Within World Ministries International (WMI), we have two prayer departments, which are vital to both the life of this ministry and to the fulfillment of the Lord’s Great Commission. The first, is the Gate Breakers prayer ministry, which serves to meet the needs of the people in the body of Christ. Daily we have brothers and sisters in Christ who contact our ministry with burdens and needs, such as salvation for a loved one, physical healing, wisdom and direction for their lives, and so many other types of needs. The Gate Breakers prayer team prays over each of these needs believing that Jesus Christ will bring the blessing needed and breakthroughs will occur as we align ourselves with the Word of God and pray in faith. If you have a need and would like us to partner with you in prayer, please contact our ministry by returning the yellow insert or by contacting us direct. If you would like to submit a prayer request by email, contact us at gatebreakers@worldministries.org.

The second prayer department is the Soldiers of the Cross. The Lord has revealed to us that we will need 2,000 intercessors to break down strongholds and to do battle against the rulers and powers of darkness in the heavenly realms (Ephesians 6.10-18). In order to faithfully proclaim the prophetic word of the Lord to 85 nations; to call them back to the biblical covenant of the Lord Jesus Christ; to speak to the top political and religious leaders of the nations, we know that we need strong intercessory prayer. Melinda Roberts is the department head for the Soldiers of the Cross and is the wife of Pastor Tom Roberts, who is over our television ministry. Some of you (especially those who are part of this intercessory team) know Melinda very well,and for many, this will be our way of introducing you to her. Just recently, Melinda delivered her fourth child (Joshua), and like the biblical Joshua, Melinda’s third boy has a destiny to conquer land for Jesus Christ.

Melinda had a challenging pregnancy, and she, along with her husband, family and WMI, were forced to intercede and pray for many months as the fate of her child and her own life were in jeopardy. In May, Melinda sent her testimony and a word of encouragement to the Soldiers of the Cross team and it so challenged and inspired me, that I felt impressed by the Lord to include it in this letter. I pray that it will challenge, inspire and motivate you
to stay in the battle in the midst of the storm, knowing that “though you walk through the valley of the shadow of death,” you need not to fear because the Lord will be with you (Psalms 23). The Lord richly bless you as you read the testimony and encouragement of the Soldiers of the Cross department head, Melinda Roberts.

Pastor Ty Gulstrom

Many of you know that I experienced a challenging pregnancy. The doctors diagnosed me with complete placenta previa, which can cause massive bleeding and potential death to the mother and baby because the placenta could rupture when the mother goes into labor. They also diagnosed me with placenta accreta, wherein the placenta possibly goes outside of the uterus, attaching to other organs making it necessary for the removal of those organs. To make things a bit more complicated, I have had premature births with the last two children.

God gave me a dream prior to this pregnancy wherein I died in childbirth because of massive blood loss. After getting these diagnoses’s from the doctor, my husband and I knew this was something we needed to take seriously. God had warned us about these circumstances and was letting us know we needed to pray to stop it from coming to pass. Immediately my husband started fasting for me. After he fasted for ten days, we felt he could stop, but sensed God was going to give further direction later and we would need to be obedient to what God would speak. The very next day at our worship service, God spoke to Apostle Hansen. His instruction was for the men in the ministry to rotate on a fast until the baby and I were home from the hospital. My heart was touched as children and wives in the ministry also began to join in fasting for us.

It was like living with a ticking time bomb inside of my body, which many of you can relate to because you have been fighting against things like cancer. The last month and a half the contractions seemed to never stop completely, and when I would be active at all, they would increase with frequency and intensity. Over and over again we would pray and I would be very still and they would slow down. Each time I would have to ask God, “should I go to the hospital?” I did not want to walk in fear, but I wanted to make sure to follow God’s direction when it was time to take action.

The doctor’s plan was to get me to thirty-six weeks gestation and then take the baby through surgery. A baby delivered between thirty-six to forty-two
weeks is considered full-term. I made it to thirty-six weeks and we did an amniocentesis test to determine if the baby’s lungs were mature enough to  breathe on his own. The test came back negative, so the c-section was canceled, and back home I went, constantly monitoring contractions and the baby’s movements.

After waiting another week, I went in for another amniocentesis, and again the test came back negative and again the c-section was canceled. By this
time I was thirty-seven weeks into the pregnancy, which was farther than my doctor had thought I would be able to go, and there had been many times when contractions had been varying from five to fifteen minutes apart. My husband and I felt it was time for the baby to be delivered and we were praying against any schemes of the enemy that would come against God’s perfect timing for this birth. The specialists who had done the amniocentesis wanted to wait another week and test again, but my doctor was very anxious about letting me go another week, so she sent the test to another lab for a second opinion. Unfortunately, the results from that lab would not be back for several days.

The evening of the second amniocentesis, I started feeling worse. That night I had strong contractions, which were five minutes apart. I lay in bed for hours praying for God’s leading. By morning, things did not feel better, and every time I was upright for any length of time, the contractions would return. I was very uneasy and called my husband to let him know what was going on. He called the doctor and left a message on the answering service. When she returned the call, I detailed to her what I had been experiencing and she insisted we come to labor and delivery.

As we started getting things packed for the hospital, the contractions seemed to slow. The enemy started sending thoughts into my mind. “You don’t need to go to the hospital. You are going to look like a fool when you go there and you are not in labor. You should call your doctor back and tell her you are fine.” My husband backed me up though, and said, “I don’t care if we look like fools, we are going to go in and find out what is going on.”

On the way to the hospital the contractions returned, and by the time they hooked me up to a monitor the contractions had returned to four or five minutes apart. The doctor made the decision; she was going to deliver the baby. An hour later we were headed for the same surgery that had been canceled only the day before. Suddenly we were in the operating room; the baby was coming today!

Once the surgery was under way, my doctor realized things were worse than what she had imagined. My placenta had forced its way out of the uterus, tearing through the scar tissue from my last pregnancy. The uterus was opened with the placenta half in and half out. I had unknowingly been minutes away from death.

Due to the large amount of scar tissue, my uterus ripped again as the doctors were operating and started bleeding profusely. There was no clear way to reach the baby other than through the tear the placenta had created. The placenta would have to be delivered before the baby, leaving him without life support for a short time.

The operating room staff was tense and my doctor’s words were very sharp! The baby was delivered successfully with great haste and given to specialists from the special care nursery while doctors continued to work on me. Although the placenta had not ruptured, I suffered massive bleeding and the cry went out for a runner to get blood right away. My dream was coming to pass; I was losing blood just like I had envisioned.

The spinal block administered by the anesthesiologist had not worked properly, no fault of his, and the pain was intense as they operated for an hour and a half. I began to worship God to deal with the pain. He is faithful! Meanwhile, our new son was taken to the special care nursery for observation, but he passed their tests and was brought to our room within the hour. Miraculously, even though I had lost a large amount of blood, I did not have to receive a transfusion. God was giving us victories. When I got back to my hospital room, Prophet Hansen and his wife Jeannie were there. Though they had been overseeing a class in our Bible school, he felt uneasy in his spirit about the surgery and had decided to come to the hospital, leaving another pastor in charge.

By heeding God’s warnings and following His strategy, the disaster had been avoided and He gave us the victory. If we had not gone to the hospital, the baby and I would have died. God had led us to the perfect time for the delivery; the baby was mature enough and I was not harmed. My doctor had to admit to the power of prayer as what looked to be a total catastrophe ended in joy and celebration.

Did God have me withdraw from the ministry during this time? NO! I want to draw your attention to Job 42:8-10. Verse ten tells us that God turned the captivity of Job when he prayed for his friends: Also, He gave Job twice as much as he had before. God will not withdraw you from ministry when you are going through trials, whether they are physical, financial or spiritual. These are the times we continue to focus on God, pouring ourselves out for his service. During a trial is not the time to back away from supporting this ministry; it is the time to be faithful. Be faithful in your witness, be faithful with your prayers, and be faithful with your financial gifts. Follow the example of Job and see what God will do as you follow Him in faith, not looking at circumstances, but trusting in the living God.

Many people thought I was a fool to continue serving through this last pregnancy, but look at what God did. God gave me victory! I went against what man recommended and followed God. God is looking for people who will have faith in Him no matter what the circumstances look like. Will you be a fool in the eyes of man, or will you be God’s fool?

I also want to bring your attention to the strategy that God gave. Our Father knows what we will face before we get there. God gave me the warning and the strategy to have victory throughout this pregnancy. Many have asked, “Why do we need 2,000 intercessors?” Let me give you the answer. God knew from everlasting that we would need 2,000 to accomplish the vision that He has placed upon this Elijah-type ministry. He has the strategy for this ministry to be successful in every battle we have yet to face. The Lord has shown Rev. Hansen the strategy for this ministry; now it is our responsibility to pray and to take the necessary action to make it possible.

As you read this letter, Apostle Hansen and a team of pastors are ministering in Florida and Cuba, from June 22 – 29. Pray for protection, anointing, favor and wisdom. Also, be sure to pray for the salvation for Fidel Castro, as we understand that he may attend at least one of the meetings.

Just like the Lord delivered our little Joshua into our hands, the Lord wants to deliver this ministry, and each of you, into the land that He has promised. Be very courageous and fear not, the Lord God Almighty has assured us the victory!

Melinda Roberts (Soldiers of the Cross department head)

Included with this letter is a yellow insert. If you have a burden to join this intercessory team, or would like more information about the Soldiers of the Cross, please respond by returning the insert, or by contacting Melinda directly at the ministry.


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