"America, America, awake out of your slumber; I will shake you, I will shake you with a shake that has never shaken you before. You flaunted yourselves above the world; you flaunted yourselves above your neighbor and your neighbors; brother against brother, kingdom against kingdom, people against people, Christian against Christian, in your ungodly attempt to self-glorify yourselves. Both in the church and throughout America your leaders religiously, politically and economically are vain, corrupt and amoral. You are fast losing the salt, the purity that has held you together; that has made you great, if not the greatest, of all nations..."

"I am coming quickly for a people, a church, without spot or wrinkle; a blood washed, blood soaked people who are really called Christian; not the hypocritical, self-righteous, self-taught, self-educated fool who propitiates his own dogma today."

The Lord told me to focus on warning the church in America from 1998-2008 that He was going to allow great distress to come upon the United States of America unless the church awoke out of her slumber and repented of her idolatry and became a true beacon of righteousness.

God always gives plenty of warning before He allows judgment to be exercised. God sent eight prophets to the northern tribes of Israel over a period of 130 years prior to their captivity, warning them to repent. This entire prophecy can be viewed on my web site at www.worldministries.org. The bullet points of the American prophecy are:

* Stock Market Collapse

* Nuclear Attack

* Civil Unrest

* Social Security Collapse

* Natural Disasters
Tornadoes; tidal waves; the sea dying; 20 lb. hail stones; water poisoning; food shortages; red tides.

* Powerful Northwest Earthquake
(Newly Discovered Earthquake Zone in Seattle Area 2003) (Pacific Northwest Tectonic Plates Are Moving) (FEB 2008, Mega Earthquake could inflict major damage on Pacific NW) (APRIL 11, 2008, Swarm of Earthquakes Detected Off Oregon) (MARCH4, 2008, Seattle Emergency Management officials prepare for catastrophic EQ)

* Mt. Rainier will erupt

* Nuclear, biological and chemical terrorism...
...in different cities throughout America, as well as several attacks...New York, Chicago, New Orleans, Washington, DC, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Florida.

* Nuclear attack on the United States

* Volcanic activity...
...will occur throughout the United States, as well as in the Northwest.

* Earthquakes across America

NOTE: I was supposed to warn the American church, especially between 1998 and 2008, concerning the prophecy. This was a time period given for mercy and grace before all became fulfilled and God allowed His judgment to be carried out. The entire prophecy was not necessarily to be fulfilled during this time period, but it was the time designated to sound the warning alarm before God allowed the prophecy to be fulfilled. Only two things could delay God's judgment from being carried out upon America: 1. A spirit of intercession as was exercised in Genesis 18:23-33 (Abraham for Lot); 2. A major revival like Jonah preaching to Nineveh recorded in Jonah 3:4-10. Remember, II Chronicles 7:14 always applies.

I believe this coming presidential election will be a spiritual battlefield to the very end. I believe Sarah Palin could be used by God as an Esther to stand in the gap for the church, if their ticket is elected. Christians need to pray and work to see that the best choice of the candidates will be elected in this coming election. I believe that, regardless of the candidates elected into office, that the next four years will be the worst four years in the history of the born-again church.

I believe that a temporary band-aid will be put on this economic/ stock market crisis. Then sometime after the elections, probably in 2009 or beyond, it will blow wide open. I believe laws will continue to be created and signed by the newly elected leaders of America that will take away Christians' rights to express their views and convictions regarding sin. Christians will not be able, either on television or radio, to label sins such as abortion and homosexuality as abominations without being threatened with civil and/or criminal penalties. When Christians can no longer express their God-given rights of expression for fear of reprisals by government laws, then tyranny reigns. This is exactly how Hitler in Germany and Stalin in Russia controlled their people; by intimidating them with threats and arrests. May God help us!

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