As we enter into 2012, we praise God for what He has done in and through World Ministries International this past year. We have begun to clear the shelves of some early inventory of television messages. We want to offer these to our supporters for a donation of any amount. This is a great opportunity to add some powerful messages of truth to your library! These titles are in VHS format and have not yet been converted to DVD. If you still use this media, you can take advantage of some excellent teaching.

Do you want to know more about “The Blood of God” or “The Importance of Worship”? What does Scripture say about “Why Do the Righteous Suffer?” Do you understand the “Science of Judgment” and the cup of iniquity principle? These foundational videos each offer 30 minutes of teaching that will develop and strengthen you in the faith. There are many two, three, four & five part series available in VHS as well as single messages such as “The Lie of Evolution” and “The Reality of God” that you could share with others.

Please check out the list of titles and place your order by calling us at 360-629-5248 to reserve your item. Quantities are limited and will be reserved on a first call basis so don’t delay. In addition to your donation we ask that you remember to include the cost of shipping. Your order and gift will help WMI get the message of WARNING to the nations. We look forward to hearing from you and may God richly bless you.

5 PART SERIES (5 - 1/2 hr. programs)

VS001 The Science of Judgment

VS002 The Decline of America

VS004 Attack on America

VS005 Unholy Alliances

VS006 The Blood of God - Week One

VS007 The Blood of God - Week Two

VS008 The Glory of God

VS009 What Makes a Man of God? Apostle/Prophet

VS010 Who are Real Apostles & Prophets?

VS013 Islam-Kenya-Ethiopia: Pastor Tefera

VS014 Why Do the Righteous Suffer?

VS015 Mardi Gras

VS016 Hope, Faith and Victory

VS017 The First Anniversary of 9-11-2001

VS018 Hong Kong-America-China-Canada-Israel

VS019 The Personality Cult of Some Pastors

VS021 Courtship (Betrothal), Trinity, and Marriage

VS023 The Family and Harry Potter

VS025 HELL and The Mark of the Beast

VS030 Apostles Pull Down Strongholds

VS035 Power of Faith Ministries Miracle Cathedral: Bishop Delford Davis

VS037 Liberia - A Nation at the Crossroads - Week 1

VS038 Liberia - A Nation at the Crossroads - Week 2

VS039 Liberia - A Nation at the Crossroads - Week 3

VS040 Liberia - A Nation at the Crossroads - Week 4

VS046 Reminiscing: 9-11-2001

VS047 The Danger in "The Lord of the Rings"

VS057 Pope John Paul ll and Revelation 17

VS058 Jamaica: February and May 2005

VS060 New York August 2005 - Healing

VS062 Jamaica Crusade Meetings: September 2005

VS063 The Need for Christian Education

4 PART SERIES (4 - 1/2 hr. programs)

VS003 Prophecy to America

VS036 New Testament Church of God: Bishop Ronald Blair

VS052 The Asian Tsunami Crisis of 2004

VS064 Stop the Runaway Conversation

3 PART SERIES (3 - 1/2 hr. programs) 

VS026 Is America Becoming a Beast? (Abortion)

VS028 Religious Hard Talk

VS032 LIVE from Jamaica with Special Guest, Bishop Joseph Ade Gold

VS034 The Orphans of Russia

VS044 An Historic Visit to Cuba

VS045 The Importance of Worship

VS050 Miracles Happen When We Obey the Lord

(2 - 1/2 hr. programs)

VS002 Prophecy to America (1 hr. each)

VS027 The Crucified Life

VS031 Divine Messages to Japan

VS041 Same-Sex Marriage

VS042 First Fruits and Easter

VS043 A Christian’s Responsibility To a Hostile Government

VS048 Interview with Pastor Ken Squires

VS049 Obedience Proves Honesty and Humility

VS051 New York: December 2004

VS053 Missionaries to America

VS054 Uganda: Rising from the Ashes

VS055 Kenya Prophecy Update

VS065 Dr. Lukyamuzi - Uganda - America

VS066 Interview with Joe Gonzalez: Salem Communications

VS069 Interview with Rev. Daniel & Leilani Derrick

VS070 Interview with Rev. Clifford Kapofu, Zimbabwe

VS071 Interview with Nathan Moser: God Can Use Anyone; God Can Use You

VS074 Interview with Rev. Daniel Ong: Elim Christian Centre, Ghana, 2006

(1 - 1/2 hr. program)

V101603 The Reality of God

V101703 The Importance of Forgiveness

V102203 God Can Use Anyone; God Can Use You

V061103 Jamaica: Planting Missionary Dental Clinics

V061203 Spiritual Needs of Jamaica

V071603 The Day of the Lord Is At Hand

V072003 The Children of Uganda

V080803 Finland

V102103 Ghana

V102003 China

V010504 War with Iraq and the Seven Seals of Revelation

V010904 Soldiers of the Cross

V012804 Interview with Bishop Ira Thompson

V021304 Gate Breakers Ministry

V050304 Valentine's Day: Love or Lust?

V050604 Ghana Pastors and Prophets Conference: 4/2004

V051004 Interview with Bishop Josiah Pah - Liberia

V051104 Interview with Silke Rosner at Kinder Paradise Orphanage, Ghana

V051204 Elim Christian Centre in Dome, Ghana: 2/22/04

V051304 Ordination at Impact 2004 Pastors and Prophets Conference

V051404 LIVE Radio Interview on Sunny FM in Accra, Ghana

V052404 A Clarion Call: Sharing the Need

V052604 CCC Kumasi, Ghana: A New Testament Church A Church with a Destiny

V052704 Elim Christian Centre, Ghana

V062104 Ghana: Idolatry, Religion and Poverty

V062204 Cuba: Interview with Pastor John Bowers

V062304 Cuba in the News

V070704 The Unity of the Church in Japan

V070804 Japan: A Nation Divided

V071904 The Power of Intercessory Prayer: Interview with John Benefiel

V080904 Needs in Liberia and Jamaica

V081604 The Suffering Sudanese

V081704 A Biblical World View: George Barna Research

V081804 Jamaica Dental Mission

V082404 Saving Teeth; Saving Hearts

V082504 Cuba: Judgment and Worship

V083004 Interview with National Radio Host, Alan Lewis

V090804 Interview with Rev. Judy Hoff: Queen for a Day

V101104 Current Events and Prophecy: September 2004

V101204 Sierra Leone: Interview with Cyril Faulkner

V101804 May Day for Marriage: Interview with Rev. Ken Hutcherson

V101904 Interview with Art Seely and Roald Lidal

V110804 WMI Benevolence

V110904 The Lie of Evolution

V011705 Carrying the Word to Pakistan, Afghanistan, and India

V041905 Interview with Geno Schmidt: Hand of Help Min. (Prophecies to America)

V080105 Rick & Doris Bowman: Education and Prisons

V080405 Interview with Dr. Asif Sharaf: A Call to Pakistan July 2005

V080505 Dawn Music Ministries: Russian Vocal Ensemble

V111405 Interview with Peter & Angie Turko: Sept 2005

V111505 Interview with Matthew & Daisy Sethi: Oct 2005

V111605 Interview with Dr. Asif Sharaf: Sept 2005

V112205 Hand of Help Ministries, Romania: Interview with Daniel Boldea

V112305 Interview with Brad & Karen Hanson, Missionaries to Russia

V120505 Interview w/Rev. Emmit Glanz: Mountain Top Min.

V030306 Interview with Matthew Sethi: India - Feb 2006

V051506 God Will Use You If You Let Him - Interview with David & Faye Snyder - Homosexuality

V073106 Interview with Joe Gonzalez

V081606 Interview with Dr. Danny Martin: God Can Use Anyone; God Can Use You

V081806 Interview with Rev. K.C. George, India: God Can Use Anyone; God Can Use You

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