see the difference the new classrooms and the clean water from the newly installed well have made in the lives of these precious children. Two years ago they were in dark, dark classrooms with no windows...and no clean water. This time they had clean water, and we rejoiced to see them in classrooms where there were beautiful windows to bring in the sunlight. They also have a new kitchen for cooking their meals and a new library. After the tour we went to Pastor James’ home for a beautiful authentic Chinese lunch, cooked and served by his Taiwanese wife, Melody. Later in the evening wed rove to the home of Pastor Mike and Nancy Adippo and there were treated to an authentic African dinner. Both of these couples were raised by Dr. Hansen and then married by him.

Team at Nairobi Game Park

Three giraffes huddle together

Yes, he really is that big!

Carnivore’s Restaurant in Nairobi

Thursday, May 17, 2012: Leaving Dr. Mike's home at 5:30 AM, we drove to the Nairobi Game Park. The guys were bent on spending the whole day looking for lions. We entered the park when it opened at 6:00 AM and were the last car out at 6:30 PM! All day we saw beautiful animals...giraffe, élan, gazelle, water buffalo, zebra, etc. Around 4:00 PM while driving along a fairly smooth stretch of dirt road (all the others were rutted from the rains and at some places rather scary), we came upon a black rhino waddling down the road in front of us. Dr. Mike, our excellent driver, followed slowly behind, waiting for him to get off the road. The rhino seemed confused. Apparently they are almost blind, but their hearing is good. He could hear the diesel engine behind him, and seemed irritated. At one point he sauntered off the road but then changed his mind and came back onto the road. Finally, he turned around and faced Mike's 4x4 vehicle. At first he just stared, and then he charged. Dr. Mike was driving backward faster and faster with Dr. Hansen trying to keep him calm and Cpt. Milton praying! A collision with the two-ton monster would probably have been the end of us! Finally, the rhino tired and backed off. Believe me, all the guys will be talking about this encounter until Jesus returns! By the way, at the very end of the day, a lion was sighted through the, times pent paid off! Following the adventure, Dr. Hansen treated us to dinner at a famous tourist restaurant called “Carnivores” where you have every kind of animal meat imaginable cooked on spits over flame. You eat until you can’t eat anymore! Cpt. Milton was the only one in the group who hadn’t been there before. What a treat for this meat lover!

Breakfast meeting with Dr. Batareh

Detour route through the corn fields

Pastor Francis Koriata

Friday Evening Service in Maasailand

Friday, May 18, 2012: We headed for the office packed and ready to drive on up to Maasailand. Cpt. Milton had some dental work done at WMI's TelPosta Dental Office. Dr. Hansen had a breakfast meeting with Dr. Bahjat Batarseh of Ammon, Jordan, to discuss the spiritual situation in Kenya and America. Around noon we left for Narok in Maasailand where we were to meet with Pastor Francis Koriata. Not too far out of Narok we came to a traffic jam. The whole highway had washed out due to the rains...a gap of about 18 feet wide and 18 feet deep! There was no way to cross! Obviously, the enemy was trying to keep us from making this appointment. The Lord put a song in Dr. Hansen's heart, and he started singing, "God will make away where there seems to be no way". After some consultation with local officials and a couple of phone calls, it was decided to try to get around the washout by driving through the corn fields on the sides, which looked almost like rice paddies, they were so saturated with rain. After much prayer, slipping and sliding, we gratefully made it around, even though many other folks were stuck in the deep mud and waiting for help. God is faithful! We made it safely to Narok where we met Pastor Francis who took us to a small hotel called the Royal Valley Hotel. That evening we had an opening service from 8:00 PM until 11:00 PM under the stars in the jungle. Pastor Frances calls this his "emerging church in the bush”. This area of land was donated to the congregation by a wealthy local Maasai who didn't happen to be a believer! A generator was used to fire up two light bulbs, the keyboard used for worship, and the microphones. Now and then the generator would quit and it was pitch dark. The people didn’t seem to mind this and just kept worshipping while others solved the problem. Dr. Hansen shared that he was so astonished with it all, he asked the Lord,“Why do You have me here?” The Lord told him...“so was the experience with Samuel when I asked him to go and anoint David as King.” Watch for the fruit from this obedience to the Holy Spirit!

Transportation to Outdoor Crusade

Dr. Hansen shares at Crusade

The Singing Preacher

Pastor Francis' Shambah

Saturday Evening Service

Saturday, May 19, 2012: At 10:00 AM we drove to the church site and readied the equipment and people to drive into the village, Bomet, to do an outdoor crusade. They loaded all the people and the equipment into a truck and drove several miles into the little town. The Crusade took place in and during the outdoor market where people and animals were moving back and forth through the whole area. You would have to be there to believe it, but it was a fabulous success. Very large crowds gathered, especially during the worship dancing which is just fascinating. A visiting Maasai pastor, Rev. George Maati, who they called “The Singer”, would “sing” a story from the Gospel. He would be worship dancing at the same time, with Pastor Francis and his people following behind him... all dressed in their native Maasai clothing. It was so colorful and inspiring to see how a warrior people such as the Maasai can be changed into powerful people for the Lord. Afterwards we drove back to the bush to Pastor Francis’ “shambah” or farm. He is now the head of his “clan” and has the extended family living and working the land there. He married in 2009 and has a two year old daughter, with a second child due in mid November. He and his wife, Irene, also have three adopted orphans living with them who are around 11, 8, and 5. What a big-hearted family! They live in a simple little two-bedroom mud house where they served us a wonderful dinner, then later barbecued a lamb for us over an outdoor fire. We drove back to the church property for another evening service, which started at 9:00 PM and lasted until 11:00 PM. The people should have been exhausted after the long outdoor crusade all afternoon, but they were just as exuberant in their worship as ever, and afterwards wandered off in the dark to their homes. Can you imagine such commitment among people in our country?

Meeting with man who donated land

Maasai Chief Ole Sankai

Dr. Hansen shares Truth

Dr. Hansen anoints and prays for Pastor Francis

Sunday, May 20, 2012: We were packed and ready to leave for the morning service by 9:00 AM. Arriving at the church property, people were already gathering under the tree. These are a faithful people! Pastor Francis took Dr. Hansen and Cpt. Alvarez to the nearby home of the man who had donated the land to the church. In the process of their visit, Dr. Hansen led the gentleman to Christ and salvation in Him. Hallelujah! God’s timing is awesome! When the anointing is present in a situation, heaven opens and miracles happen! Back at the church site, church began as usual with worship and dancing. The Chief of the Maasai tribe, Ole Sankai, was in attendance and agreed with Dr. Hansen's warning for Kenya. Afterwards Dr. Hansen preached a very strong message. All the leaders were called up, and Dr. Hansen anointed the land for the Lord's use. He then anointed Pastor Francis and prayed a prayer of blessing over him. He also anointed all the leaders present, and we had a time of prayer over the land and the people. Afterwards they served us a meal of goat meat and sent us off with their blessings.

Dr. Hansen meets with prison warden

Spiritual daughter, Fouzia Abdi

Mr. Charles Wambua, UNICEF

Monday, May 21, 2012: We said our thank yous and goodbyes to the Hyodo family and left for warning for Kenya. Afterwards Dr. Hansen preached a very strong message. All the leaders were called up, and Dr. Hansen anointed the land for the Lord's use. He then anointed Pastor Francis and prayed a prayer of the office around 8:45 AM, packed and ready to leave Nairobi in the evening. On the way we stopped at Kamiti Prison, a maximum security facility. Here, Dr. Hansen and Cpt. Alvarez had a meeting with the warden. They were granted favor, and Cpt. Alvarez and Sean, who did the filming, were able to minister for over two hours, bringing many to salvation.The rest of us drove on to the office where Dr. Hansen had devotions again with the staff. Both Dr. Mike and Peggy shared as the Spirit led. Dr. Hansen met with a couple of different people, including Fouzia Abdi, the Somalian woman we had met in 2010 who became a believer through an appearance of Jesus when she was about to commit suicide. Fouzia is looking well and studying hard so she can be a good witness for the Kingdom. Dr. Mike then took Dr. Hansen to the U.S. Embassy to add additional pages to his passport. While at the Embassy, Dr. Hansen witnessed and prayed for several people. Later Dr. Hansen and team had several other meetings, including a final meeting with Dr. Batarseh. We also met with Mr. Charles Wambua who works with the United Nations in the area of UNICEF. What a wonderful, enthusiastic Christian man he is! It was a pleasure to meet him, and we look forward to further dealings with him in the future. In spite of Dr. Hansen being sick all day Monday, suffering from slight sunstroke, dizziness, vomiting and diarrhea, he managed to push through these meetings. We prayed for him several times, and the Lord helped him through the day and onto the plane that evening.

Rhoda Kahara, Secretary Lucy, Dr. Hansen,
Mayor Nathan Kahara,
Cpt. Milton(seated), Peggy, Sean

At 6:00 PM we left for the Ole Sereina Hotel near the airport where we met for dinner with Former Mayor Nathan Kahara and his wife, Rhoda. The meeting with Nathan was very important as Dr. Hansen discussed with the mayor the critical situation that Christians are facing in Kenya today and what is needed to keep Kenya free. We had to be at the airport by 8:30PM, so we said our goodbyes and drove on to the airport.

We are expecting to hear great things coming out of Kenya in the near future. Pray for much fruit to come from these meetings, and also pray for their upcoming elections as fervently as you pray for ours in America!

The following is a summary of the prophecy given by Dr. Hansen to Kenya in 1992:(See complete prophecy at

The Pastors/Leaders of most of the churches in Kenya are, in reality, serving themselves; not Jesus Christ.

Many, many people today who call themselves Christians no longer help preserve the nation. They lie, cheat, steal, fornicate, commit adultery, have abortions, live in homosexuality, slander, curse, gossip and commit every sort of evil and uncleanness that the heart can imagine. The “Christians” today say, “Praise the Lord,” shake your hand (like Judas kissing Jesus), then stab you in the back by accusing you falsely. They are filled with jealousy, bitterness, selfishness and guilt. Today’s professing “Christians” in Kenya have broken and are breaking the laws of God, and are about fit for nothing but the “dunghill.” (Read Luke 14:34)

Because of rejecting the truth/knowledge of the Word of God into one’s heart so a relationship is developed (the “born again ”beginning with an ongoing relationship), Isaiah 59:12-13 is quickly coming to pass: “For our transgressions are multiplied before Thee, and our sins testify against us: for our transgressions are with us; and our iniquities we know them; in transgressing and lying against the Lord, and departing away from our God, speaking oppression and revolt, conceiving and uttering from the heart words of falsehood.”



1. God is going to judge this nation.

2. A spirit of rebellion is sweeping the nation followed by fighting.

3. A spirit of drought is sweeping the nation followed by famine.

4. A spirit of Islam is sweeping the nation followed by riots.

5. Finally, if the Christians, and especially the pastors of this nation, do not repent of their hypocrisy and start to develop a relationship with God, then the Christians will lose their religious freedom.

Church people who call themselves Christian:

If you fear God, you must have a change of heart and develop a true relationship with Him. You must be “born again.” If you fail to hearken to this WARNING, there will be fighting, even family against family. There will be famine, you will be persecuted by another religious group, the nation will lose its religious freedom, and the nation will not fully recover until Jesus returns.

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