Eagles Saving Nations
Mission Statement

Re-establish and enforce The United States Constitution based upon Judeo-Christian morality and values, thus enabling freedom to prevail.

To have millions of people in America and throughout the world from every profession:  Clergy, Law Enforcement, Attorneys, Educators, Health Care Professionals, Engineers, Contractors, Professional Sports, Athletes, Media, Food Industry etc., to join our ranks so we can influence every area of life to ensure freedom prevails in America and other nations where our members reside.

To help put the righteous into positions of power by enabling Christians in nations to understand kingdom values and recognize if a person truly follows the morality and laws of God which govern and protect a nation and their freedoms.

To help restore the church back to the biblical model led by the Apostles.  To make disciples of all nations through the baptism of the Holy Spirit giving them the power to speak with boldness and fulfill the Great Commission.  To revive, equip and train Christians to expand the kingdom of God.

To help reform society and disciple the nations to resist the plans of the enemy to change the values of the people from God to the antichrist morality of the New World Order and the United Nations which promote alternate lifestyles and all religions other than a relationship with Jesus Christ.

To help nations become a sheep nation which is under Jesus Christ, and not a goat nation under the government of antichrist and his evil men who will lead their nations into a one world government which will persecute believers, humanity and bring judgment on their nation, as described in the book of Revelation, before the return of Jesus at the battle of Armageddon.

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