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2004 IN REVIEW - JANUARY 10, 2005

Dear Saints,

I greet you in the name of Jesus Christ. As I reflect on the year 2004, I see it has been a year of sowing, plowing and finally reaping. I now travel to 88 nations with a prophetic word. I meet with Government and Church leadership, exhorting them to repent of sin and come under the Lordship of Jesus Christ. Last year included mission trips to the nations of Liberia, Ghana, Canada, Cuba, and Japan and twice to Jamaica. In the United States I had the opportunity to minister in Washington State, Georgia, Missouri, New York, and two trips to Texas and Florida.

In addition to traveling the world with the message of warning God has given me, we produce our daily WARNING program for television and radio Monday through Friday. This program is also heard on short wave radio weekly all across the world. Our newsletter is distributed twice each month to those on our mailing list. The articles that were sent in 2004 included: The Vision & Commission, Possessing the Land 2004, Two 8-page newsletters titled: The Seattle Times-Market loses $1 Trillion and WMI Take Message to Europe, Africa, Itinerary, Beholding the Promises of God, I John 3:18 Exhortation, Two 8-page newsletters titled: Liberia 2004: A Nation at the Crossroads and Ghana 2004: A Nation in Need, Clarion Call, Holding Fast in the Midst of Life’s Storms, Japan: A House Divided, The Essence of the Great Commission, Warning: Divine Messages to Japan, Standing Firm, Unity of the Church in Japan, Stepping Out of the Boat, Cuba: Change is Coming, Who Do You Worship? The Theory of Evolution, The Credibility of the Canon Part 1 & 2, and Jamaica Missions 2004.

You will notice that I send out 24 articles each year. In August 2004, due to finances, we were forced to reduce our mailing list and send only to those who have supported WMI through a financial gift or by ordering a cassette, CD or video. This was a difficult decision because the articles are created to encourage, strengthen and develop you in your Christian walk. it is our desire that each of you will be able to receive them and benefit from them. I believe these articles will help you to be faithful in your local church, city, state and country where you live.

Enclosed is our beautiful new full color World Ministries International brochure. It was designed to be kept in your Bible as a bookmark and reminder to pray daily for the team here at WMI. We pray it will also encourage you to support us financially each month. As you support WMI with your prayers and giving, we truly become a team that reaches the nations.

I want to say a special thank you to all our current partners who have responded and supported us in 2004. It has been a year of great victories, and you have helped make it possible. We believe your faithfulness will reap a blessing both here on earth and throughout eternity.

Think of what we could accomplish of the kingdom of God if each one of on our mailing list would partner with me by giving $25 each month! For this monthly gift you would receive two articles, as well as one week of radio messages on audiocassette or CD each month. For a gift of $100 each month, you would receive two articles, one week of radio messages on audiocassette or CD, and one week of television programs on video.  This is my way of saying thank you for helping me reach your local community and the nations with the WARNING message. Together we can continue to “sound the alarm” in 2005! Please support this ministry on some level so that we will be able to send you the articles regularly. May God bless you abundantly in 2005.

Dr. Jonathan Hansen

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