Are you able to judge and discern the times in which we are living? As the Church of Jesus Christ, we are to be on the cutting edge of spiritual perception. Christ has announced that we are “the light of the world” (Mt. 5.14) and light, principally, has one function and that is to expel darkness. Jesus goes on to say in Mt. 5.14-16, “A city on a hill cannot be hidden. Neither do people light a lamp and put it under a bowl. Instead they put it on its stand, and it gives light to everyone in the house. In the same way, let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven.”

Christ is the light of the world (John. 8.12), and therefore, to let your “light shine before man” is to let the character of Christ, the mind of Christ and the attitude of Christ flow out of you to a dark and dying world. The Lord was very critical, and rightly so, of the religious leaders of his day. They were called to be faithful shepherds and spiritual guides but instead had become abusers of the sheep and blind guides. Jesus, in speaking of the Pharisees and the Teachers of the Law, exhorts his disciples to, “Leave them; they are blind guides. If a blind man leads a blind man, both will fall into a pit” (Mt. 15.14).

There is a similar thread that runs common with the people of Israel in the time of Jesus and the people of America today: The majority are blind and are led by blind leaders. You say, “How can this be?” Just look at the condition of America and the pervasive darkness that is covering the land. If darkness is advancing, then light necessarily must be diminishing. Has the Church of Jesus Christ failed to be the “light of the world?” It may seem as if this is true but it is not. Christ did not say that we are to be the light of the world, but rather he declared that we “are the light of the world.” The question is not as much in whom we are, but rather, the effective outflow from our being in Christ. As Jesus taught, people do not hide a light under a bowl, but rather lift it up to give light to everyone. If you are a disciple of Christ (possessing the Holy Spirit within you) then the light (character, mind and attitude) of Christ is within you.

These questions, then, must be asked of all believers: “What is keeping the light of Christ within you from effectively being expressed to this dark and spiritually deceived world?” “What proverbial bowl has been erected over your mind, which blocks the effective ministry of the Holy Spirit through you?” Through Paul, the Lord has commanded us to “demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God, and we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ” (2 Cor.10.5). This is the remedy for spiritual deception which leads to darkness.

America, as a nation, has allowed the knowledge of God to be dethroned from their minds by the darkness of the world around them. The leaders of America, both religious and political, have largely abandoned the Christian foundation that enabled the blessings of God to flow. Just how bad has it gotten? If God has blessed America, it was for the purpose of being spiritual light to the nations.

Today, rather than being a light, we are an enabler of darkness. A recent article distributed by the Independent Institute entitled, “U.S. Money Aids World’s Worst Dictators” alludes to this point. In the article, the authors, Benjamin Powell and Matt Ryan review a recent Parade magazine that lists the twenty worst dictators currently in power, including Castro, Qaddafi, Kim Jong Il, Mugabe and others. Consider closely an excerpt from this article which alludes to the US involvement in financing such regimes. “Washington, D.C., rhetoric says that development aid should be dispensed to corruption-free countries with laws and policies conducive to supporting sustained economic growth. President Bush created Millennium Challenge Accounts to funnel aid to such countries. However, few countries have qualified for the program and little money has actually been disbursed. Instead, we find that both the U.S. and its partner countries in the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), have contributed a great deal of aid to these oppressive regimes.”

Parade ranked the Sudan’s Omar al-Bashir as the world’s worst dictator. During his reign OECD countries gave his regime more than $6 billion in non-military aid. The U.S. accounted for more than $1 billion of that aid. Kim Jong-Il was ranked as the second worst dictator and received a little over $1 billion in aid, with more than half of it coming from the U.S. Than Shwe of Myanmar, Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe, and Islam Karimov of Uzbekistan round out the top five dictators on the list. The U.S. contributed $32 million to Myanmar, $1.1 billion to Zimbabwe, and $385 million to Uzbekistan.”

“Overall, OECD countries contributed aid to every one of Parade’s 20 worst dictators. Combined, these leaders received nearly $55 billion in aid. The U.S. contributed to 19 of the 20 worst dictators; King Abdulla of Saudi Arabia was somehow left off of the U.S. gravy train.”

Friends, this is the epitome of spiritual deception. As we continue to abandon the knowledge of God in America; as we continually become cloaked with the love of mammon (material goods), not only do we slip further into darkness, but we promote darkness around the world. We continue to sing our spiritual national anthem, “God Bless America” but can God bless darkness? Can the Lord bless a nation that finances regimes that are guilty of violating human rights and in some cases are guilty of outright genocide?

- Rev. Ty Gulstrom

Warning to the Church in America Part 2
By Dr. Jonathan Hansen

On December 24, 1995 at 0541hrs., Dr. Jonathan Hansen received a prophecy for America primarily for the people who call themselves “born again.” The Lord is saying that he will exhort the American people to look to him. He will cause an incident to happen in America so great so as to get their attention. This could possibly be through the weather, food, disease, economy (although it would have to be a much greater degree than we have yet experienced), etc., or nuclear war at a national level.

God is saying that the people of America are guilty of intense pride, intense self-exaltation and self-satisfaction. In all areas of life in America, including the Church, most of the people are filled with pleasing themselves. The leaders in America, even in the Church for the most part, are filled with self-glorification and self-attainment. Many of their leaders not only have a gluttonous appetite for glory and “the things of the world,” but some are guilty of immorality and amorality. Many church leaders do not know right from wrong any longer. Many are guilty of lying, cheating, fornication and adultery. Because so many of the pastors have become amoral and are no longer either capable or bold enough to counsel truth, the American people are turned over to the philosophies of evil men and satanic spirits. The psychic, the philosopher, the professor, and even eastern religions take the place of the truth of Jesus Christ that should be taught fundamentally, doctrinally sound and without error. But the message is not popular with people of America, nor with many deceived pastors within the Church.

So, the people of America turn to the lies of the cult and occult because a true servant of the Lord is not popular even within his own denomination. They dance to the fiddle of the majority who are intrigued by the psychics’ predictions, but are deaf to the words and warnings of a true prophet. Thus, the people of America and members of the church are conned by false doctrine. They are inept to scripturally and spiritually deal with the deceptions, lies, lusts, lifestyles, values, behaviors, sins and spirits that are in our society and church.

God is saying that he will bring down (humble, shame) the American people, including many church leaders. Many people in America and members of churches feel immune from the catastrophes that have struck other countries such as war, famine, disease, persecution, etc. But, God is warning that the people, both in society and the Church, will not escape his dealings with them. There are hard times ahead for both the Church and people of America. Great trouble, plagues and persecution lie ahead. This is needed out of God’s deep eternal love to give every opportunity for people to repent and prepare themselves for the coming of the Lord.

When there is a lack of righteousness and holiness in peoples’ lives, they compromise. They are afraid to speak the truth to others. They lie and give excuses for their unfaithfulness by saying they do not want to hurt people’s feelings. You can say it another way, but the truth is, their own relationship with God is lacking. In reality, they do not have the spiritual strength to obey the spirit; nor are they led by the Spirit, but by their own understanding, mentality and flesh. They find it difficult to give godly counsel because, according to his Word, they do not have an intimate relationship with the Author of Truth. Thus, they do not know what the truth is, or if they do, they do not have the spirit (strength) to do or say what he asks of them.

The majority of the Church in America lacks holiness and righteousness. God must and will prepare them for his return. For he will not allow his New Jerusalem to be polluted, corrupt, diseased, poverty stricken, ruled by the vain, immoral or amoral, again. Before his final judgment when people are sentenced to eternal separation or eternal life with him in the New Jerusalem, Jesus will give more opportunity for a change of heart. The American “born again Christian” will be chastened by the Lord and tried by the fire. God will force events to deal with their spiritually weak condition until the American Christian (true believer) will look to the Lord for their strength and call upon the Lord earnestly, not out of some mythical explanation or prayer. Through the changing events and new laws in society, the American believer will be forced of God to take his stand on spiritual and moral truths until they are hated and persecuted by society. The American Christian will not escape having to take his stand and position in the Lord!

Wrong doctrine taught by denominations and pastors will be exposed by time itself, by the Holy Spirit, by the Scriptures, which will finally be studied studiously by the elect instead of just accepted from the pulpit. Many large churches, denominations, church leaders and pastors will fall. They will be rejected both by society and by the believer, for their vain lifestyle and teaching of God’s Word. Eventually all godly organized churches and ministries will be shut down as persecution of the true believer takes its full course. As believers have suffered in many countries throughout the world for their faith, so many will now suffer in America.

The Lord Jesus is warning the American Christians that he is preparing to return to earth. Before he returns, he will give more opportunities for both the unbeliever and believer to prepare for his coming. Great trouble will fall on America along with a major Crisis that will change the American lifestyle. He warns that the born again believer will also be challenged by the Lord through the change of events in American lifestyle, calamities and persecution. But through it all the true Church will become holy without spot or wrinkle and learn to trust in Jesus. Amen and amen!

Please Read on our Website the Warning to America:

On the following page you will see an example of how our website allows you to view the news reports that verify the prophecy to America. On the actual website you can click on the articles adjacent to each bullet and read the confirmation that the majority of warnings have already come to pass.

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Warning for 1998 - 2008

During 1998 Dr. Hansen spoke in 40 cities in 30 states about the condition and future of America. The following was in an advertisement in The Seattle Times on December 26, 1997 regarding the United States of America:

Stock Market Collapse
Nuclear Attack
Social Security Collapse.
Natural disasters; tornadoes; tidal waves; the sea dying; 20 lb. hail stones; water poisoning; food shortages; red tides
Powerful Northwest earthquake

On television Dr. Hansen warned concerning what was coming upon America and why. He read the Seattle Times advertisement then added the following items:

The 520 bridge will collapse. (This is a 1-mile long floating bridge across Lake Washington from Seattle to Bellevue and Redmond where Microsoft and Nintendo America are located).
Mt. Rainier will erupt. On several radio stations Dr. Hansen warned concerning what was coming upon America.
Nuclear, biological and chemical terrorism in different cities throughout America as well as several attacks. New York, Chicago, New Orleans, Washington, D.C., San Francisco, Los Angeles and Florida. In remote areas there will be biological, chemical and nuclear experimentation. In the Pacific Northwest and Casper, Wyoming there will be a nuclear incident. There will also be a nuclear attack on the U.S.
Throughout the United States, as well as in the Northwest, volcanic activity will occur
Earthquakes across America


To avoid the above, there must be a mighty, genuine revival (repentance) as in Nineveh (Jonah 3:5-10). Or, a powerful spirit of prayer must arise that will result in the mercy and grace of God as Abraham interceded for Sodom and Gomorrah (Genesis 18:23-33). If we meet the conditions of God (II Chronicles 7:14), he will hear our call, forgive us and heal the land! If we do not meet the conditions, judgment will fall and all of the prophecies will come to pass. Ladies and Gentlemen, we the Church and people in America need to receive Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior in reality and practicality to avoid these events warned by the Lord from coming to pass. It is our sins that allow our enemies to hurt us. God bless America, and may America look to Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior!


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