Saturday, March 1, 2008 around 10:00 pm, I became very sick with extreme pains below my stomach. This intense pain doubled me over and brought me to my knees in front of the couch. I was unable to stand and had to lay my head on the couch. Eventually I was able to get to a rocking chair where I stayed for most of the night. I continued to suffer all day Sunday and on Monday morning I crawled out of bed to attend a 6 a.m. men’s prayer meeting. I sat motionless for that hour, still feeling extremely sick. When I walked into the house, my wife decided to take me to the hospital and this time I did not resist as the Holy Spirit gave me the release to obey my wife.

Some of the WMI staff praying for Dr. Hansen.

The doctor immediately suspected an appendicitis attack and ordered tests which suggested I had suffered a possible ruptured appendix. I was rushed into emergency surgery and indeed my appendix had ruptured. This rupture two days prior could have been fatal. Instead of the poison from the ruptured appendix flowing throughout the body as it normally does, it was confined to one location, and because of this I did not die. God had preserved my life once again. It reminded me of how the Red Sea opened, how water came out of the rock in the wilderness, and many other supernatural manifestations.

God still does miracles!

Many people have wondered why I did not go to the hospital immediately, which would have been the logical human thing to do. I try to live my life by faith. Faith is simply obeying the written word and/or a rhema (Holy Spirit) from God. Years ago in Africa I was under extreme physical duress with excruciating pain. Our family missionary doctor, who was a surgeon, told me I had to have an immediate operation in order to save my life. I was bleeding to death internally. He offered me an injection to relieve the pain, but warned me it would put me to sleep and I would never wake up; without emergency surgery I would die. I felt the Lord tell me not to have the surgery as that would kill me, but instead, have the doctor and my wife lay their hands on me and pray. They did and I slept for two days. When I awoke I was healed.

Some visiting staff of WMI with Dr. Hansen.

Dr. Hansen and his daughter, Melita.

Dr. Hansen with grandsons Jeremiah & Isaiah.

This time God allowed me to go through with the surgery which proved that I indeed had suffered a ruptured appendix. Normally, this should have killed me, but God kept me alive by keeping the poison in one location. Yes, the sun can still stand still [like the book of Joshua Chapter 10]. I also witnessed to many patients and nurses in the hospital and added 8 new people to our mailing list, including a nurse who is now one of my intercessors. Instead of staying in the hospital for a month for a ruptured appendix (which is usually fatal if you postpone surgery like I did), I was released in five days and back to work Monday, March 10, 2008.

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