August 9 - 15, 2017

I arrived in Nairobi in time for the Kenya Presidential elections. I also held a retreat for my Kenya staff at World Ministries International, where we have one of our Bible School campuses and dental clinics. I reminded my staff that this is why we exist, to bring peace to the nations and transform the thinking of people into citizens of the Kingdom of God so prosperity and peace can truly reign. In attendance were some of my staff: Dr Mike Hyodo, Pastor Edward Shichende, Pastor Paul Sitati, Maureen Awino, Adalia Peace, Joshua Adipo, Irene Gachau, Tabby Ndei, Grace Evans and many others.





Additional photos of my terrific World Ministries International staff enjoying the retreat.






Deliverance Church, Langata, Nairobi, Kenya pastored by Bishop Geoffrey and Elizabeth Kamau Njuguna.




Worship, praise and prayer






Delivering the message about becoming a New Testament church being led by an Issachar as in 1 Chronicles 12:32, who equips and trains the church to be victorious during troubled times so they can conquer, prosper and bring peace to the nation.




Meeting with a few people at the Deliverance Church service.




Prior to heading back to the states, some of my staff and I planned strategy to be more effective in training the church.



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Jonathan Hansen

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