History records that most pastors in Germany prior to World War II were not actively involved in leading and protecting their nation, sounding the alarm against evil politicians with immoral political policies, goals and ambitions. This is happening in the Republic of the United States of America today! Germany was in a terrible crisis with the economy and unemployment, just as America is today. Hitler took advantage of the situation in Germany, running on a platform of change, just as Obama did in 2008. Hitler played the race card, pushing national Arian bias and prejudice. Today the liberal left political wing in America is blaming the Christians for the country’s problems. They are playing the race card with the American Indians, African-Americans, Hispanics and any other minorities willing to listen to them and buy into their lies, leading those groups to support the liberal political agenda. What Hitler did was to transfer the wealth and power away from the people and give it to the government. The scape goats were the Jews whom Hitler blamed for Germany’s problems.

As was the case in Germany, most pastors in America today are either too scripturally ignorant of their God-given responsibilities to confront, correct, teach, and lead a nation and church in Biblical moral standards, as Ephesians 4:11-15, Matt. 5:13, and Matt. 28:19 commands us to do; or, they are too afraid to do so. During Hitler’s rise to power and rule over Germany, most Christian leaders, as well as believers themselves, watched passively as this evil liar changed their nation and defamed the Jews until he had so demonized them that he could make laws to steal their possessions, arrest them and kill them.

In the United States of America today people who believe that Jesus Christ is the only way to receive salvation and eternal life are being attacked with propaganda through the liberal politicians who are making laws to stop their views on morality and ethics. This is being done through the news media, television, public universities, and schools which are promoting an anti-Judeo-Christian values agenda.

In Chapter1 of her booklet titled, "The United Nations And Its Global Agenda For The Environment, Economy And Family", Joan M. Veon, CFP, writes: “When I realized the UN is a world government is when I understood why these outrageous policies were endorsed by our government. Part of the process of moving the world into world government is to change the ‘frame of reference’ and break down social values in order to recreate a ‘New World Order.’ Our government no longer supports the Christian heritage that America was founded on and is working hard to replace our values, way of life and Constitution. Current legislation will bear this out. Judeo-Christian values represent the ‘old world order’ which they want to replace with ‘the New World Order’ which is humanistic changing the Judeo-Christian family structure, and replaces our way of thinking with values related behavior. Understanding this philosophical difference made me understand the New World Order’s agenda of abortion rights for all, acceptance of diversity, homosexual rights, and the empowerment of women and the UN. The philosophical concept of good government has changed from that of protecting your own national boundaries to the ‘withering away of the state.’...”

Yes, dear fellow believer, we are in an intense spiritual and cultural battle. The Bible records that some nations resist this New World Order eventually led by what the Bible calls the anti-Christ, Beast, Son of Perdition, etc. Please read Revelation Chapter 13. There are what I would classify as evil forces behind this call for “change” in America. Either Christians will wake up and fulfill their God-given responsibilities defined with examples throughout the entire Bible and summed up in the Great Commission; or, Christians in America will become persecuted like the Jews were in Germany when Hitler led the nation in his definition of “change.”

I am calling for Christian leaders, both in politics and in the Church, to stop trying to be politically correct and begin to classify abortion, homosexuality, premarital sex, cohabitation, fornication, adultery, pornography and other ungodly behaviors as sin. Stop being afraid to challenge the New World Order’s agenda to change America’s values and morality. Otherwise this nation will lose its freedoms forever, and Christians who continue to voice their beliefs regarding sin will be arrested, as they were under Hitler’s regime in Germany!

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