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Love Your Spouse Even If You Don't Want To

Pastoral Articles

Feelings are fickle! Emotions change! But, Jehovah said, “I am that I am, I change not.”... Read More

Fall 2002 Newsletter

Pastoral Articles

THE WMI INTERCESSORS As most of you already know, God has revealed to Apostle/Prophet Hansen that t... Read More

Radio & Television Update

Pastoral Articles

THE TELEVISION MINISTRY There are many of you who support World Ministries International (WMI) chee... Read More


Pastoral Articles

“Sounding the Alarm” Floor director and camera operators filming the weekly “... Read More

Local Happenings At WMI - America Mission Trips

Our local campus of World Theological Centre for Evangelism and Missions has completed its first ye... Read More

How To Pray Part 2

Pastoral Articles

Certainly our Heavenly Father will never give us anything harmful, even if we ask for it urgently an... Read More

How To Pray Part 1

Prayer is a commandment of the Lord. It is a vital part of the Christian life. Prayer is simply talk... Read More

WMI Outreach Ministries - Romania - Jamaica - San Salvador - Kenya - Russia

Dr. Mike Hyodo heads up World Ministries’ arm of outreach to the world. Dr. Mike is a dentist... Read More

The Personality Cult of Some Pastors Part 4

Pastoral Articles

This is the final article in this series which reveals the nature of the spiritual beast trying to c... Read More

The Personality Cult of Some Pastors Part 3

Pastoral Articles

I will continue to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the charismatic gifts of the Holy Spirit are... Read More

The Personality Cult of Some Pastors Part 2

As we saw in Part 1, the early church fathers believed in the gifts of the Holy Spirit, and the earl... Read More

The Personality Cult of Some Pastors Part 1

Pastoral Articles

In this and subsequent article/s I hope to convey how many pastors use their charisma, charm and pos... Read More

Jamaica Crusade, November 2-19, 2001

THE WMI TEAM Dr. Mike Hyodo, EJ Buckardt, Pastor Edwards, Rev. Hansen & friends Grace Camp... Read More

New Wineskin & A Fresh Anointing Part 3

Pastoral Articles

As we stated earlier, if we want a fresh anointing or fresh move of the Holy Spirit, God demands tha... Read More

New Wineskin & A Fresh Anointing Part 2

In Part 1 we looked carefully at the office of the prophet and the reasons this ministry gift was gi... Read More

New Wineskin & A Fresh Anointing Part 1

Pastoral Articles

Today people know there is something wrong with the church; something wrong in the church; something... Read More

Year 2001 In Review - Looking Forward to 2002 - America & Jamaica Missions Trip

Sharing across the nation with the conference, “Direction in an Age of Confusion”. The... Read More

Unholy Alliances Part 2

The Bible is so very clear that even if an angel appears unto men and preaches another gospel, &ldqu... Read More

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