December 2014

Dr. David Rotem, 
Knesset Member, Yisrael Beiteinu;
Chairman, Christian Allies Caucas;
Jerusalem, Israel

Dr. Hansen and Knesset Member David Rotem discuss how CNN lied in their initial reporting of the November 2014 Jerusalem synagogue attack; making it sound like Israeli forces killed two Palestinians rather than the Palestinians performing a mass-murder terror attack. Christians and Jews need to work together to keep freedom in Israel, America and the rest of the world. If Israel gives any land to the Palestinians, they will be at risk of destruction. Mr. Rotem relates how international law makes provision for conquered land to be retained by the victor, and that the land of Israel was never in previous possession by the Palestinians; therefore, they have no legitimate claim.

December 2014

Dr. Hansen
with Dr. E. J. Buckardt
discuss their December Israel Trip

Dr. Hansen with
Rabbi Shmuel Stren,
Meeting in the Rabbi's office
and touring a boys' school;
Jerusalem, Israel

This trip included a divine appointment with Rabbi Shmuel Stren of the ultra orthodox community in Jerusalem. Dr. Hansen met with Rabbi Stren in his office where they discussed Dr. Hansen's work in other nations and his convictions regarding the land and people of Israel. A tour was taken of a building that had been donated to the community which they plan to use as a girls' school. One million dollars is needed for the completion of this building to make it usable as a school.

December 2014

Pastor Nichad Salman
Building a Medical Clinic & Church
for Palestinian people in Bethlehem, Israel

In Bethlehem, Dr. Hansen interviews a Christian Palestinian, Pastor Nichad Salman, head pastor of Emmanuel Evangelical Church. Pastor Salman has been given the vision of building a medical clinic and a church structure on a common campus for outreach to the Palestinian people in Bethlehem.

December 2014

Dr. Hansen with Avi Amzalag
Training people to be self-sufficient raising their own crops in Negev Desert green houses

Dr. Hansen with Ye'shi Reinhardt of Hands of Help in Sderot, Israel visits a green house farm where Avi Amzalag and his crew are preparing to feed Israeli citizens when major war erupts. ARA Agricultural Industries, Ltd., is growing crops in Negev Desert green houses to feed poor families in Israel for free. The Amzalags have a vision to train people to be self-sufficient in raising their own crops in the green houses. Avi is working toward constructing a packing house, community center and a 2,600 acre farm on the highest plot of land in the Negev Desert. Crops are raised entirely through green energy in a desert environment. Bible prophecy is fulfilled through the desert being made to bloom. ISIS gunfire is heard in the background coming from the Kadesh Barnea region of the Sinai.

February 27, 2015

Dr. Jonathan Hansen
at Waldorf Astoria Hotel in Jerusalem, Israel for the World Jewish Congress (WJC) and Knesset Christian Allies Caucus (KCAC) Dinner

Dr. Hansen was invited to attend an exclusive dinner, "A Night to Honor Our Christian Allies", sponsored by the WJC and the KCAC to honor those who support the people and the land of Israel.

Canon Andrew White, The Vicar of Baghdad.


Dr. Jurgen Buhler, Director of Int'l Christian Embassy Jerusalem (ICEJ)

February 27, 2015

Rev. Dr. Daniel Nalliah
Founder of Rise Up Australia Party
Parts 1 & 2
(DVD041015 & 041715)

Part 1: Dr. Nalliah shares how the Lord led him to start a new political party in Australia called Rise Up Australia Party (RUA). God asked Dr. Nalliah if he was ready to see abortion changed in the Australian state of Victoria. RUA is a socially conservative party focused on nationalistic and Christian issues that oppose the spread of Islamic doctrine and same-sex marriage. Dr. Nalliah declared former PM Julia Gillard living in sin with a domestic partner, as well as MP Bob Brown for openly practicing homosexuality. Dr. Nalliah lived and ministered in Saudi Arabia for two years to learn about Islam and set God's people free.
Part 2: Dr. Nalliah publicly rebukes the sins of an Australian Prime Minister that is co-habitating out of wedlock and a Member of Parliament that is openly homosexual. Dr. Nalliah and RUA are advising the Australian government to stop using the term multi-curalism and begin to use multi-ethnic instead. Dr. Nalliah shares his testimony of the Lord using him to raise a Buddhist girl from the dead and then leading 60 Buddhists to Jesus as their Savior after casting out the demon of death from the resurrected girl.

March 3, 2015

Dr. Hansen's January 2015 Israel Trip

Dr. Hansen with Jan Willem van der Hoeven, Director of International Christian Zionist Center & Roy Kendall, Roy Kendall Ministries at the Israel Prayer Tower in Jerusalem.

April 7, 2015

Doug & Rene' Brecto
Multiple Sclerosis victim choosing to exhibit the fruit of the Holy Spirit

What is love, marriage and covenant all about? Doug gives brief explanation of MS (Multiple Sclerosis). Rene' was home bound for 3 1/2 years except for annual doctor visits. Rene's humor under duress shows forth the fruit of the Spirit. It takes Doug half an hour to get Rene' into bed. Doug feels honored by God to care for Rene'. The Brectos have made the choice not to be bitter or angry over this disease. Statistics show that seventy-five percent of married couples affected by MS end up in divorce. Covenant marriage gave Doug the opportunity to be a servant to Rene', not giving up with the hope for healing.

June 5, 2015

Evang./Pastor Paulette Williams
Keys of the Kingdom Ministries,
Honolulu, HI

Dr. Hansen and Pastor Williams discuss leadership in the church being responsible for the conscience of a nation, in faith and politically. People in leadership that don't have a heart to lead causes deterioration within the culture. People are responsible for the actions of their elected leaders. Where is the righteous anger in leaders against sins of abomination and immoral laws?

June 15, 2015

Bishop Wachira Karani,
District Superintendent of Nyeri, Kenya Assemblies of God & Dr. Michael Hyodo

Bishop Karani discusses Dr. Hansen's five bullet points confirming they are literally coming to pass and that he must come to Kenya to share the warning for the nation further. Dr. Hansen has met with several of Kenya's highest ranking political leaders and prior to the 2007 Kenyan elections, Dr. Hansen felt that Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto were the best team to lead the nation. The framework for Shariah Kadhi courts are in place from the supreme court on down. Dr. Hyodo gives his testimony of knowing victims of the Westgate Mall attack. Bishop Karani relates how Muslim jihadists segregate victims for torture and murder. Islam is utilizing great wealth and infiltrating high political offices to take over nations.

June 22, 2015

Attorney Stephen Pidgeon
2012 Candidate for WA State Attorney General
& Dr. Michael Hyodo WMI Benevolence Director
Parts 1 & 2
(DVD121115 & 121815)

Part 1: Historically, the U.S. Supreme Court was never to have the power it has today. States are owed a great deal of money in gold, from the federal government. They have the right to review whether Supreme Court rulings are binding upon them. President Obama's apparent participation in the persecution of Christians in America and around the world. As soon as a Muslim Imam prays from a church pulpit, it is considered a mosque.
Part 2: U.S. Supreme Court Justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Elena Kagan should have recused themselves from any same-sex marriage decision on the grounds of their advocacy for same-sex marriage. Obama, the most lawless president in U.S. history and his war involvement in Libya, Syria and other nations. He sent $23M to bribe Kenyan politicians and pastors to put abortion and Shariah law in their new constitution. Egypt has a warrant for Obama's arrest for war crimes for backing the Muslim Brotherhood. Obama and Hillary Clinton had prior knowledge of the Benghazi attack and covered it up with lies. Nations around the world belittle and denounce Obama and U.S. mainstream media is not reporting it. Network news media made a deal with the Obama administration to say nothing negative about him.

July 13, 2015

Mike Siegel, Ph.D. J.D.,
Nationally Syndicated Talk Show Host
& Attorney Stephen Pidgeon
2012 Candidate for WA State Attorney General Part 1 & 2
(DVD101615 & 120415)

Part 1: Can we continue with homosexuality or are we going to lose America? Marriage was created for the purpose of procreation. In most states in America where same-sex marriage has been put to a vote, the people have rejected it. California rejected the same-sex marriage vote and it was overturned by a Federal Judge. Some U.S. founding fathers thought Judeo-Christian beliefs should guide the functions of government. Islam (over 1 billion people), Christianity (over 1 billion people) and Orthodox Jewish believers all condemn same-sex marriage. Tens of millions, maybe over 100 million, dissenters of same-sex marriage have their wills and wishes overturned by a decision of five lawyers. People of faith, florists, bakers and bed and breakfast operators sued and fined for not selling their services for homosexual weddings.
Part 2: If Jewish and Christian leaders don't put Judeo-Christian values into American society, the nation faces destruction and judgment. The aiding and accepting of migrants is actually a promotion of illegal immigration by the left to build their voter base. Black Panther leader, Rev. Jesse Jackson and Rev. Al Sharpton are thugs promoting racism for personal gain. The Obama administration is blamed for promoting racial hatred and black on white crime.

July 23, 2015

Dr. Jay Rawlings, Founder/President of Israel Vision in Jerusalem and Israel Vision TV & Dr. Meridel Rawlings, Founder of Still Small Voice & Israel Vision in Jerusalem, Israel Parts 1 & 2
(DVD090415 & 091115)

Part 1: Dr. Hansen and Dr. Jay discuss how to bring revival to the nations in relationship with Israel. Every nation where Jews have left to move to Israel, in quantity, has seen a spiritual revival toward an evangelical faith in God. Dr. Meridel shared about being abused by a pedophile grandfather as a child and how Jesus miraculously healed her. Dr. Meridel relates how she ministered to the indigenous tribal people of northwest India, near Nepal.
Part 2: Anti-God people are trying to eliminate Israel and the Jewish people in hopes of proving there is no God. There are churches that are against Israel and believe that the Jewish people are no longer God's chosen. Anti-Semitism has grown to become anti-Israelism with Jewish college students becoming fearful of attending classes as violent hatred is pouring out on campuses. The Prince of Persia spirit is still at work in the Middle East leading men to kill Jews and Christians.

August 18, 2015

Ron Marlow, 
Dying of Congestive Heart Failure,
living out his faith

Ron testifies that Dr. Hansen's intercessory prayers, rebuking the spirit of death about 6 times, spared him from dying. Dr. Hansen relates how Ron has lived his life with the character of Christ. Dr. Hansen prayed over the phone with Ron's wife rebuking the spirit of death and Ron came out of a coma. Emergency prayer saves Ron's toe from being amputated. Ron continues to hold on to the hope of healing.

August 18, 2015

Doug & Rene' Brecto,
Multiple Sclerosis victim
The Promises of God, Divine Healing

Doug describes what Multiple Sclerosis (MS) does to the body. Rene's diagnosis has led the Brectos to God and His Word for faith. Doug relates the struggle of the day-to-day routine that he and Rene' endure. Dr. Hansen elaborates on his three month fight for life and that repenting from a poor diet and claiming Scriptural promises for healing saved him.

Bishop John Bosco Muchanga, Christ Alive Church, Nairobi, Kenya 8/21/2015
The Nest Baby Orphanage, Limuru, Kenya 8/21/2015
Apostles Joe Perozich & John Polis, Sarah McNally, Pastor Tobias Nyamwaya & Apostle Eric Hurd; Nairobi, Kenya 8/21/2015
Apostle & Mrs. Robert Kumar, Nepal Rescue Mission, India 8/22/2015
Pastor Francis Koriata & Chief Rafael Pariken at Pastor Koriata's church in Ngorengoro, Tanzania 8/23/2015
Tanzanian Maasai musician & Tanzanian Bishop Zablon Laizer at the Maasai Conference in Kajiado, Kenya; Bishop Peter Ole Mankura, Dominion Chapel Ministries International, Goshen Land & Leader of the Maasai conference 8/27/2015
Two Maasai Members of Parliament at the 16th Annual Maasai Conference, August 2015 in Kajiado, Kenya
Nathan Kahara; Former Mayor of Nairobi, Kenya
Sarah McNally, Pastors Nancy & Mike Adipo, Apostle Eric Hurd; Nairobi, Kenya 8/28/2015
Former Kenya Vice President Stephen & Pauline Kalanzo
Bishop Thomas Muthee, Word of Faith Church, Kiambu, Kenya, 8/30/2015
Dr. Gerry Kibarabara, Gospel Assemblies of Kenya
Rev. Karita Mbagara, Nairobi Pentecostal Church (NPC) Karen, Kenya & Bishop Dr. & Mrs. Bonifes Adoyo (NPC) 9/2/2015 
Rev. Dr. Judy W. Mbugua, Homecare Spiritual Fellowship, Nairobi, Kenya & Lucy Githui, Lupa Caterers, Karen, Kenya 9/3/2015
Redeemed Gospel Church, Archbishop Arthur Kitonga & Senior Pastor Josephine Kitonga, Huruma, Kenya 9/6/2015
Rev. Muturi, Chairman of Kenya Gospel Ministers Association (KEGMA) & Pastor Mike Adipo, Chairman of Evangelical Alliance of Kenya, (EAK) Nairobi 9/8/2015
Apostle Dr. Joe Kayo, Joe Kayo Ministries International, Nairobi, Kenya 9/8/2015 

October 2, 2015

Dr. Bree Keyton
Cannibalism of the Pygmies
& the Scourge of Bitterness

Dr. Keyton shares how she has led nearly 70,000 Pygmies to salvation in Jesus. It used to be just the Joseph Kony rebels of the Dominican Republic of the Congo (D.R.C.) that would hunt the Pygmies for food, but now there are two Boko Haram armies eating them as well. The Boko Haram rebels are full jihadists that cut the heads off their enemies. Bree's ministry has built 20 villages for the Pygmies, etc. Bree gives testimony of hiding from the rebel soldiers and about her hate filled, bitter mother-in-law whom she led to the Lord on her death bed.

October 12-15, 2015

5th World Holy Spirit Conference
Gwangju Metropolitan City, Korea

Dr. Jae Won Kim - October 12, 2015 Organizer of World Holy Spirit International Conference

October 12, 2015
Opening each session with blowing of the Shofar
October 12, 2015
Korean children's choir
October 12, 2015
Korean youth choir
October 12, 2015
Hyeseung choir
October 12, 2015
Korean Traditional Music
October 12, 2015
Korean Women's Opera
October 12, 2015
Korean Youth Singers
October 13, 2015
Hawaii Worship Team
October 13, 2015
Hawaii Hula Dance Team
October 14, 2015
Rev. Sung-Sam Ahn
Senior Pastor at Hyeseung Church
Dr. Jae Won Kim
Presider - World Holy Spirit International Conference
October 14, 2015
Korean Traditional Music & Dance
October 14, 2015
Korean Women's Choir
October 12, 2015
Korean Men's Opera
October 14, 2015
Suncheon Hephzibah Worship Dance Ministry
November 12, 2015
Dr. Hansen speaking at the International Coalition of Apostolic Leaders (ICAL), Dallas, TX
November 17, 2015
Josh Reinstein, Host of Ask the Source on Israel Now News interviews Dr. Jonathan Hansen in Jerusalem, Israel
November 19, 2015
Dr. Jay Rawlings, Founder/President Jerusalem Vistas & Israel Vision TV; Jerusalem, Israel
November 19, 2015
Tony & Kathy Stewart, Mount Moriah Trust, Jerusalem, Israel
November 20, 2015
Jan Willem van der Hoeven, Director of International Christian Zionist Center; Jerusalem, Israel
November 20, 2015
Jim Schutz, Director of The Joseph Project; Jerusalem, Israel
November 24, 2015
Dr. Jonathan Hansen at the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem, Israel
Pastor Joe Kirkwood, Family & Friends Worship Center; Amarillo, TX 12/2/2015
Dr. Hansen on Fox News in Amarillo, TX 12/4/2015
Dr. Hansen interviewed by Pastor Ricky Pfeil at Kingdom Keys Radio; Amarillo, TX 12/4/2015
Pastor Jeremy Pfeil, Accelerate Church (Kingdom Keys) Amarillo, TX 12/6/2015
Pastor Bob & Debbie Miller, Family Faith Christian Center, Midland, TX 12/9/2015
Pastor Dinah Baca & Pastor Joey Basey, Restoration Ministries; Albuquerque, NM 12/13/2015
Hon. Gershon K. Gbediame, Member of Parliament in Ghana, West Africa 8/7/2015
Dr. Hansen was interviewed on KCHF TV in Santa Fe, NM 8/10/2015
From L to R: Linda Cobb, Annette Garcia, Dr. Hansen & Susie Sandager
Brenton & Ruth Franks, KAZQ TV; Albuquerque, NM 8/11/2015 
Pastor Cynthia Eggers, Faith Tabernacle Church, Albuquerque, NM 8/12/2015 
Duke Aiona, Deputy Govenor of Hawaii (Candidate for Govenor) interviews Dr. Hansen on 808 State Update Radio program; Honolulu, HI 12/17/2015 
Rocky Williams interviews Dr. Hansen on 99.5 The Word Radio program; Honolulu, HI 12/19/2015
Isaiah Gulstrom & Jeannie Hansen
Bishop Soara & Annette Tupua, Holy Hill of Zion, Thy Dwelling Place; Waianae, HI 12/20/2015
Jeannie Hansen & grandson Isaiah Gulstrom
Pastor Randy Iaea, Resurrection & Life Ministries;
Waipahu, HI 12/27/2015

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