America and the Church are in serious trouble.  We are facing a Constitutional Crisis.  On my WARNING radio program, Senior Pastor Matt Shea, former State Representative WA State, stated that people in high places are concerned that the Democrats are plotting to arrest President Donald Trump in October 2022, which would spark a civil war.  In Matt's words, "Democrats appear to be hell bent to push for civil war".   Since March 2020, I have had 25 prophetic dreams of civil unrest, civil war and an invasion.  Trouble is coming!  

More and more evidence is being revealed that the Covid-19 pandemic was a lie as far as how deadly they reported it to be.  Covid-19 was designed to implement protocols for global control of the population, in order to move America and the world into the New World Order.  Covid vaccines are found to do more harm than good, and many medical professionals have reported even causing death.  President Trump was intentionally lied to about the Covid dangers and precautions.  Since the population now knows the truth about the Covid lies, experts believe they will not tolerate more lies that will lead us back into the protocols that have bankrupt many Americans.  Fox News reported that President Trump's female medical expert has admitted that she intentionally lied repeatedly about Covid, the dangers, and preventive measures etc.  She and other conspirators should be held accountable for the bankruptcies, suicides and deaths of countless people who suffered under the barrage of lies they told to control the population.  A Spokane politician suggested that a social credit score should be established to hold businesses accountable for not adhering to Covid protocols.

There is a plot to arrest Christian patriot leaders who could possibly lead a fight to defend the Republic.  There are also increasing calls for President-pretender Biden to be removed from office because of his cognitive inability to hold the office.  The United States currently appears weak in the world's view because of Biden.  If President Trump were leading, Russia would not have invaded Ukraine and China would not be threatening Taiwan with North Korea planning to invade South Korea at the same time.  Obama's administration funded Iran's ability to get a nuclear bomb, which Iran is now boasting of being able to use.  China and Russia are mobilizing war time economies and forming alliances, all pointing toward war with the United States.  Why are so many Americans wanting Communism when Communism, as a system, has killed so many people; over 100 million more than any other system outside of war?  The greatest threat facing America is the leadership from within the nation as well as Globalists, Jihadists and Communists from within and without.
Please support my efforts to continue to sound the alarm.  I need your prayers and financial gifts.  This is no time to slow down and yet the monthly finances have not been sufficient to operate.  If America topples, there will be no more money or freedom.  Please give, even sacrificially if possible, so we can not only pay our monthly expenses, but obtain more airtime to sound the alarm and warn of the dangers, as well as heresy facing the church and the nation.  Also, please subscribe to Eagles Saving Nations so we can spark another Great Awakening focused on Pentecost.  Click here to listen to the radio interview with Pastor Matt Shea that substantiates what I have written with even more unfaultable evidence.

May God richly bless you, Jonathan Hansen