January, 2003

Bishop Joseph Ade-Gold

The Power of God vs. The Power of Satan

Part 1 - Training to be a Obeah Man - Drinking from Human Skulls - Poisoned by His Family - People Changing into Animals

Part 2 - Witch Kills Eight Family Members - Demonic Manifestation Rebuked by the Power of Jesus - Evangelist Shot and Lives

Sins and Prophecy of Jamaica

Part 3 - Shooting - Raping - African Religious Customs Bring Curses - Vision of the Giant Snake Over Kingston - Port Royale
(DVD010604, DVD010704, DVD010804)

Jan, Feb, Mar, April 2003

Pastor E.J. Buckardt
Pastor Ty Gulstrom
Nancy Taylor
WMI Staff

Is America Becoming a Beast (Abortion)

Part 1 - Ps. Buckardt and Ps. Gulstrom - Killing Newborns with a Low I.Q. and Severe Physical Disabilities (Post Natal Abortion 3 Days After Birth) - Deism & Unitarianism in the Declaration of Independence by Infidel Thomas Jefferson.

Part 2 - Ps. Gulstrom and Ps. Buckardt - Ps. Ty reads Baby Jane; Pictures and Film of How They Kill Babies - News Articles on Roe vs. Wade - Thomas Payne, A Deist, Set About the Systematic Destruction of Christianity.

Part 3 - Ps. Buckardt, Ps. Gulstrom, Nancy Taylor - News Articles on the Shuttle Columbia Tragedy - Nancy Testifies About Her Abortion Experience - Pictures of Killing in Sierra Leone and Abortion.
(DVD011903, DVD012003, DVD021003)

The Crucified Life

Part 1 - Ps. Buckardt and Ps. Gulstrom - The Gospel of Humanism - Salvation & Obedience - Jesus: Lord & Savior or Judge - Churches: Warehouses for Hell? - Your Biggest Enemy.

Part 2 - Ps. Buckardt and Ps. Gulstrom - Bondage to Sin - Fanatic or Compromiser - Self Preservation or Death to Self & Identification with Christ - The Aroma of Persecution.
(DVD030903, DVD031003)

War with Iraq and The Seven Seals of Revelation

Part 1 - Ps. Buckardt and Ps. Gulstrom - 9/11 - Iraq War - WWIII - Plagues - Two Billion Dead - Armageddon.



June, 2003

Dr. Mike Hyodo,
Dr. Audre Da Costa


Part 1 - Planting Missionary Dental Clinics - Benevolence - Clinic Sites
(Prog. #061103)

Part 2 - Spiritual Needs of Jamaica - Casting Out Spirits - Celebration Service

July, 2003

William Brucks, Author
aka "Binyamin Baruch"
Shannon Davis,
Last Frontiers Media

Binyamin Baruch is the author of "The Day of the Lord is at Hand". These gentlemen discussed with Dr. Hansen what they see ahead for the Church and for the world at large.

July, 2003

Peter and Angie Turko

The Children of Uganda
Interview with Missionaries Peter and Angie Turko


August, 2003

Hannu and Seija Kiviranta Turku,

Finland Intercessors

Hannu is a college professor in the area of business in his hometown of Turku, Finland. His wife, Seija, works in the office of the same college.
These faithful Christians are great intercessors and have taken on WMI as a burden before the Lord. They are also monthly supporters of this work. Seija and Talitha Hansen singing.

October, 2003

Rev. Harold Hansen
Retired Pastor
Debbie Morris


Interview with Rev. Harold Hansen and Missionary Teacher, Debbie Morris. Rev. Hansen is the father of WMI founder, Dr. Jonathan Hansen. The discussion is regarding the nation of China.

October, 2003

Daniel and Connie Ong
Missionaries to Ghana

Interview with Pastors Daniel and Connie Ong regarding their work in Ghana.


October, 2003

Justin Hansen
Kareen Hansen

Guests Justin Hansen, age 19 and nephew of Dr. Hansen, and Kareen Hansen, age 22 and daughter of Dr. Hansen, discuss: West Bengal, Human Sacrifices, Worshiping Idols and Christian Martyrs - Jeremiah Films

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