Many people have heard of the recent dreams/prophecies given to Pastor Dana Coverstone. I find his dreams quite fascinating and realistic. What is God telling America and the church? Before I answer this question, I want to summarize what God has revealed to me concerning America from 1985 to the present time. In 1985, after repenting of hatred and unforgiveness toward a certain man, I received my first night vision. It had taken me five years to repent and forgive because of my pride. I saw myself traveling the nations and meeting with presidents, prime ministers and governments as well as speaking to the masses. I saw apocalyptic events and death lines. I saw the heart of God and it was broken. I asked God why His heart was broken and He said, “Because my bride is in love with the world more than with me.” I asked God why and He said, “Because the pastor behind the pulpit is more in love with the world than they are with me.” I came out of the dream sweating and soon resigned from my job on the Sheriff ’s Department and my pastoral responsibilities. I also sold my businesses so I could travel the nations, giving the warning message to the Church of the second coming of Jesus Christ, as they were not ready to meet Jesus. It was and is a John the Baptist, Elijah type of warning message to repent and follow the Lord with all your heart. 

Please visit my website at and find the American Prophecy page under Prophecies. Please read my 27 visions/dreams and prophecies concerning what is coming upon America and why and what God is saying to the Church. 

Many of the prophecies have already come to pass such as the dotcoms stock market crash, Katrina, 9/11, natural disasters and earthquakes, with much more to come. These prophecies include civil unrest, civil war, an invasion, chemical-biological-nuclear terrorism and attack naming the locations. Different prophecies talk about what will happen to the Hawaiian Islands, the current economy, the social security system and what the church/believers must do to prepare themselves for what will imminently happen. Yes, there are prophecies concerning these current hate filled Marxist, racist attitudes presently manifested in our Democratic Party. 

I believe Pastor Dana’s prophecies and dreams are from God, but not all have to happen now. They can be delayed with prayer and always with repentance. 

In my first dream in 1985, I saw that God was not happy with most Christians and pastors, and He is even angrier today. The American Church has continued to deteriorate as it adapts to more of the cultures norms. Much of the responsibility is due to the pastor behind the pulpit. Many pastors have continued to opt for entertainment and compromise, replacing the anointing that flows from true worship, sharing the word and spending time at the altar. They give a motivational message that pleases the giving units, allowing them to feel comfortable in their sins while attending the services, and of course giving their offering. 

I believe God is now allowing a measure of judgment to come upon the church, manifested in these unconstitutional policies initiated by mostly Democratic governors and mayors during this hyped up pandemic. These so-called protests, (even though the protestors don’t get a permit) usually end up in vandalism, looting, arson, riots, hurting and even killing people. 

They are allowed and encouraged by Democratic immoral leadership, and still the church cannot meet together to have a service. We see innocent Christians and others, including policemen, attacked and in some cases killed. Yes, our God-given, inalienable rights have been attacked and taken from us, for the most part, because the leaders of the church have compromised with sin. Where are the messages against pornography, fornication, adultery, homosexuality, abortion and indecent dressing for girls and women that becomes a temptation for men? Most sermons never touch on sin and judgment. Tattoos and body piercing have become all too commonplace in churches, as well as the indulgence of alcohol. 

Church has become a fellowship center where musical entertainment and drama have replaced messages from an anointed pastor that warn the congregation of the consequences of sin and the future eternal judgment of God for all those who continue in their sins while attending church. Where are the true prophets whose main burden from the Lord is to deal with sin and avoid judgment if there is repentance? Not the pillow prophet constantly condoning and pampering your sins and operating only in the gift of prophecy for exhortation, encouragement and comfort. Even though they have the title prophet or prophetess, they are not called and they do not function in the office of a prophet. Half of the church does not recognize that the baptism of the Holy Spirit, with its power gifts, is for today. This makes them totally ineffective to be a true representation of Jesus Christ on earth because they can only tell stories. There is no reality backing their message. Also many of the people who carry the title Apostle are powerless. They are nothing but sounding brass and a tinkling symbol because they cannot operate and lead the church with power and authority. God is going to allow persecution to continue to come against His church until people repent, draw close to God, and chase him to be filled with the gifts of the Holy Spirit. 

We need to seek the ability to be an ambassador of God and to see miracles, healings, signs and wonders; to operate in a word of knowledge and word of wisdom,; to have visions and dreams as well as the gift of prophecy. Yes, God wants His church to become pure, holy, spotless and powerful. This is the reason He told his believers to tarry in order to receive His power within them before they attempted to live a Christian life. We are going to see an escalation of violence, riots, civil unrest, civil war, an invasion and the other warnings of God because the church is polluted, compromised and naked. However, through God’s chastening and love, He will reclaim his pure, holy and righteous church, filled with power and authority to truly represent Him on earth with boldness and a pure gospel. The timing of some of these prophecies is dependent on the true repentance of the church. They must put on the armor of God, pray and intercede. If they continue in their slothfulness and sin, the judgment of God will be escalated as seen by Pastor Dana, myself and others. 

Jonathan Hansen

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