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Public Schools Are The Enemy!

Pastoral Articles

There are some pastors who say they are concerned about evangelism; that they are concerned about th... Read More

Trust Or Love Determines Our Relationships

Pastoral Articles

Failed trust causes breaches in relationships, but agape love protects, heals and enhances our frien... Read More

Mexico, May 14-20, 2013

I travel to nations that God has instructed me to give the warning message, attempting to wake up th... Read More

The Science of Judgment

Pastoral Articles

NOW AVAILABLE for your Donation of $35.00 or more! The chapter titles are listed below to pique... Read More

Intercessors And Senior Pastors: How They Can Work Together

Pastoral Articles

At World Ministries International (WMI), I am trying to gather 2,000 intercessors in every nation to... Read More

Cayman Islands Trip, March 21-27, 2013

On the morning of March 21, 2013, I arrived in the Grand Cayman Islands. Senior Pastor Torrance Bobb... Read More

Kenya Mission Trip, January 16-24, 2013

The timing of God is perfect. Before judgment of a nation, the LORD sends His prophets to give wa... Read More

Tattoos and Body Piercing

Pastoral Articles

I believe without a shadow of a doubt that most American churches are described in the book of Rev. ... Read More

The Religious Left and the Lukewarm Churches

Pastoral Articles

Jesus said, “A house divided against itself cannot stand...” This truth explains why Ame... Read More

A Call For Intercessors

Pastoral Articles

I hope all of my wonderful Soldiers of the Cross Intercessors are enjoying the leadership of Pastor ... Read More

2012 TV Guests

January 3, 2012 Rep. Matt Shea, WA State House of Reps., 4th Dist. (right) Rep. Jason Ove... Read More

2012 Radio Guests

Radio Guests

January 3, 2012 Matt Shea, WA State House of Rep., 4th Dist. & Atty. Stephen Pidgeon, 2... Read More

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