Knesset member Glick


Fox News - Amarillo, TX

V.P. home - Kenya

Huruma Redeemed Church of 40,000 - Nairobi, Kenya

Full Gospel Businessmen - Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia

World Holy Spirit Conf. Korea

Time is racing on as we get closer to the second coming of Jesus Christ. As the above pictures indicate, I continue to travel the nations warning Governments and uniting the Church to come under the leadership of Jesus Christ or face the plagues of God as the book of Revelation is about to unfold. In 2017, I made three trips to Kenya alone trying to unite the Church to vote kingdom and not tribalistic as they had an unprecedented second presidential election and the other side is threatening to form their own government. In Korea, I spoke at the World Holy Spirit International Conference warning believers they are the only ones that can bring peace to Korea and if they left it up to a military or political solution there would be war instead. I went to Malaysia and worked with church and business leaders as well as meeting a political leader. In Israel and China, I extended the gospel of Jesus Christ as the Kings of the North, South, East and West will soon collide. I was interviewed on many television and radio stations in New Mexico and Texas, including Fox News, representing the true God and exhorting the nations to repent of their sins and come under the government of God. 

My television and daily radio programs continue to warn America and the World how the United Nations, European Union, hundreds of organizations and elite people are trying to form a New World Order as the book of Revelation warns. They want to mark every person as Revelation 13 declares. Please help me continue to blow the trumpet in America and other nations to become a sheep nation, one that comes under Jesus Christ and changes their laws from sins of abomination to God's values, morality and character instead of being a goat nation, one that backs the sins of abomination such as abortion, homosexuality, idolatry and dividing the land of Israel. 

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Please help me be faithful to continue to sound the alarm.

Blessings, Jonathan Hansen 

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