Intercession is so very important for a person, church, ministry or nation for victory.  Normally, I only send the Soldiers of the Cross (SOC) pastoral article to those who are members of our intercessors team.  BUT, I need more intercessors.  Please, everyone read the letter below which was addressed and sent to our intercessors.  If you would like to join our team please indicate by replying back "yes" and we will add you.  Every month you will not only receive your normal pastoral articles but an additional SOC article. Thank you and please join today.  I need thousands of additional prayer intercessors!


It's a New Year and a New Beginning!

New beginnings can be both exciting and intimidating.  They represent a chance to start fresh and make positive changes in our lives, but they also require us to let go of the familiar and step into the unknown.

We thank the Lord for bringing us through yet another year.  With so many deaths this past year, we are truly grateful to still be alive.  We thank Him for sustaining us all during the hardships, fears, and disappointments.  He has been our rock, shield, and a place of safety.  I pray that this year we will hear Him more clearly, love Him more deeply and be consumed with zeal for Him.  May distractions not sidetrack us this year, but let us remain consistent and persistent.

We call upon our Lord Jesus Christ for His intercessions, His guidance and His light to shine on our path. We pray that everything falls into place according to His divine will for this year.  May we overcome all the attacks and plans of the enemy. In the coming months, pray for the protection and the sustenance of our loved ones.  For the ones that walked away from the Lord, pray they will return back to the sheepfold. Don't give up on them.

We have upcoming trips in the near future, one of them being Kenya.  Pray for Dr. Hansen's safe flight, back and forth.  Also, pray for new partners to come on board to help us accomplish the goals ahead of us.  We really need prayer and financial supporters.  Thank you for your prayers.

Blessings,     Adalia Hansen