In my last newsletter titled “ISRAEL Part 1” I shared some thoughts about our May 2009 trip to the Holy Land and how that experience confirmed so many of the things I had been reading regarding the crisis situation the people of Israel are facing today.

As we visited the village of Sderot and its surrounding area near the Gaza Border, along with the Jewish settlements of Hebron and Itamar in the West Bank, I became painfully aware of the stress and danger that is a part of daily life in Israel. A mother walking her baby in a carriage along a sidewalk in Sderot might find her baby pointing at the sky when the air raid siren goes off. A young Jewish Yeshiva student might find one of his classmates missing at school one day, the result of a terrorist attack on their village the previous night.

The top picture on the right shows you Gaza (in blue) at the southwest corner of Israel, and the West Bank (marked in lime green), encompassing all of Samaria to the north of Jerusalem and Judea to the south, wrapping around the Holy City in the shape of a massive kidney bean. Many legally Jewish neighborhoods in the city of Jerusalem itself have buildings occupying this land, illegally built by Palestinians. Can you imagine living in a situation where your neighbor across the street would be a citizen of another State altogether which has declared itself an enemy to your people?

The Golan Heights at the top northeast point of the map is now disputed territory. It is a high plateau looking down on the fertile Hula Valley in the slim northern peninsula of land about four miles across to the border of Lebanon. If the Golan Heights were given over to a Palestinian State, it would be possible to just lob explosives down from that plateau onto the people living in the farmland below, or even shoot people with an ordinary rifle!

It is obvious to me that the Lord is calling me to begin working with some of the leaders in Israel to see how WMI can help bring strength and courage to this suffering country through prayer, ministry of the Word of God, and most importantly, holding out the firm hand of friendship that says, “People of Israel, we are with you all the way!"

The Bible states in Malachi 4:5: “Behold, I will send you Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the Lord.” The ministry of the Elijah-type prophet has always been to call the people to repentance and to “prepare the way of the Lord”. It is very clear to anyone who is paying attention and following the signs of our times that we are coming very near to the return of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Because WMI is an Elijah-type ministry, it is heavy on our hearts to be faithful in this end time battle for the Kingdom of God.

For the last ten or more years I have been faithfully sounding the alarm for what is coming upon the nations before Jesus’ return. The pace has now stepped up to a higher level, and I need to press in even harder. Every member of the true Bride of Christ is being called upon to be faithful in some way or another in this effort and will answer to Jesus Himself one day for how they responded to that call.

I feel I must go back this year to meet with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and other key leaders of the Israeli Parliament, the Knesset, as well as leaders in the disputed territories, to impart faith. I will take a TV crew with me so that we can tell the world the “rest of the story” of what is really happening in Israel...not the biased lies of the liberal media. You can do your part by meeting the great financial burden this effort will place on our budget. Every single person is needed...please be faithful!

Dr. Jonathan Hansen

The disputed territories,
Gaza, West Bank, Golan

The May Tour Group Host: 
Tani Zarelli (far right)

Dr. Hansen & Tani with David Bedein 
of Israel Resource News

Aaron Klein of WorldNetDaily
at Same Meeting

Guide Moti, Dr. Hansen at Gaza Border
Moti Explains Disputed Territories

Dr. Hansen and Yisroel Stefansky 
At the Wailing Wall

Dr. Hansen Travels by Armored 
Bus to Itamar, West Bank

Prophet Hansen Elijah Statue
at Mt. Carmel

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