From 1/31/08 through 2/18/08, I led a mission team to Kenya where we met with political and church leaders daily concerning the tribal fighting and killing that was occurring there following the December 27, 2007 presidential elections.  This serious crisis in Kenya received international news coverage. Kofi Annan and Secretary of State, Condoleeza Rice, were also in Kenya making efforts to stop the burning of buildings, vehicles and people who were associated with the Kikuyu tribe.  If you were associated with a tribe slated for elimination, you could be pulled from your vehicle and killed, as these photos show. They burned the vehicles, businesses, homes and even churches.  In some cases, people were inside their homes or churches and were burnt alive.

I prophesied all this and more in 1992 and now it was coming to pass.  In my daily meetings with political and church leadership, we reviewed the Kenya prophecy and discussed what God revealed must be done to keep Kenya from eventually losing its Christian freedoms and being ruled by another religious group.  Please refer to my website for the complete Kenya prophecy.  Currently over 1000 people have been slaughtered and about 850,000 Kenyans have been displaced and now live in refugee camps in tents.

I met with Rev. Peter Njiri, General Superintendent of the Kenya A/G, who 
told me they lost over 400 churches, forcing congregations to leave the
area.  He said 100 churches were burnt to the ground. (Note: not one mosque was destroyed)  During the trip I talked and prayed with Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka three times; the last meeting continued 2 ½ hours.  In my meetings with many political leaders, we discussed the prophecy and what it would take to bring peace.

There is much work left to do in Kenya! I need to return and help people in these refugee camps; to help the suffering churches to rebuild; to continue my meetings with political and church leadership encouraging the nation to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ; and work to vanquish tribalism even in the Christian community.  If Christians would have voted for the born-again candidate that ran for president, instead of being tribalistic themselves, this crisis could have been avoided.  Your support is needed to make a difference in Kenya.  Please send your gift today and HELP US HELP THEM.