Soldiers of the Cross

Intercessors are called by the Lord Himself and are key to backing God's appointed and anointed leaders in His purpose for the Kingdom.

The enemy of our souls is working hard to destroy the witness of the Gospel in all front line ministries.  Thus, our vision for WMI is to have 2000 intercessors in every country in which Dr. Hansen is ministering to pray for victory in every area of this ministry. If you are an intercessor and God has called you to pray for Dr. Hansen and this ministry, please contact us. We need faithful warriors to join ranks with us.
2 Chronicles 7:14

Dear Brothers and Sister in Christ,

The Word of God says to know those that labor among you (1 Thess. 5:12).  Since most of you are so far away, this Intercessor Survey Form is my instrument to accomplish this goal.  I want to see your heart on these issues.  I need to know that you are a person who seeks truth and will stand on the Word of God every time, no matter what the world or man says against it.

I am looking for people who are filled with the Holy Spirit.  The  Lord told me to raise a team of 2000 intercessors in every nation.  WMI is a very unique ministry, confronting sin at the highest levels in the nations, both politically and within the church.  I need the prayer covering of 2000 intercessors to survive in confronting a beast government and/or tyrannical leader of a nation.  If you have a burden for the condition of the church and the nations, please help me today by becoming one of my prayer intercessors.  Together with God's blessings, through your prayers we can reach and warn the nations.

It is important that you are reading the newsletters and hopefully receiving the CD of the Month.  These messages are dealing with the issues that are facing us now and will help equip believers to do the work of the ministry!  They will help us stay on the same page as we seek the direction of the Holy Spirit.  You can access the messages through our web site or receive a hard copy.  Financial commitment to a ministry is the natural fruit of a deep spiritual commitment.  A monthly donation of $25.00 will put you on the CD of the Month Program where you will receive the messages on CD.

WMI's goal is to have each person on our mailing list backing this ministry with a $25.00 donation to the CD of the Month Program so that the calling of Jesus Christ can be get the "Warning" message to every nation, every city, town, and village.

I am looking for intercessors who will seriously commit to pray for this ministry.  If you fall short in some of these areas of commitment, but are willing to grow, I want you to feel free to become part of this team.  I am not looking for perfect people, but people with a heart to grow, to learn, and to be used of God in service to His kingdom.

In His service,
Dr. Jonathan Hansen

World Ministries International
c/o Soldiers of the Cross
P.O. Box 277
Stanwood, Washington 98292

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