World Ministries International visited Jamaica twice in 2004. From April 16-26, and July 9-20, WMI kept a busy pace to reach this nation for Jesus Christ. In April, we ran from meeting to meeting all day, every day. Pictured here is a large tent crusade meeting in Ocho Rios. Prophet Hansen boldly came against sin in the nation and called for repentance.

After the message, he called for those who wanted to give their lives to the Lord Jesus Christ and receive salvation to step forward. Many repented and were saved.

The April ministry trip, however, was dedicated to organizing a stadium crusade meeting of repentance. We met with many new church leaders from several denominations to support the meetings.

This includes Bishop Ronald McNally, head of the Church of God in Jamaica denomination pictured above.

Also Bishop Clayton Martin, head of the Church of the God of Prophecy denomination pictured above.

This trip was also one of strategy, as Reverend Hansen and the team spent time before the Lord to receive His guidance. We were impressed to look not only to Kingston for the repentance meeting, but also to have consecutive meetings in the cities of Montego Bay and Mandeville as well. We also met with business leaders such as Robert Levy, chairman of Jamaica Broilers and Best-Dressed Chicken, so that we can bring on board corporate and business sponsors for the crusade meeting. Finances are a major hurdle as we are still $275,000 US dollars short of bringing the national stadium crusade meeting of repentance to Jamaica.

We spent time looking at potential dental clinic sites in the Portmore area (above) and in the Red Hills area pictured below with Bishop Joseph Ade-Gold from Overcomers Ministries International.

We also visited our medical-dental clinic.

This clinic was built by World Ministries International and the Faith Cathedral Deliverance Centre as one of our benevolence ministry projects. Much was needed to be done in preparation for our dental team to arrive in July to kick off the grand opening of the clinic.

Another large meeting was held at the national Ombudsman, Bishop Herro Blair’s church. The people again crowded to hear Reverend Hansen share a word from God.

In July, our 25-person dental team was ready to embark on the mission trip to Jamaica. Four dentists, four dental assistants, two dental hygienists, and auxillary personnel are seen below at SeaTac international airport in Seattle.

This benevolence trip was led by Dr. Michael Hyodo, a dentist from Bellevue, Washington and an assistant pastor at World Ministries International. Some of the team members asked if there would be enough patients to be treated by such a large team.

We were surprised as we arrived early in the morning to find over 100 people already waiting in line. We were heart-broken to realize that we would only see a small percentage of the people who needed to be seen.

The clinic became like a “MASH” unit where patients were assessed in triage-fashion as those who were to receive treatment were numbed while in line to save time.

Four treatment rooms were used for cleanings, flouride, sealants, fillings, and extractions. Below Dental Hygienist, Chalyce Mourer, is pictured with a girl.

Above, WMI missionary dentist, Dr. Audre DaCosta, prepares to extract a tooth. Dr. DaCosta is planning to move from her position on the Island of Tinian in the Mariana Islands to dedicate herself in serving the poor in Jamaica. Below, Dr. Michael Hyodo treats another patient.

In four days of treatment, 321 patients were seen. Approximately $200,000 US dollars value in treatment was donated. Thousands of dollars were also given by World Ministries International to the clinic for equipment, supplies, and three air-conditioning units that were placed one week before the mission team arrived.

The team worked hard all day for four days, but each member of the team was excited to be a part of making a difference in the lives of many people. We told the community that we were not there to just pull teeth, as many dental mission teams do, but that we were there to root out decay, heal, and restore...because we were in the salvation business. We were happy to know that 16 patients we saw gave their lives to the Lord Jesus Christ while they were seen in the clinic.

Evangelism was done by several members of the team, including Talitha Hansen, pictured above. Follow-up was to be done by the local church.

Several members of the team were greatly touched on this mission trip, such as dentist, Dr. Johann Yi, pictured above with Reverend Jonathan Hansen. We had the opportunity to also visit Sophie’s Place, a disabled children’s orphanage.

Some of the team members broke down with tears streaming from their eyes to witness the disabled children, realizing that their parents had abandoned them, leaving them at the doorstep of the orphanage. We gave them supplies, WMI T-shirts, and lots of love and hugs. It was a blessing to participate in this visit. Jeannie Hansen is pictured below with one of her new friends. They spent time tickling each other and sharing smiles.

The team was also touched by many other things that they had never experienced before, such as the highly anointed church services that we attended. As the Holy Spirit began to flow, the meetings went on for over five hours. People began to be filled with God’s presence as they were healed and delivered.

The worship was sweet and powerful and afterwards people who had terminal illnesses were healed by God. Many who were tormented by evil spirits had demons cast out of them during the altar time after the service.

Pictured above, we see a lady who had many demons. Her eyes rolled back in her head and her body tightened up when the demons were expelled from her. It took a couple of hours to cast them out.

We pray that God will receive the glory when His people exercise the authority given to us by the power of the blood.

Although we had a fruitful visit to Jamaica this year, our commission and call to this nation is not yet complete. God has compelled us to give these precious people warning and a call to repentance. The national crusade meeting in the stadium has not happened primarily because of finances. The window of opportunity is closing as we have had a standing invitation by government and church leaders for some time now.

Please join with us in advancing the Kingdom of God. Help us by going with us in our next mission trip to Jamaica in February 2005. Help us by contributing good medical and dental equipment. Help us by giving substantial finances to the crusade meeting or the dental clinic.

We are actively pressing in to the will of God to touch the nations. Sow in and partner with us by calling (360) 629-5248 and ask how you can help.

Jamaica is already beginning to feel the judgment of God. Help us to reach this nation before it is washed away. Jesus Christ is the only way. May God bless you and give you peace.

2004 has been a very good year! Much ground was taken for Jesus Christ. During the year I led ministry teams to the following nations: Liberia, Ghana, Canada, Jamaica, Japan, Cuba, and Jamaica a second time. I also led teams to Texas twice, Florida twice, Georgia, Missouri and New York.

The year 2004 was challenging but very rewarding. We saw God move in nation after nation and in the states we visited. Finally by the end of the year we had a break through in our finances and we are once again in the black. Praise the Lord!

But, we need you to help us go back to Liberia and Jamaica with large meetings in their stadiums. This will cost over $400,000 as well as getting 116 acres for a Northwest Revival Center at a cost of 2 million dollars. Please pray this through and help us take advantage of these opportunities for Jesus Christ.

Thank you so very much for your faithfulness.

Dr. Hansen

© 2004 World Ministries International