At World Ministries International School of Theology, we recently completed an excellent class entitled “Godly Foundations for Parenting” that dealt with the important topic of proactive parenting. This godly process requires a plan which begins before the conception of the child and empowers the parent to be Spirit-led in training their children. It covers many topics such as communication, discipline, choices, and other critical parenting issues. The principles of this course are based on a scriptural foundation to equip Christian parents to raise future adults. Instilling a Christian character and mindset in the early, formative years of life is a blessing that we can give to our children. The following are some direct quotes from this class:

"Parenting is a legacy; an inheritance; a blessing... Parenting  takes time...Discipline takes time...For every problem the child  has there is a problem parent...Set boundaries to protect children from hurting themselves and others...Peace is agreeing with God not with your children... Parents who try and please their kids become unhappy families...Permissiveness does not learn boundaries... Boundaries protect parents and other people for their kids... Watching parents in the grocery store with their kids shows kids in the raw and reveals whether the parents or the kids are in control...Repentance is turning away from what is wrong...Saying sorry is not enough...Repentance must precede penance or change will never happen in your child’s behavior or character...Confession is not repentance...Spare the rod; spoil the child...Appropriately applied pain to the butt gets attention and associates wrong with pain instead of pleasure...Discipline allows short-term pain for long-term pleasure; permissiveness allows short-term pleasure for long-term pain...Relationship without rules results in chaos... Parenting is not child centered, it is God centered. It should not be the goal of parents to be liked or loved but to be respected...The parent’s goal is not to be your child’s best friend, but the goal is to be your kids parent...The parent is the teacher. Teach your children to discern between needs and wants by meeting their needs, not their wants...Do not spoil them!"

By giving in to their whining, begging, or screaming, you are teaching them not only to disrespect authority, but they are not learning boundaries. Consequently, they will give in to their emotions and get into fights, get girls pregnant, get arrested, etc.

"One of the greatest gifts a parent gives a child is godly character...Healthy boundaries protect parents and children." Children respect strong leadership that immediately corrects disobedience. They despise weak parents who constantly give in to their tantrums. Never allow your children to scream at you or hit you or others. These actions need immediate correction. When the child is younger, a painful spanking is needed.

"Don't ask a small child if they want to obey.; simply give instructions and expect obedience...Nowhere in the Bible do children have the right to choose their own friends...Parents are responsible for who their children associate with...Be proactive, not reactive...Set rules and consequences in advance...The older the child the more the child participates in setting boundaries...Living to make children happy produces unhappy families...Parenting for life is a given; friends for life is hard work."

I highly recommend this important teaching for everyone whether parent, grandparent, or anyone working with youth. The course can be completed at home through our Distance Education Program. Contact our office at 360-629-5248 to register for Course #BICC555. You are a parent for life, so be willing to give wisdom and guidance to your sons, daughters and grandchildren as long as you live.

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