We praise God for what He has done in and through World Ministries International over the past years of our television ministry. Dr. Jonathan Hansen introduced many excellent teaching series featuring anointed guests, authors and spiritual leaders covering a variety of topics. We had the opportunity to produce these series on DVD and offer them to our ministry partners who supported WMI monthly with a gift of $100 or more. Each DVD of the Month included either four or five half-hour television programs. Each four-part DVD series was also available individually for a $100 donation and a five-part series was $125. We have decided to clear the inventory of some of these DVDs and want to offer them to you for any donation of $30 or more for each four part series, or $35 or more for each five part series plus shipping & handling. This is a great opportunity to add some powerful messages of truth to your library!

Do you understand “The Crisis in America”? Do you want to hear what Scripture says about the “Nations of WWIII in Ezekiel 38”? These foundational subjects offer teaching that will develop and strengthen you in the faith. Watch an interview with Attorney Stephen Pidgeon as he discusses Barack Obama & Islam. These are messages you could share with others.

Please check out the list of titles and place your order by calling us at 360-629-5248 to reserve your item. Quantities are limited and will be reserved on a first call basis. Your order and gift will help WMI get the message of WARNING to the nations. May God richly bless you.

Jonathan Hansen

4 PART SERIES (4 - 1/2 hr. programs)

DVD/M/MAY07 - Crisis in America (Parts 5-8) (An 8 part series divided into 2 months)

DVD/M/JUL10 - Apostle/Prophet/Dr. Daniel Rodes, Truth, Life & Light Ministries

DVD/M/OCT10 - Rev. Dr. Ray Hannah, International Evangelical Ministries & Phillip Power, Worship Leader at Worship Centre, Brisbane, Australia - June 2010

DVD/M/JUN12 - Dr. Hansen in Sderot, Israel - March 26-28, 2012

DVD/M/DEC12 - Bishop Tom Barrett, CEO of Golden Art, LLC

DVD/M/FEB13 - Dr. Hansen interviews Attorney Stephen Pidgeon on his book “Prime Crimes - Treason in Libya”

DVD/M/NOV14 - New Testament Church of God - Bishop Ronald Blair

DVD/M/JUN16 - Word of Faith Church in Kiambu, Kenya with Bishop Thomas Muthee on August 30, 2015

DVD/M/JUL17 - Dr. Hansen at Liberty Christian Centre, Nairobi, Kenya with Bishop Dr. Kepha N. Omae on May 14, 2017

DVD/M/FEB18 - “Only the Church Can Bring Peace to Kenya” - Nov. 19, 2017 with Bishop Arthur Kitonga, Redeemed Gospel Church, Huruma Nairobi, Kenya

DVD/M/APR19 - Prophetic Conference, Spokane, WA on November 3, 2018

5 PART SERIES (5 - 1/2 hr. programs)

DVD/M/OCT06 - The Middle East Showdown - Crisis in the Middle East - WWIII - The Battle of Armageddon, The Future Battle

DVD/M/JAN07 - The Nations of WWIII - Ezekiel 38

DVD/M/MAR13 - The Science of Judgment

DVD/M/SEP14 - Pope John Paul II and Revelation 17

DVD/M/AUG15 - Power of Faith Ministries Miracle Cathedral - Bishop Delford Davis

DVD/M/OCT15 - Why Do The Righteous Suffer?

DVD/M/MAY16 - Dating vs Courtship: Scriptural Insights To Life’s Biggest Decision

DVD/M/JUL16 - Courtship (Betrothal), Trinity & Marriage

DVD/M/AUG16 - Trinity & Marriage Produces A Perfect Family

DVD/M/OCT16 - Hope, Faith & Victory

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