Retired Law Enforcement Officer and former State of California Deputy Real Estate Commissioner/Fraud Investigator Terry Cook was very happy the worldwide financial total collapse did not happen in October 2009 to destabilize the world into submission to a tyrannical world government.

We have been in a world economic crisis/crash since September-October 2008. Terry, who has researched the subject for 20 years, was 90% sure according to his sources that this financial crisis would be a complete collapse by the end of October 2009. Thank God, the Lord is still in control, and He did not allow it to happen yet.

I have been exhorting Christians since 1998 to pray for mercy and grace to bring about repentance and to delay judgment. Since interviewing Terry Cook on my television program "Warning" in September 2009, I have encouraged people even more urgently to intercede that God would delay the total collapse of our economy so that we can continue to sound the alarm for a true repentance in this country. Faithful intercession can continue to delay the Science of Judgment from falling on our beloved America.

As Terry told me, whether it is this October 2009, or later; eventually, it will hit America and the world, collapsing the economy and money as we know it. Evil men who want to play God are manipulating events to destabilize not only America, but the world at large. They want to move mankind into a cashless society where they can control the world.

Terry and I did five television programs over this current created crisis which threatens financial collapse worldwide, as well as nuclear wars involving different countries. We also discussed the present swine flu myth and other plagues as described in the book of Revelation which are about to happen.

The world elitists want billions of people across the world to die, as these leaders are Luciferians, and they work tirelessly toward dissolving the sovereignty of nations and ushering in a New World Order/One World Government led by the anti-Christ. These world leaders have a beast mentality, but outwardly they speak words of kindness and peace. They love animals more than people and are backing laws to allow people to die through abortion, euthanasia, infanticide, ethnic genocide, tribal fighting, disease, famine, starvation and natural disasters. These globalists call the weak, the disabled, the elderly and the masses in third world countries “useless eaters.” According to John Coleman in the book, “The Committee of 300”, these world elitists who conspire to control the earth want a “reduction in the number of people called surplus to requirements...the death of three billion people by the year 2050.” (Pg. 71)

I have urged my staff and others to store enough food and water for a minimum of one year. I know of a person who has stored enough for eight years, and the Mormons put enough food away for seven years. It is only a matter of time until your family will need your provision like the children of Israel needed Joseph’s wisdom and provision in Egypt. Joseph had stored enough food for seven years because of the coming crisis. Yes, Elijah was fed by the ravens, but the Bible is filled with wisdom for provision by preparation, as well as miracles. The key is the leading of the Holy Spirit. These are the days of Elijah when we will see the greatest revival during the Great Tribulation, but we will also see much suffering and death.

We offer four books authored by Terry Cook: "Comrade Antichrist 666: Earth’s Final Dictator"; "The Mark of the New World Order"; "Big Brother 2010"; and "American Police State: NorthCom Rising"; along with five (5) TV programs where I interview Terry personally. Please telephone my office at 360-629-5248 to order all four books plus the five DVDs packaged in a beautiful album for your gift of $100.00...a $130.00 value for just $100.00! Please support this end-time Elijah ministry as I continue to give warning.

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