Dear Partner:
We have already been on the road for three weeks. These are the states we have been to so far: Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, South Dakota, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, Virginia, Tennessee, Arkansas and now we are Texas.  We held nine straight meetings in Cincinnati, Ohio and two in Bristol, Virginia.  We saw God heal people including a crippled lady whose two legs straightened out, demons screaming out of people and God waking up His Church.
After Dallas, Texas we are going to Oklahoma to meet with leaders to expand Eagles Saving Nations (ESN), focused on another Great Awakening to preserve our nation from tyranny and destruction.  We must have another Great Awakening in the church or this nation will be overthrown by our own treasonous leaders as well as outside nations that hate America.  They are watching Americans being betrayed and their freedoms being taken away. 
Please, if you have not joined ESN yet, go to my web site at and click on ESN to join today.
I want each person receiving my monthly pastoral articles to join ESN.  It’s only fifty dollars a year which is used to hire personnel to coordinate and get us into Football Stadiums etc., to awaken the body of Christ to the situation in America today.  We are focused on people being filled with the power of God to be true ambassadors of Jesus Christ to stop the loss of our freedoms, the NWO and the destruction of America.
Also, we still owe $25,000 on the Honda Odyssey that I stepped out in faith to buy to travel through America in an attempt to bring about another Great Move of the Holy Spirit.  We need to save the church from sure persecution and judgment on America. 
Thank you, may God richly bless you

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