I write to you today, November 5, 2008 to declare that I believe America has elected the most dangerous President in the history of the United States. I believe he is one of the biggest threats against our Constitution and, consequently, to Bible-believing Christians and their traditional values and beliefs upon which this nation was founded and thus prospered. The reason Americans elected this person is two-fold:

First, America has become a pagan nation. In 1811 the Supreme Court ruled that it was unconstitutional to remove the Bible from school curriculums. In 1878 the Supreme Court ruled that Christianity and government could not be separated. Then in 1962 the Supreme Court made a ruling which removed prayer from schools. The following year Bible reading was removed. Through the public schools, liberal media, movies, and television, the spirit of anti-Christ and the United Nations' agenda have infiltrated American values. The United Nations' goal is supporting the morality of abortion, homosexuality, co-habitation, same sex marriage, and interfaith meetings that accept all religions under the banner of equality because they insist they all lead to the same god. They will not allow the teachings of Jesus Christ or His insistence that He is “the way, the truth, and the life, and no man comes to the Father except through Me.” (John 14:6) The One World Government cannot accept orthodox Christianity because Jesus demands a holiness and morality which other religions, ideologies and heathen philosophies disdain and hate. The United Nations is run by socialists, communists, and dictators from third-world countries who are favoring and supporting an Islamic religion over orthodox Christianity and who are anti-Israel.

Secondly, the reason America has elected a man who opposes so many things that are sacred and patriotic to our founding fathers is that the majority of those who call themselves Christian in America no longer have a living relationship with Jesus Christ. The church in America is either apostate or very, very carnal. Heresy has been taught by pastors who have rejected the truths taught by the founders of their denominations and churches, teaching instead a cultural theology. Socialism and liberation theology are taught in many churches instead of the true teachings of Jesus Christ. Many churches are producing racism. Also, many televangelists twist the scriptures and preach gimmicks to become rich personally, as well as financing their personal businesses, which they call ministries or churches, thus leaving a very ignorant church.

The tenets of faith for orthodox Christianity believe in the following essential fundamentals of faith: the inspiration of Scriptures and the inerrancy of the Bible; the trinity; the deity of Jesus Christ; the virgin birth of Jesus Christ; the substitutionary atonement of Jesus' death; the literal resurrection of Jesus from the dead; salvation as a gift which comes through faith in Christ alone; the literal return of Jesus when His feet touch the Mount of Olives; a literal heaven; a literal hell, and a literal lake of fire.

Barrack Hussein Obama backs abortion, even the most barbaric partial birth abortion. He supports homosexuality, same-sex marriage, infanticide, and embryonic stem cell research. He backs teenage abortion without parental notification. He attended a racist church for twenty years, and when enough national attention exposed its vulgar, hate-filled teachings, he finally left it so Americans would not reject him as a candidate for President of the United States. He believes all religions serve the same god, and he has ridiculed the teachings of Jesus on the Mount. He stated that we are no longer a Christian nation and has pledged to appoint activist Supreme Court judges to change our traditional Christian values and beliefs. He believes the constitution of the United States is a living, breathing documentation that does not have to be interpreted according to the intent of the Christian founding fathers, but can be interpreted in what the activist judges say it is, which is legal positivism. Muslims throughout the world claim Obama is a Muslim and will destroy America. He wants to reduce our military by 25% and remove our nuclear weapons. He wants to change our flag and our national anthem because they offend Muslims in the world.

Yes, change is coming. Is it the same type of change as in Russia, Germany and China when Stalin, Hitler and Mao Tse-tung led revolutionary changes throughout their nations, silencing the critics by taking away their freedom of expression? Barrack Hussein Obama already backs laws such as the “Fairness Doctrine” that will stop Christian leaders from speaking out publicly and labeling sin and tyranny for what they really are--an abomination and slavery.

Barrack Hussein Obama was the most liberal, socialistic Senator in the United States. As a candidate for President, he promised to use public funds and to abide by the public campaign funds rules, using only public campaign money. He broke his promise, raising and using millions of dollars more than John McCain because McCain followed the public campaign funds rules. The Bible classifies this as a lie and a man who cannot be trusted. What kind of change should we expect from a liar who wants to change traditional values and morality; who wants to change our national anthem and flag; who attended a racist church for 20 years but tried to say that he did not understand the goals and agenda of change that Rev. Jeremiah Wright was advocating?

I believe the next fours years will be the worst four years the born-again Church has ever seen, as laws will be created to stop the evangelical church from expressing its values, beliefs and views. The real hate mongers, crimes and laws are the ones that try to force their values on others and will not allow for open debate or discussion. God help America repent and turn back to Jesus Christ and His message of a change of heart, back to our Christian heritage as stated in the Constitution, and back to life for all conceived as people according to the Holy Scriptures.

Dr. Jonathan Hansen

© 2008 World Ministries International