The radical left hates the Constitution which was written to protect people from tyrannical governments. It was written to protect life, liberty and property of the people. It was meant to be the supreme law of the land and was executed by born again Christians who loved the rule of law and justice for all. Now the Constitution is being attacked and vilified by the very people who have been sworn to enforce it. The Democratic Party hates the Constitution and so do most leading educational institutions in America as well as the fake news media. They all feel the Constitution is obsolete and systematically racist. They make allegations that the white man formed the American Constitution and it protects the white man’s wealth, thus they must destroy white supremacy. Democratic party leaders such as Barack Hussein Obama, Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, and many others, whose loyalties are with the Communist, Islamic ideology, philosophy and religion, are supporting revolutionary groups such as Black Lives Matter and Antifa. They want to attack the Constitution and our way of life in order to topple The United States government, which was built upon the Constitution, and implement their communistic government.

When Obama ran for President, he promised the people he would radically transform America. Obama and all liberals hate the Constitution. He has always been an outspoken critic of the Constitution, even as a Senator. As President, he blamed his slow progress in transforming America on the fact that the Constitution got in his way. He used executive orders to accomplish things, even breaking the law and constantly abusing his executive privileges. The liberal media, which hates the constitution, did not complain. They covered up his abuse and violations of Constitutional law as they continue to do now for Joe Biden’s family crimes and ties to China with financial kickbacks.

Obama promised transparency for his presidency, but everything he did was cloaked in deceit. His Attorney General, Eric Holder, was a pathological liar who lied to Congress about Fast and Furious and many other things. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was brought before Congress over the Benghazi scandal and she lied and was frustrated saying “What difference does it make at this point?” Hillary lied about her illegal activities during the Obama administration, destroying evidence on her computer, etc.

KGB agent Yuri Bezmenov defected from the Soviet Union and escaped to Canada. He went to great lengths to warn Americans about the stealth attack the Soviets were waging against them. Bezmenov said, ‘Only about 15 percent of the Soviet Union’s time, money and manpower is spent on espionage as such. ‘The remaining 85 percent,’ he said, ‘is a slow process which we call either ideological subversion or ‘active measures’... in the years between 1935 and 1953, The Communist Party USA ‘Enlisted The Support of at Least 3,500 professors’ ... Documents from the Soviet archives revealed that even after the collapse of the Soviet Union, the Communist Party USA received $2 million to $3 million each year from the Kremlin. This funding was to further the party’s subversive activities...President Nixon was a staunch opponent of Communism, and the left hated him for it...President Nixon had actually come to recognize a conspiracy to work Communism into the New Left in America, and that he broke it up. ‘And for that’ Hoeh said, ‘he was driven out of the presidency because a part of his plan involved preventing the far left from capturing the Democratic Party...Geoff Shepard served as deputy defense counsel for the Nixon administration during the Watergate hearings...Four decades later, I’ve begun to appreciate what the real tragedy was. In one of the ultimate ironies of political history, it appears that the smoking gun tape in which Nixon apparently sought to limit the FBI’s investigation, and for which he was prosecuted for obstruction of justice, has been totally misunderstood, that the president need not have resigned, and that he was actually driven from office - and his senior aides imprisoned - through highly improper actions of judges and Watergate prosecutors. the National Archives tell a tale of secret meetings, secret memos and secret collusion...that constitute flagrant violations of our Constitution and its Bill of Rights...The people who were supposed to be protecting The Constitution and The Bill of Rights were trampling all over it behind closed doors. This was supposedly in pursuit of ‘justice’ for a lawless president! Shepard said the left’s disdain for Nixon began when he was a Congressman in the 1940’s and brought down Soviet spy Alger Hiss, who was regarded as a leftist hero...Alger Hiss was educated at Harvard Law School. He clerked for Supreme Court Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes and was even in the delegation at the Yalta Conference where Franklin D. Roosevelt, Winston Churchill and Joseph Stalin divided up Europe. Through Hiss, the Communists were actually penetrating the Truman administration; he was in high places in the State Department...the eastern liberal elites got control of the special prosecutor’s office, and they had the power to prosecute. They staffed the place with all their friends...The liberal eastern establishment, particularly its many Harvard-educated members, never forgave Nixon for his leadership in bringing down one of their own...These highly educated people had that spirit even then, and they want to get control of the government. Most of these people hate the Constitution, the supreme law of the land! They are lawless! The lawbreaking in the Watergate Scandal was nothing compared to the lawbreaking these people did behind the scenes. They violated the Constitution time after time because they have no respect for it...We must keep in mind that they have a plan: Their sole purpose is to destroy the government of the land. They seek to destroy the whole American system and replace it with another, which is really Communism and tyranny...Actually, the Communist Party is not a mere political party...It is a ruthless, totalitarian dictatorship. It is run with absolute power by a few men at the top...It is not part of any government. It is a government—a world is a foreign government whose sole purpose is to destroy and overthrow the government of The United States and set up a foreign Communist government here instead...

Barack Obama was influenced as a youth by Frank Marshall Davis, a card carrying Communist Party member...Davis admitted to working with several radical left wing groups in Chicago...I worked with all kinds of groups...I made no distinction between those labeled Communist, Socialist or merely liberal. My sole criterion was...Are you with me in my determination to wipe out white supremacy?...Davis harbored a deep hatred for Winston Churchill...adding that the prime minister sought help from the U.S. to pummel all other countries into submission...When Obama took office, he got rid of the bust of Winston Churchill in the White House on loan from Britain. (Biden has done the same thing now)...Davis was the father figure and role model that Obama lacked at home...He also had Jeremiah Wright...” Reference book, GREAT AGAIN by Gerald Flurry.

It is a well established fact that Pope Francis is against capitalism and Donald Trump. Francis is a communist and he wants to destroy the free market of capitalism worldwide. When Obama was president, Pope Francis encouraged him to establish relationship once again between the U.S. and Cuba, after 53 years of sanctions. This saved Cuba from capitulating when Russia and Venezuela, the main supporters of Cuba, couldn’t help Cuba because of the falling oil prices. Now there is still a strong Communist country within striking distance to America.

In 1963, President John F. Kennedy was assassinated by Lee Harvey Oswald who had defected to the Soviet Union in 1959 and returned to America in 1962. The American president had been murdered by a Marxist who had visited the Cuban and Soviet embassies in Mexico shortly before killing the president. This is the same communist Cuba in which Obama reestablished diplomatic relationship. President Kennedy was a true patriot, unlike the communist Democrats today. President Kennedy wanted to protect America from foreign interference, remove us from the Federal Reserve and put us back on the gold standard. This is why he was murdered.

President Donald Trump like Nixon and Kennedy hated communism and wanted to protect America from foreign manipulation and control and for that he was betrayed, lied about, hated, impeached by the House twice and became victim of a Democratic Communist hijacking of the Presidential election. As Nixon was the victim of criminal actions by judges, prosecutors etc., sworn to protect the Constitution and Bill of Rights instead they have conspired and committed endless crimes in attacking Trump for five years and stealing the 2020 Presidential election.

The crimes of Obama and his Communist Director Brennan are well documented and established. They illegally wire-tapped Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign and criminally wire-tapped General Michael Flynn. The current fraudulent president, Joe Biden, was involved and even suggested using the Logan Act against General Flynn to frame him. The crimes of Hillary Clinton are also well documented. She used a false dossier against Trump and destroyed evidence on her computer and phone. FBI Director James Comey and others have lied constantly and are guilty of crimes. Traitors in America also include RINO (Republicans in Name Only) Republicans like George Bush, Mitt Romney, Mitch McConnell and many others are all part of the Swamp which Donald Trump promised to drain. These leaches have sucked the life out of America and profited personally off the American people and nation. They are all part of the New World Order. The liberal media and major universities, such as Harvard, spew Marxist ideologies. They pollute the minds of all who listen to them and poison the atmosphere just as Hitler, Stalin and the legion of tyrants and despots have brainwashed their cultures and nations with their ever babbling rhetoric of deception.

Yes, if you live in The United States of America, you are now living under Communism. America has put its trust in its political leaders, educational leaders, media newsmen and church leaders. These leaders have all failed them with their deception or their cowardly inability to correct the lies and sins being spewed daily across the United States. A backslidden church is being led by lukewarm clergy preaching a gospel of “cheap grace” as Dietrich Bonhoeffer would classify it. May God help the citizens of The United States of America, because without a genuine revival, our nation is damned and persecution is sure to increase. A genuine revival requires repentance from sins of abomination including, but not limited to, abortion, homosexuality and coming against the people and land of Israel. We must forsake all religions that deny Jesus Christ is the son of God and the only way for salvation and eternal life. Our leaders must repent, especially the pastors of this nation who are more in love with themselves than they are with God.

My next article will focus on the sins of America and their consequences because the church is no longer salt and light and it is good for nothing but the dunghill.

Dr. Jonathan Hansen

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