I desperately need more intercessors to undergird this ministry in America and throughout the nations.

You are all aware that the powers of darkness are attacking Christians in every nation of the world. We must all be engaged in intense spiritual warfare!  

God has called me to sound the alarm and expose sin and the evil forces trying to topple the nations. I am heavily engaged in fighting these evil entities, especially in the United States of America. When America falls and loses its freedom, the world will subsequently lose its freedom as tyranny and Communism will spread throughout the nations.

Please study my website: and click onto Eagles Saving Nations. I am trying to lead another Great Awakening, as only the bride of Christ can save America and the nations with the power of Pentecost.

I need 2,000 intercessors in every nation in the world. We call them the SOLDIERS OF THE CROSS. Each month my intercessors receive a SOLDIERS OF THE CROSS newsletter in addition to my normal pastoral articles which I try and send out twice per month.

Please join the team of intercessors that is led by me and my wife Adalia. Just reply and let us know you are committing yourself to intercede with us in prayer.

Again, please reply to this letter by calling my office at (360) 629-5248, by sending an email to: or send a note in the mail and let my staff know that you would like to be an intercessor.

I want to thank you in advance for joining forces with us as a  "SOLDIERS OF THE CROSS" intercessor.

Blessings, Jonathan Hansen