On November 3, 2020, I prophesied that President Donald Trump would win the election in a landslide, but we would need to pray like our life depended upon it, because Democrats would try and steal the election. That is exactly what has happened. The evidence is overwhelming that the election was rigged. The corruption was synchronized as swing states stopped counting for hours due to the fact that Trump was winning by so much. He busted the dominion machines’ ability to keep up; changing the name from Trump to Biden and the software had to be reset. The massive mail-in ballots resulted in terrible fraud which is the reason why 17 European Union countries ban mail-in voting.

Corruption in America has never been worse. The major liberal media networks; Big Tech, liberal politicians, Hollywood, public schools and universities are all promoting a communist agenda bent on toppling the Republic of The United States and moving America into The New World Order. The Swamp is far deeper and worse than anyone could imagine as Obama flooded the FBI, CIA, Pentagon, military, and bureaucrats’ with far left ideologists. Justice is rare, even in the Supreme Court, as politics has also entered the picture with Supreme Court Justice Roberts caving into the mob. He basically said he doesn’t want to see America burn, fearing riots if they reverse the Biden projected win. He has also been caught degrading the President and saying he would “make sure the mother f...ker would never win re-election.” Obama, Joe Biden and so many others (Clintons etc.) should be in prison. Obama wiretapped Trump’s 2016 Presidential campaign and General Flynn, framing him using his communist CIA Director Brennan. Joe Biden recommended using the Logan Act and then lied, saying he knew nothing about it.

Civil unrest is here and civil war with an invasion is coming! I have had 15 prophetic dreams since March 14, 2020 warning of civil unrest, civil war and an invasion. Please study my 28 prophetic prophecies for America since 1985 on our web site: www.worldministries.org. These include the condition of the church and why judgment is imminent. The first dream in 1985 explains why God holds many pastors responsible for His bride, the church, being lukewarm and in love with the world. They are not ready for the second coming of Jesus Christ. It warns of apocalyptic events about to happen. The 28 prophetic warnings describe economic collapse, nuclear, chemical & biological terrorism and attack naming the locations, 9/11 warning, Katrina warning, a military invasion, volcanoes, earthquakes and weather calamities, tidal waves sweeping the Hawaiian Islands, civil unrest, civil war and much more! These prophetic warnings not only warn what is going to happen, but why and what we can do to prepare for them!

Before Donald Trump was elected President, I was in Jerusalem with Jan Willem van der Hoeven at the International Prayer Tower, praying and prophesying that Donald Trump would be the President of the United States and that he would be a Cyrus and a Jehu. President Donald Trump, the 45th President of the United States, has certainly been like a Cyrus; see Isaiah chapter 45. President Trump has shifted his view of Israel and America from a political point of view, to a Judeo-Christian doctrine. The Trump doctrine looks at things from a biblical point of view with a moral perspective. This has protected Israel from its enemies, as well as Bible believing Christians from a very liberal, atheistic agenda.

He protected parental rights over their children from the liberal left. Donald Trump has been the most pro-life American president in history, protecting the unborn as well as Christian freedoms. He appointed judges, including on the Supreme Court that would be more likely to stand for traditional Christian values and the true meaning of the Constitution, protecting our freedoms.

President Trump broke the agreement that Obama made with Israel’s enemy Iran that would have given them nuclear weapons, and defunded the Palestinian’s Authority terrorism funds. He shut down the Palestinian Authority embassy in Washington D.C. and recognized Israel’s right to the Golan Heights. He also recognized Israel’s heartland—Judea and Samaria—as “disputed territory” rather than illegal, so now they could build their homes in Judea and Samaria without being viewed as a war crime. Trump made it clear that Jerusalem is off the table and it belongs to the Israelis. He defunded the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine refugees in the Near East (UNRWA), the body in the UN that deals with the Palestinian refugees (the aim of UNRWA is to perpetuate the refugee problem for political reasons, not solve them). The Arabs who came to work in Israel during the time of British rule were from Syria, Lebanon, and Jordan and these Arab countries prevented them from returning, using these displaced Arabs in an ideological fight against the Israelis. Thus, they became known as Palestinians which never existed before in history. Trump had the United States withdraw from the United Nations Human Rights Council due to its biased treatment of Israel and failure to address serious abuses throughout the world. He moved the American embassy to Jerusalem. I could list pages of Trumps accomplishments, both in Israel and America, to protect and defend Judeo-Christian values, the nation of Israel, and Bible believing fundamental Christians.

Cyrus, a pagan king, protected the Israelis, the people of God. Trump became President and immediately defended the people of God (Jews and Bible believing Christians). He has been a Cyrus, but now it’s time for Trump to be a Jehu. In 2 Kings chapters 9 and 10, during the reign of Jehu, he was commissioned to destroy all of Ahab and Jezebel’s house.

Trump is commissioned to stop the Swamp; the traitors in the political, judicial branches of government and media that are being used by the enemies of God (Communist nations like China and Russia & Islamic nations like Iran), to topple the Republic of America and persecute both Israel and Bible believing Christians. Jehu slays Queen Jezebel’s son, Jehoram; King of Israel. Jezebel’s life was one of whoredoms and witchcraft which cursed Israel. Jehu then kills the King of Judah, Ahziah followed by killing Queen Jezebel. After this, Jehu kills the 70 sons of wicked King Ahab, husband of Jezebel, followed by killing the 42 princes of Judah, descendants of Ahab’s daughter. Finally, Jehu slays the rest of the house of Ahab and all Baal worshipers, burning their gods.

If President Donald Trump is truly a Jehu and these chapters of the Bible also prophetically relate to him, then he will be proclaimed and inaugurated as the President of The United States again! He needs to destroy the swamp by arresting traitors in all branches of government. This includes Obama, for a slew of felony crimes, not the least of which is the illegal wiretapping that he and his CIA Communist Director John Brennan did during the Trump 2016 presidential campaign. They also illegally wiretapped General Michael Flynn to frame him with the advice of Joe Biden to use the Logan Act against General Flynn. Strong reported evidence also suggests that not only was Obama behind trying to keep Trump from becoming President in 2016, but he and Hilary Clinton used a false dossier to initiate a false investigation for three years of alleged ties to Russia collusion which they knew was a lie from the start. Now Obama is trying again to stop Trump from winning the 2020 Presidential election with fraud in the voting ballots through software, mail-in ballots, and liberal counters.

President Donald Trump should win his second term as President of The United States, but trouble is still coming. Whether he wins or not, civil unrest, civil war and an invasion is coming!

Amos 7:7-8, “Thus he showed me: and, behold the Lord stood upon a wall made by a plumbline in his hand. And the Lord said unto me, Amos, what seest thou? And I said, A plumbline. Then said the Lord, Behold, I will set a plumbline in the midst of my people Israel: I will not again pass by them anymore.” A plumbline is used for measuring and here it is being used of God to measure the destruction/judgment that will come upon the nations of Israel (ten tribes) especially America. God is saying here that He is giving one final warning, one last time before the prophetically warned judgment starts to fall.

Even if Trump is put into power once again as President of The United States in January 2021, America is going into civil unrest and civil war with an invasion. The only thing that could stop this is a national repentance, which at this point is very unlikely, as the church itself is so backslidden, lukewarm and dysfunctional. There must be a repentance of immorality, idolatry, killing the innocent and coming against Israel as so many of our political and academic leaders vehemently hate Israel. America needs to recognize homosexuality is not an accepted alternate lifestyle, but a sin of abomination that brings judgment on a nation. Cohabitation is a sin, not a life choice. Abortion is a sin of murder and we must overturn it in the Supreme Court. Our Constitution allows freedom of religion, but we must get back to recognizing the God of the Bible, just as our founding fathers did. Their convictions are clearly recorded, even stating that the interpretation of the American Constitution and the country can only be led by Christian leaders.

Regardless of the declared winner, I believe without a doubt that civil unrest, civil war and an invasion is definitely coming as God has warned me about since March 14, 2020 in 15 different prophetic dreams.

The demonic liberal left leadership, influenced and in some cases bought off by China, Russia and others, want a civil war if Trump is declared the winner. If the swamp succeeds in stealing the 2020 Presidential election, civil unrest and civil war, with an invasion, is definitely coming. Eighty million Americans are not going to tolerate a fraudulent coup of this election that will fundamentally take away the Constitution and Bill of Rights under God as a Republic. States are already talking about seceding from the union, once again resulting in civil war coupled with an invasion.

I believe God has given us a final warning to repent or reap the whirlwind. One crisis after another will sweep America, resulting in famine, disease, starvation, fighting and death.

We definitely want Trump to prevail against this attempted coup of the election so that we can have more grace and avoid persecution at a national level. However, this election will not stop trouble and eventually our nation will collapse as I have written about in previous newsletters. Refer to The Kings of the North and West colliding.

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