In the book, THE CONSPIRATORS HIERARCHY: THE COMMITTEE OF 300—4th Edition Revised & Updated by John Coleman: “When John F. Kennedy was elected to the White House, he thought it was of his own doing... The Committee of 300 gently at first, but with increasing impatience, led Kennedy to slowly accept the unseen halter they had placed around his neck...When Kennedy finally became aware of the constraints...the President vowed he would remove every vestige of control over his presidency. Kennedy was incensed to think that a British institution, the Royal Institute for International Affairs (RIIA) was actually exercising control over his presidency and indeed the entire U.S...Kennedy hated secret societies and the control they exercised over nations and he was appalled by the number of very prominent men in high places who were 394 

He was fully aware of the special relationship Winston Churchill had proclaimed between Great Britain and the United States, but Kennedy seemed to effect a ‘special control.’ Kennedy’s resolve to cast off foreign control of his presidency, hardened during the Cuban missile crisis; more particularly when he discovered that he had been hoodwinked by Khrushchev, with the assistance of the RIIA and his own White House palace guard and the CIA...Khrushchev agreed to move the secretly-placed Russian missiles out of Cuba, which the CIA said were a very real threat to the U.S. mainland. In fact, the missiles were short-range and nearly obsolete. In return the U.S. was to remove its very latest long range state-of-the-art nuclear rockets from their forward bases in Turkey. In the deal that followed, the United States was the big 395 

Kennedy ordered a review...the result of the review pointed a finger of guilt at the CIA, the palace guard, and particularly at Henry Kissinger, the President told his wife, Kissinger is a madman and said he had given instructions to ban him from the White House. The Kissinger ban was a serious blow to ‘300’ plans, as Kissinger was their main conduit for instructional advice for the President from the RIIA, a top executive branch of the ‘300.’ ... Kissinger went on to play a major role in the downfall of President Richard Nixon...The unmasking of Kissinger as a messenger for the RIIA came through Soviet defector, master spy, Oleg Penkovsky. Palace guard chieftain and agent in place for MI6, McGeorge Bundy had blocked Penkovsky from direct access to the president... but those who were fighting McGeorge Bundy’s ban were able to smuggle documents into the White House that were given directly to Kennedy. Once...Kennedy saw how badly he had been betrayed by his advisors, and particularly by Kissinger, and just how far ‘300’ control was exercised over his 397 

Kennedy decided to hit the international banks owned by the ‘300’ where it hurt the most; their control of the Federal Reserve Bank system, which made it easy for deficit spending to finance wars such as the one in Viet Nam and now Iraq...Kennedy issued an executive order to return constitutional money to the United States. He signed Executive Order 11110 dated June 4, 1963, calling upon the Treasury to print and issue directly United States dollars, as opposed to Federal Reserve notes, thus bypassing the Federal Reserve banks...Kennedy’s decision to bypass the Federal Reserve Banks, thereby in effect, shutting it down, caused consternation in Washington and London and if allowed to stand, would virtually dry up the money source for the ‘300’ activities. Shortly after the executive order to issue United States currency was given to the Treasury, a high level meeting of Committee of 300 functionaries was held to deal with this threat to the foundation upon which control of the United States rested: The Federal Reserve and its Federal Reserve Banks. Following his decisions to bypass the Federal Reserve, Kennedy began showing that he would no longer accept the dictates of foreign entities. He ordered the CIA to be brought to heel and transferred most of its power to the Joint Chiefs of Staff through National Security Action memorandums 55, 56, and 57 that sent James Jesus Angleton and the Dulles brothers into a tailspin, and according to a member of Angleton’s staff, into a state of bordering on panic...He ordered Nathan Goldman and Meyer Lansky expelled from the U.S. He expressed his wish to have FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover move on. When Hoover, who was a known homosexual, refused to budge, Robert Kennedy would walk into his office holding a fierce Alsatian dog on a lead and say in a loud voice: ‘God how I hate queers.’ Apparently, the Kennedy brothers being staunch Catholics were offended by Hoover’s private life and by his live-in friend, Clyde Tolson. One of the things that shook the secret upper level parallel government in Washington was Kennedy’s open revulsion of secrets in government. On April 27, 1961, he told a group of newspaper publishers: pages 398-399 

‘The very word secrecy is repugnant in a free and open society and we are inherently opposed to secret societies, to secret oaths and to secret proceedings. We decided long ago that the dangers of excessive and unwarranted concealment of pertinent facts far outweighed the dangers, which are cited to justify it.’ Page 399 

According to intelligence information, the Committee of 300 had decided that Kennedy had to be removed. His anger over the Cuba missile crisis, his Executive Order on currency, his order to end the war and get US forces out of Vietnam, and his unwillingness to accept ‘guidance’ from the persons who had placed him in the White House, meant that his usefulness to the ‘Olympians’ had come to an end. He could not be bribed with unlimited money and unlimited sex both of which he had a surfeit. Let no man vainly imagine that he can take on the Committee of 300 and win, especially not where the control of the money of the nation is 400 

Jesus Christ, who was not a stranger to politics, spoke of the arrogant power of the rulers of darkness who thrive on spiritual wickedness—the forerunner of evil political groups constantly seeking to control all nations. In my survey of American history, I slowly came to the conclusion that we are in the grip of the ‘300’ organization...the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) the Trilateral Commission, the Bilderberg Group, the Roundtable, the Rhodes Foundation are only arms of this monstrous and well-organized controlling body. The real leaders are found in the deep secret societies of Freemasonry and offshoots like Skull and Bones, Scroll and Keys and the Thule Society and the 400 

The job of removing Kennedy was given to Sir William Stephenson, former head of the North American Desk of MI6, Britain’s super secret intelligence agency. It was Stephenson who met with President Roosevelt in 1938 as the personal representative of Winston Churchill and we mention this with good reason. The most revealing thing about how the ‘300’ functions is that in 1938, Churchill was not yet prime minister of Great Britain, a nation who rulers have always controlled the United States and who were soon to plunge the world into a second disastrous global war. By sending Stephenson to give Roosevelt his special orders, Churchill was carrying out the tradition of the ‘300’ in using their MI6 spymasters as foreign policy emissaries...Stephenson, a personal friend of the British monarch—certainly a top master spy...led an elite group inside MI6 known as Special Operations Executive (SOE) (‘1001’) reporting only to the monarch. In essence, what Stephenson told Roosevelt was that henceforth, ‘special relationship’ coined by the Tavistock Institute for Human Relations would be the phrase used to describe relations between Britain and the United States at every level, public, and even under ‘Codeword’ the top intelligence classification for secret documents. Page 401 

Stephenson told Roosevelt that as part of the ‘special relationship’ he was to set up an American intelligence agency under the title of ‘Office of Strategic Services’ (OSS). This was later named, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). Stephenson further told Roosevelt that he, Stephenson, would be responsible for supervising and training the new agency in time for the coming war. The CIA was to be a British asset and remains a British-run institution to this day. Note that it was year 1938 when Roosevelt was told about the sweeping changes soon to be implemented, yet Stephenson already knew there would be a war the next 402 

To carry out Kennedy’s execution, Stephenson brought back his former right hand man of the OSS days, a certain Major Mortimer Louis Bloomfield, who like himself was a Canadian citizen. Bloomfield was appointed by Stephenson to run Division Five, the FBI’s counterintelligence service and he retained the position right up to the end of WWII. Bloomfield, although not a Christian, was a member of the Order of Jerusalem, and a close friend of J. Edgar Hoover, the head of the FBI. What a curious situation it is where we have two Canadian citizens in charge of the CIA and the FBI (Division Five). Hoover and Bloomfield were both very friendly with the Reverend Carl McIntyre and General John B. 403 

NOTE: This explains why President Obama had a communist John Brennan as the director of the CIA and why the FBI was against President Donald Trump during his stolen re-election! 

In 1956 Bloomfield was posted back to Montreal where he founded a new vehicle for operations, called Permanent Industrial Exhibitions (Permindex) which he established at New Orleans in the World Trade Mart Center owned and operated by Clay Shaw, who became a Permindex board member...It is of the utmost interest to note that the roots of Permindex go straight back to the British East India Company and its vast opium trade, in the persons of Keswick, Hambro, Jardine Matheson of Hong Kong, N.M. Rothschild and Barclays Bank, through a company set up as The Argus Group, which later became Hollinger Group. Bloomfield was a charter member of the secret inner circle known as ‘1001’ and as such he was directly in touch with members of the Royal Family through Prince Philip. Page 404 

What force can stand in the way of such a power, and who can prevail against it? The only force we know which is capable of defeating the ‘300’ is Christianity, but a penetrated, subverted, weakened Church over the past two decades has lost the strength or will power to undertake a task of such magnitude. Pope John Paul II thought he could do it, but after narrowly escaping an assassination attempt he 405 

NOTE: Please read my Newsletter titled—THE RELIGIOUS LEFT AND THE LUKEWARM CHURCHES. This article will explain clearly why the churches are mostly totally dysfunctional, neutered like a steer and worthless to try and stop this monster called THE NEW WORLD ORDER. Edgar Hoover and different Presidents, including, Lyndon B. Johnson, have influenced the churches to take their voice out of the battle including forming the 501c3 which churches did not need as our Constitution already granted churches tax benefits. The Communist organization known as the Federal Council of Churches is the forerunner of the National Council of Churches (NCC) with its Geneva parent organization, the World Council of Churches. The NCC leads dozens of Protestant, Orthodox and Anglican denominations, including the Presbyterians, Episcopalians, Evangelical Lutheran, United Methodist, and many others. This explains why their pastors are so liberal, backing the United Nations anti-Judeo Christian morality agenda of abortion, homosexuality, and all religions serving the same god since the NCC has a Marxist heritage. 

“The methods by which Christian Russia was struck down ought to be an object lesson to us all. And it is foolish to imagine that the dangers have receded, nor that what happened to the Christians in Russia, cannot happen in America. It can, and will, unless we stand guard by recognizing that the enemy in Washington is more to be feared than any external enemies, real or created by contrived situations. Christ was politically outspoken. His message was a message of opposition to the political rulers and bankers of his day. He told the ordinary people He had come to set them free. But once He began speaking out against occult theocracy and standing against secret societies, the die was cast. Page 405 

We need a counterforce to the wreckers of the U.S. Constitution, the New Age - Age of Aquarius, which has made significant gains since its founding by the Beast, Alasteir Crowley, a viciously depraved occultist who by his own admission took part in 180 ritual murders. Crowley was the high priest of the ‘300’ which was later to order the public execution of Kennedy for daring to rebel against their authority. Page 406 

At first sight it seems rather improbable that Britain would be involved in the murder of Kennedy, but we speak not of the British people, only of their ruthless, secret upper level parallel government, composed of a claque of Venetian and European Black nobility and their international banks...It is a matter of history and of well-hidden records that Britain was involved in the assassination of four U.S. Presidents: Lincoln, Garfield, McKinley and Kennedy. It is worthy of note is that each of the murdered presidents had been following policies in direct conflict with British and European geopolitical plans, and what is more, the presidents who replaced them, stopped or radically altered the policies of their predecessors, once they took office. Page 408 

Lincoln and Kennedy sealed their fate by each making determined efforts to end foreign control of America’s banks, and Kennedy had already given orders to put an immediate halt to the Vietnam War. Lincoln was shot by Booth on April 14, 1865, five days after the surrender of Robert Lee. It seems Lincoln had served his purpose as far as the disastrous War between the States went, and had become a danger by insisting on taking control of the nation’s money out of the hands of the ‘300’ bankers. Lincoln forced through strict usury laws and changed the law so that bonds could be sold to the people without going through a middleman (usually Baring Brothers and Rothschild banks). He deeply angered the ‘300’ by instituting policies that undercut Britain’s Free Trade policy. In addition Lincoln sought to uphold and entrench the tariff system put in place by George Washington, to protect American Industries from the rapacious Free Trade policies of Adam Smith, the economist of the British East India Company. The deciding moment came when Lincoln imposed a 50% tariff on imported steel, sparking a war between the president and the ‘300’” banking houses of Baring Brothers and the Rothschild’s. From that moment on the assassination of Lincoln was assured.” Page 409 

We should remember that the New World Order—One World Government is a British concept that was being promoted by King George III in partnership with several monarchs in Europe. That plan was unhorsed by the American Revolution. It was not cancelled, but merely tabled to be reintroduced at an opportune period in history. Page 410 

It is also worthy to note that two of the dissenters to a Confederate Republic had strong British connections: Judah Benjamin and James Bulloch, who was strongly suspected of being an agent in the political career of ‘TR.’ I hope that the information I have provided is enough to convince skeptics that the assassination of Kennedy was a British Secret Service undertaking...The plotters had the experience and the financial resources and ultimate upstream protection to ensure complete success. Major Bloomfield gathered seven of the best marksmen from intelligence agency pools. In addition to being the best shots in the business, the marksmen were highly trained in intelligence methodology and procedures. The seven man hit-team was then sent to Pueblo Mexico, where they underwent a rigorous period of training and rifle practice for two months at a so called Christian mission station, run by the Reverend Carl McIntyre, who together with J. Edgar Hoover set up the American Council of Christian Churches as an FBI Division Five front to infiltrate various political groups. Page 411 

The rifles provided for the marksmen were German-made Mauser sniper rifles. As proof of this, soon after Oswald fled the Texas School Book Depository, two Texas law enforcement agents went through the building collecting items that might be evidence. As they emerged they were caught by surprise by a photographer who got in a quick photo of the two rifles the agents were in the act of carrying out of the building. ‘Mauser 7.65 Made in Germany’ was clearly visible on the barrel of one of the rifles.” Page 411 

The reason I went into the depth of the above information is I felt it is necessary to show how close we are to losing our freedoms and liberties and how serious our enemies are of enslaving us. 

As I have already mentioned, President Lyndon Johnson, former FBI Director Edgar Hoover and so many others have tried to use a distorted meaning of “separation of Church and State” to take Christians out of the political fight to preserve their God given liberties under God. The church prior to Johnson was heavily involved in shaping the moral fabric of the nation. 

In 2014, the Supreme Court held in Town of Greece v. Galloway that “it is an elemental First Amendment principle that government may not coerce its citizens to support or participate in any religion or its exercise.” President Thomas Jefferson specifically wanted people free to worship in the faith they chose without coercion. He did not want a national religion forced on people like Catholicism where different Popes tried to control people and nations through the persecution of Protestant Christians etc. Study the inquisitions! Popes have controlled and toppled nations and that is still the goal if you study the Vatican and what the contemporary Popes are still trying to implement including a one world government; the N.W.O. In the beginning in America, Catholicism was illegal because of what they did to other Christians. Jefferson wanted according to history and his memos’, people to be engaged in their faith in all areas of life in America including political debate and decisions. There have even been churches in the capitol of Washington D.C. 

George Washington said, “Reason and experience both have forbidden us to expect that national morality can prevail in exclusion of religious principles.” 

In 1878, in Reynolds vs. The United States Government, the Supreme Court ruled that “Christianity and government could not be separated, since government is built upon the Bible and Christian beliefs.” 

Murray vs. Curlett was the case brought to the Supreme Court by Madalyn Murray O’Hair in 1962. This landmark case instigated the removal of prayer from the schools within the first year and the removal of Bible reading the next year.” 

Roe vs. Wade, which was decided in 1973, legalized abortion. Now children are killed legally! 

Philosophy is a set of basic values and attitudes toward life, nature and society which did not promote a God directed life but a narcissistic approach to life...The 18th and 19th centuries brought a plethora of philosophers who greatly challenged traditional family values. 

Human secularism was sensationalized by Friedrich Nietzsche (1844-1900). He called for a return from religious ethics declaring, “God is Dead.” 

Hedonism is the philosophy that pleasure is the sole or chief good in life. It professes that the pursuit of pleasure is the ideal aim of conduct. 

Yes dear fellow believer, we have always been influenced by Christian values and morality in America. Now In America and every nation, true born again Christians and their values and morality are under attack. The enemies of Jesus Christ are trying to destroy the Judaeo Christian morality in nations throughout the world. As I travel the nations I discover that it is not just in The United States of America where our morality is being changed. When President Obama was in office, he traveled the world trying to have nations adopt abortion, Islamic courts and homosexuality into their constitutions. This met with resistance especially in many African nations where he was told and reported in their front page of their newspapers that they would not adopt homosexuality as an acceptable alternate lifestyle and allow them to marry as they viewed it as an abomination and that they were Christian nations. 

If you are concerned, burdened and frightened over the spirit of lawlessness and wickedness sweeping your nation then read the statement of faith and become a member of EAGLES SAVING NATIONS. Together let us do what we can to keep our nations free from tyranny and from becoming part of the N.W.O. 

Jonathan Hansen

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