Jer. 1:5 “Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee; and before thou camest forth out of the womb I sanctified thee, and I ordained thee a prophet unto the nations.” The alarm has been sounded in Jamaica! The warning from God of coming judgment has been given to this nation.

Pictured above is our 25-person ministry team that went to Jamaica with Apostle/ Prophet Jonathan Hansen on September 16-26, 2005.

Jesus Christ has called Dr. Hansen to 88 nations to share the prophetic Word of the Lord. This year World Ministries International has visited Jamaica three times, capping off four years and nine trips there with the final, four-city national crusade meetings of repentance last September. These meetings were held in the four largest cities in the country: Montego Bay, Spanish Town, Portmore, and Kingston.

The first crusades were a two-day event in Montego Bay. A strong message of the need for national repentance of sins, including idolatry, immorality, killing the innocent, and dividing the land of Israel was shared.

The people were shocked to hear such a strong Word the first night, but by the second night repentance and healing came to the people as they came up for prayer.

Next, the remaining crusades took place over a three-day series of meetings around the Kingston area. First, a special leadership meeting was assembled in Portmore, where political and church leadership were invited to hear Apostle/ Prophet Hansen. Pictured below is the meeting with the host, Bishop Delford Davis, who is the president of the largest umbrella group of churches, the Jamaica Association of Full Gospel Churches.

Many of the leaders cried out for themselves and for their people and the stage was set for the three back-to-back meetings.

Pictured above is the crusade meeting in Portmore. Thousands of people praised the Lord and worshipped Him with all their heart. After the repentance message was shared, many people flooded the altar for prayer. There was screaming as some people had demons cast out of them when the anointing of God fell.

The Spirit of God engulfed the place as Apostle/Prophet Hansen totally exhausted himself to reach the people. By the end of the night his voice was hoarse and we all questioned whether he would be able to preach the next day.

There was much expectation in Kingston for the next crusade meeting. God was preparing to give the people a healing touch.

Halfway through the meeting as Reverend Hansen’s voice cracked and faltered, the anointing of God healed his vocal chords and the preaching became even stronger and louder. As God healed his voice, He then later healed the people. Many were healed and delivered as the meeting went on late into the night.

The woman pictured above is one of many that God ministered to through His saints. May Jesus Christ receive the glory!

Reverend Hansen is seen above at the last crusade meeting in Spanish Town. During this meeting we prayed for a man named Keith (pictured below) who had been in a bad car accident and became paralyzed. He also suffered from neurofibromatosis and edema in his neck. We prayed for complete restoration and healing and continued to fast and pray for him even when we returned back home.

Although tired at the end of the crusade meetings, there was time to reflect upon the grace and mercy of God. He had called Apostle/Prophet Hansen and World Ministries International to the nation of Jamaica. By His Spirit, He opened up doors for us to meet with the Prime Minister, Governor General, and National Ombudsman. He got us to the major church leaders of this nation. He led us to prepare for a national crusade meeting of repentance and He was faithful to bring it to pass in September. Mark 13:9 “But take heed to yourselves: for they shall deliver you up to councils; and in the synagogues ye shall be beaten: and ye shall be brought before rulers and kings for my sake, for a testimony against them.”

Pictured below is Reverend Hansen and the team with the Prime Minister of Jamaica, the honorable Mr. P.J. Patterson.

God has called this ministry to speak to the leadership of nations as the condition of a nation and its people are a result of the leadership.

The Lord spoke through His servant, Jonathan Hansen, on November 6, 2001 at 4:50 p.m. a prophecy for the nation of Jamaica. In it, God warned Jamaica that a wall of water will blow them away if they do not repent. Please call our office to order a copy of this prophecy or prophecies for other nations and related articles.

God has called us to reach political leadership, church leadership, the church, and society. Now that the crusade meetings are accomplished, the final task that the Lord has called our ministry to complete in Jamaica is to put the warning message on national television, radio, and newspapers to reach the remainder of society.

This message will be formatted as like a “state of the union” message where Apostle/Prophet Hansen will address the nation. Please help us get this message out. It will cost many thousands of US dollars to get it on the top television stations such as TVJ and CVM as well as radio stations and the top newspaper, the Gleaner. Call our office now to donate to this cause. Telephone (360) 629-5248.

Much more violence and murder is coming and the people need to be warned. Our burden to get this message to the nation has grown even as our own World Ministries International representative, Derrick Lawrence, who was living in Jamaica was murdered last month, just two weeks after our crusade meetings.

This newsletter is dedicated to the memory of God’s faithful servant and fellow brother in Christ, Derrick Lawrence, pictured below.

Derrick supported us and made the choice to be our representative in this nation because he was sick of the corruption and violence there. As he was leaving a bank in October, two men on a motorcycle tried to take his cell phone and shot and killed him in broad daylight. Please pray for his family and for the nation of Jamaica.

During our mission trip to Jamaica in September we were blessed to spend a lot of time with him and take solace knowing that he is with Jesus Christ.

We were also blessed because we had time to visit two orphanages during our trip.

This included our second visit to the City of Refuge Orphanage pictured above. We sang songs and received lots of hugs and love from these children.

We also visited Sophie’s Place - a disabled children’s orphanage. Our hearts were touched to see our friends there.

It was a reminder of why we go to battle in a protect and defend the most innocent of people who can become prey to those in power. Compassion and the love of Jesus Christ consumes our motives as we reach out to give warning to the nation.

Pastor Kimo Bethea, pictured above, embraces a boy at the orphanage. Although our primary mission is to be faithful to give the message of repentance to Jamaica, we love to not only give the Word, but do the Word by our benevolence work in the nation.

One of the benevolence ministry projects that we have invested in over the last four years is building dental clinics. Pictured below is Pastor EJ Buckardt, Dr. Michael Hyodo, and Dr. Audre DaCosta, visiting our Kingston Dental clinic.

It has been rewarding to serve the people with free dental care. We were also blessed to see the completion of our second dental clinic located in the Portmore area. Pictured below is part of our team outside the clinic.

We have spent our blood, sweat and tears over this nation. Finally, we must send the message over the mass media. Please help us get the message on the major television and radio stations. Help us to saturate the public with the warning that they need to hear. Help us to publish the message in the national newspapers. Call our office now to give your tax-deductable donation and help us to fulfill and be faithful to God’s commission to this nation. Help us to birth a new destiny for Jamaica.

The alarm has been sounded. The warning has been given. Pray that the people will turn from their wicked ways in Jamaica.

Sounding the Alarm in Jamaica

Based in Stanwood, WA, World Ministries International (WMI) has been to Jamaica nine times in the last four years. WMI has worked with orphanages, met with political and church leadership, churches and society at large. Last year, WMI built a dental clinic in Kingston and now has completed construction of another clinic in Portmore, Jamaica.

Having returned after ministering to orphans with clothing, supplies and love, and outreach to the people of Jamaica with nation-wide crusade meetings in the largest cities in the country, WMI will continue to sound the alarm through the mass media. Now, with the local meetings finished, our next step is to reach the entire nation with the message of repentance and the return to Jesus Christ.

This trip to Jamaica was the culmination of four years of hard work and untold hundreds of thousands of dollars in travel expenses, medical/dental equipment, and so much more. The Lord has commissioned us to go to all the nations, not just to make disciples, but also to sound the alarm and turn the nations back to Jesus when the people go astray. We also want to continue helping the poor in Jamaica with free dental care and to build another dental clinic at an orphanage so the children can receive free dental care! Our remaining responsibility is to pay for time on national television, national radio and the nation’s newspapers to make sure that everyone has a chance to hear the message. Your tax deductible donation will facilitate this valuable work that we are doing for the people of Jamaica.

© 2005 World Ministries International