July 29, 2001
The Jordan Times
“Shiite Cleric puts $1m Bounty on Israeli Rabbis”
Sheikh Nabulsi said a wealthy individual had offered the bounty but did not disclose his name.
“These two rabbis are two snakes, and Muslims in general, and Palestinians in particular, are called upon to exterminate these microbes which tarnish the surface of the earth,” he said.
The same day, Yossef, a hardline rabbi renowned for his racist denunciations of Arabs, said they were reproducing like insects and were destined to end up in hell.
“In the old city of Jerusalem they’re swarming like ants. They should go to hell--and the Messiah will speed them on their way,” the founder of the Shas Party said in a sermon.

July 29, 2001
The Jerusalem Post
“Unleashing the Dogs of War”
By Martin Sherman
No people can adhere to such a policy of self-disparagement without forfeiting its claim to sovereignty as an independent nation. No country can command the respect of others if it consistently fails - or worse, refuses - to employ all means at its disposal to protect the lives and property of its citizens against concerted attack from foreign entities. In such circumstances restraint will not be construed as strength, but as weakness, inviting more aggression from forces and growing alienation from friends. Only a dramatic change of policy can turn back the inevitable tide of events relentlessly washing away the awe-inspiring achievements of the Zionist revolution and eroding the very foundations upon which the nation-state of the Jews were founded. The Arab attack must now be met with a response of ferocity and force that will leave a traumatic scar on the collective national consciousness of the Arabs. Israel must now unleash upon its assailants a fury akin to that which the democratic powers unleashed in WWII on those who dared threaten their survival. Nothing less will quell the violence. Only when a terrible, disproportionate price is inflicted for attacks on Jews, will such attacks cease.

August 6, 2001
The Washington Times
“Old Fallout Shelters Garner New Interest”
By Jennifer Harper
The market for new fallout shelters is bustling, indeed, boosted also by the disquieting notion that Armageddon may be just around the corner.
Virginia-based Harden Structures, for example, offers “Apocalypse House,” a design that follows guidelines for blast proof shelters from both the U.S. and Swiss governments and is meant for “long-term survivability”.

May 17, 2001
Special to World
WASHINGTON - More than 100 terrorist organizations around the world have succeeded in obtaining elements for the construction of a nuclear bomb. The report included 220 incidents of nuclear trafficking since 1993. As a result, the UN said, more than 100 terrorist groups are now capable of developing an atomic bomb.

July 30, 2001
Ha’aretz Service
“Study: Israel would be unable to repel all-out Arab attack”
By Daniel Sobelman
Intelligence reports on Israel’s nuclear capabilities states that Israel’s arsenal contains some 400 nuclear warheads...


The Jordan Times \
“Palestinian Intifada is countdown for Israel’s destruction.”
July 29, 2001
Ha’aretz Service
“30 Palestinians arrested after police storm Temple Mount.”
“ ‘Third Temple’ Cornerstone Laid.”
August 6, 2001
Agence France-Presses
“Sharon Defends Israel’s Assassination Policy.”
“Israeli Intelligence Projects War in 2002.”
The Washington Times
Beijing Arms Pakistan”
The Sunday Times
“Putin Will Sell Arms To North Korea.”
The Associated Press
“Russian, N.Korea Leaders Renew Ties”


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Charles E. “Chuck” Bates “How They Make Our Slavery So Convenient”

Dr. Larry Bates “Establishing God’s Order in Economics, Politics, and Religion”

Marilyn Brannan “Countering Controlled Media Influence”

Dr. Francisco Contreras “The Hope of Living Long and Well - Dealing with Stress, Arthritis, Cancer, Heart and Other Diseases”

Larry Pratt “Politics, Power and Dominion”

Dr. Jacquelyn Seward “Focusing Your Prayers - Intercession and Spiritual Warfare”

Solomon Whitman “Freedom vs. Slavery - Fulfilling Bible Prophecy?”

Rev. Jonathan Hansen “Prophetic Warning to America - Adjusting Our Course” Special Speaker for Evening Revival Services

Teaching sessions were offered under several different
teachers during the daytime hours. Brother Hansen
held revival services in the evening!

The Hansen family enjoyed a reunion with “spiritual son”, John Kamau,
from Kenya. John is living in the southern United States doing some
further studies. He drove all the way to Colorado to attend the conference
and to have an opportunity to see the Hansens again.

Life at Keystone was not all lecture and also offered time
for fun and relaxation. Here the Hansen twins, Kareen and Talitha,
are enjoying the cool waters on a warm day.



 Kareen receiving her Diploma from President of Northwest College,
Don Argue, and Vice President, Marshall Flowers.

In May Kareen Hansen graduated Magna Cum Laude from
Northwest College A/G, achieving her Associates of Arts
degree along with the highest honors in her class.

A small family reunion as Kareen and cousin, Jeremy Seaward,
graduate from Northwest College together.

Rev. & Mrs. Rick Seaward talking with Jeannie Hansen.

...and summer is also the time for weddings...

Cousin Jeremy with his lovely bride, Charissa, who will travel with him
to Singapore where they will make their home and serve the Lord
full time in youth ministry.

The Hansens attended the wedding of friend, Rick Bye, who has been
a friend and supporter of WMI for many years. Rick came to the WMI
headquarters last fall and put a new roof on the Bible College.

The Hansen family, along with the Seawards, enjoy Jeremy and
Charissa Seaward’s wedding. From left to right: Jonathan Hansen,
Jonathan Seaward, Carie and Debbie Seaward Haskell, Jordan Hansen
(Rev. James Hansen’s son; James is an Assembly of God (A/G)
missionary enroute to Panama.),Melita Hansen, Pam Seaward,
Kareen and Talitha Hansen. 

Margie Hansen Seaward, grandmother of Jeremy Seaward, was the daughter of Rev. Jonathan Harold Hansen (Bro. Jonathan Hansen’s grandfather), the first A/G missionary in North China, where he and his wife served for 30 years. Margie and her brother, Harold, were born in China and lived there until Harold (Brother Jonathan’s father) was 14 years old. Margie Hansen married Fredrick Seaward, and they have served in Malaysia and Singapore for the last 40 years as A/G missionaries. Brother Hansen’s father has pastored 8 churches in the last 40 years.


A dear friend and ministry secretary, Terri Pulley, hosted a baby shower
in honor of Tamara Hansen Gulstrom and soon-to-be delivered,
Jeremiah Christian Gulstrom.

The “soon-to-be” Grandma Jeannie Hansen, Aunties Talitha, Kareen and Melita;
and great-Grandma Hansen, Brother Hansen’s mother, with Tamara.

 Ty and Tamara Gulstrom, daughter and son-in-law to Brother Hansen,
were expecting their first child since their marriage in the Summer of 1999.

Showers of blessing, packaged in love.

WELCOME - Jeremiah Christian Gulstrom !! July 30, 2001

Psalms 139:13,14 “For thou hast possessed my reins: thou hast covered me in my mother’s womb. I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvellous are thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well.”

Luke 1:15 “...He will be filled with the Holy Spirit, even from his mother’s womb.”

Jeremiah Chrisitian Gulstrom arrived at 2:10 in the afternoon. Daily, for nine months at dinner time, Brother Hansen consistently prayed that Tamara’s pregnancy would be easy, that she would have a quick, easy and safe childbirth, and that the baby would be born healthy and perfect, without complication. After only about 6 hours of labor, Tamara gave birth naturally (without any aid of medication) to Jeremiah. God answered our prayers! Jeremiah truly is a joy and a blessing and a pure delight! Tamara fulfilled her responsibilities before God by eating properly during her pregnancy, i.e., minimal sugar, no soda pop, monitoring foods with preservatives, etc. The Bible is very clear on the foods that we are supposed to eat, as well as the life style and values of God to which we are expected to adhere. “If you keep My commandments, then I will pour out My blessings upon you and your prayers will be answered!”

Grandpa Hansen held Jeremiah immediately after his birth and prayed a
blessing over him that God would anoint and fill him with the Holy Spirit! 

Brother Hansen: The proud Grandfather! (Perhaps in this case pride might be allowable.)

Quiet Time! Shhh! Daddy watches over as Mommy and Jeremiah sleep.

Aunties and grandmas meet Jeremiah. events bring even a prophet some much-needed time for relaxation and renewal...

Jeannie Hansen is honored by her family on Mother’s Day. Left to right: Twins Talitha and Kareen, Mother Jeannie, Brother Hansen, oldest daughter Tamara and her husband, Ty, and...Melita? Ty, who graduated with a BA from Northwest College A/G, is currently in medical school and also serves as assistant pastor to the local WMI fellowship group. Tamara, who also graduated from Northwest College with a BA in Biblical Literature and Behavioral Science with a minor in music, leads worship and children’s church.

The twins, Kareen and Talitha, turn 20 years old. They are spending their
summer between college terms working at WMI headquarter offices.
They also help lead worship and children’s church at Sabbath services., games, games... at Melita’s Assemblies of God school.

Those of you who follow baseball have heard of the Seattle Mariners. Well,
this summer has not gone by without the Hansen family attending a couple
of the local games. Brother Hansen believes in parental responsibilities,
which include time with his family. What a fun night out!

...and Brother Hansen turns????...

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