Greetings in Jesus’ name from your co worker in our Lord’s harvest field. Have you been enjoying the monthly news articles and newsletters? Did you especially find interesting both eight page newsletters on Liberia and Ghana?

Dear brothers and sisters, do you understand the times and seasons we are living in right now? If so, please get involved in this ministry. The spirit of the beast is rising up in pure hatred against true believers who take a stand against gay marriages, abortion, a one world government, idolatry (all religions except the blood of Jesus Christ), the mark of the beast, etc. We must take a stand against these sins that bring judgment on a nation but we need you. We must all get in the battle!

In 2003, our mailing list of nearly 9300 people gave approximately $28,364.82 each month. I thank God and I want to thank each one of you who contributed in 2003. Yet, my heart breaks because there are so many requests by political and church leadership in nations for me to come and help them with the word of God and with our medical volunteer professionals, but as a ministry we do not have the money to do so.

Dear saint, I have been invited back to Liberia to hold three days of meetings in their national stadium by September 2004 but I need $120,000.00 to do so. I have been invited by the Government and the Church in Jamaica to hold three days of meetings in their national stadium for repentance by April 2005 but I need to raise $250,000.00 to do so. Opportunities abound but we do not have sufficient funds to accept them. Frankly we scrape by monthly barely paying the bills we already have committed ourselves to in radio and television air time. Heresy and lies are spoken daily on national television, yet we cannot preach the truth because of a lack of finances. Some people do not like to read about giving, yet Jesus constantly taught on being good stewards of your finances and talents or they would be taken away from you.

If every person on our mailing list would give just $25.00 per month we would bring in approx $232,500.00 each month. That is over $200,000.00 each month more than what we are receiving currently. We could easily accomplish those meetings in Liberia and Jamaica as well as now accepting the invitations to minister to other nations around the world. We could go on national television and combat the world’s propaganda that is deliberately brainwashing the people with sadistic values and beliefs as well as apostasy that is sweeping through the Christian community.

Dear saint, can you see the tremendous difference you can make if every person on our mailing list would send $25.00 a month or more. I thank the Lord for some of you that are sending in much more than $25.00 each month because most people send in nothing.

Please, each one receiving this letter, send in something each month. Even if you think you cannot send in $25.00 each month, please send in something! As everyone does their part (as in the book of Acts) then we can help to bring revival to the nations.

Thank you and together let us feed the poor and bring love and hope to the widows and orphans. Together we can shake the nations!

Rev. Dr. Jonathan Hansen

© 2004 World Ministries International