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Characteristics of the Bastard Curse or Orphan Spirit

Pastoral Articles

The title of this article depicts individuals who have been victimized by other people and suffer fr... Read More

Thanksgiving 2010

Pastoral Articles

"Oh, come, let us sing to the Lord! Let us shout joyfully to the Rock of our Salvation. Let us come ... Read More

To The Church in America: WARNING!

Pastoral Articles

Ladies and gentlemen, do you know what season we are in spiritually? Do you understand that Jesus Ch... Read More

The Christian's Great Commission

Pastoral Articles

Historically Christians in America, especially pastors, have been the protectors of our society. In ... Read More

The Winning Team

I once heard a pastor state that he loved his job--except for the people. Ninety percent of pastors ... Read More

Are You A Bozo?

All the signs point toward an imminent worldwide crisis. They indicate that the United States of Ame... Read More

Politician or Pastor?

Pastoral Articles

Politicians are noted for being, as the American Indian would describe, "two faced", or speaking wit... Read More

The Christian's Science of Judgement

Pastoral Articles

The United States of America was the only nation ever in history that was dedicated for Jesus Christ... Read More

We Are In a Cultural War

Pastoral Articles

The Bible is and I are in a spiritual battle in the world today. It is Jesus Christ vs. ... Read More

The Gutless-Spineless-Pathetic Church

Pastoral Articles

I am so very saddened over the condition of the church in America. Our nation is about ready to lose... Read More

Theory of Evolution Part 3

Pastoral Articles

Evolution is an evil theory which abortionists, eugenicists, homosexuals, communists, Hitler, Stalin... Read More

WATCHMEN ON THE WALL: A Second Great Awakening

Pastoral Articles

It is the duty of every Christian globally to be making disciples of all nations and equipping the s... Read More

2009 TV Guests

January 9-10, 2009 Dr. Melvin L. Johnson Heart of Christ Community Church, Brazoria, TX ... Read More

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