On May 23, 2016 God allowed my first wife of 39 years, Jeannie Hansen to depart the earth to live with Him. Jeannie was beautiful inwardly and outwardly and traveled the world with me serving God. She sacrificed her life to help me fulfill the call of God on my life to the nations. I was devastated as only a person who has lost their spouse can understand. The Bible says when you marry, two people become as one, so when a spouse dies, the surviving partner is torn in half as if losing part of himself. You can have all the faith in the world, but a healing has to take place before the person can go on living. After Jeannie’s death, people kept telling me that I need to remarry. I would tell them that if I ever remarried, I would have to be totally convinced that the person was God’s perfect will for me. I had a worldwide ministry and could not afford to make a mistake at this point in my life. 

NOTE: Adalia came to work in my office in Kenya in 2015. I met her in my office in both 2015 and 2016. I knew she was a wonderful woman of God and would make someone a good wife. I actually related this to Dr. Michael Hyodo who lives in Kenya and still leads my ministry there. 

In July 2017, I was ministering in Malaysia when the Lord told me to send a word from Him to Adalia, “You are at the crossroads in your life; if you choose the wrong road, you will never see your destiny.” I sent the word via messenger to Adalia who was in Kenya and within 15 minutes she replied, “I know what God is saying, thank you.” What I did not realize was, at that time, two different men wanted to marry her. She was getting tired of waiting for the prophecy given to her over a 10 year period by three different pastors. The prophecy was, “You will marry a man older than you. He is a white man with an international ministry. When he asks you to work for him in America, that will be the man.” About 15 minutes later the Lord told me to send another message to her, asking if she wanted to be transferred from my Kenya office, to my office in America, and work for me directly. When she got my message she responded, “yes” and she knew, according to the prophecy from three different men of God, that I was the man she was supposed to marry. She had waited for 10 years. Adalia, who was nearly ready to accept one man’s proposal, now turned them both down. 

I received my confirmation that God was giving me another wife named Adalia, when people began contacting me with their visions and dreams. I eventually had three pages of testimonies from people confirming that I would marry a younger woman, a black woman from Africa, and she would continue to lead the ministry later. When I showed pictures of staff from my Kenya office to two different people from different states, they both picked her out and told me, “That is the woman you are going to marry.” At this point we both had undeniable confirmation and after receiving council and blessings from Rev. Dr. Ron Cottle, my spiritual father, I proceeded to court and marry her. Twelve Bishops and Pastors took part in the ceremonies. The leadership of the boards I serve on and am ordained with have met Adalia and blessed our marriage. After nine months of marriage, Adalia told me she wanted a baby. She had never had a baby because she had waited for the ten year prophecy to come to pass revealing who she was to marry. I had already been married, had 4 children and 13 grandchildren with Jeannie. Love is meeting the needs and wishes of your spouse and she wanted a baby. I agreed we would have a baby and the next month she was pregnant. Before Adalia got pregnant, she stated that she wanted a son and it had been prophesied that we would have a boy. One prophet from Ghana told me that I would have a son and he saw me walking and discipling him. He said my son would be a mighty man of God taking over my ministry. It was confirmed when Adalia had an ultrasound, we would indeed have a boy! 

After about 5 months, Adalia became very sick and could not get out of bed. An ultrasound revealed she had tumors in her uterus and it was mentioned she might need a hysterectomy. If she had a hysterectomy, we would never have our prophetic son. We went into prayer. One day I was praying over the phone from my house in Stanwood, WA to another ministerial friend in Jerusalem, Israel and God gave us a revelation through the gift of discernment. God said that a witch from Kenya had put a curse on Adalia, so we prayed, broke the curse and proclaimed that Adalia was healed. That very night an angel came into our bedroom, looked at Adalia and left. The next night the same angel came into our bedroom, only this time he was carrying a rod. The angel pointed the rod at Adalia. Blue and white lightning came out of the rod hitting Adalia 

in the chest, lifting her off the bed and then dropping her. Instantly she was healed! She got out of bed and has been healed ever since. 

Several months later, the day finally came when Adalia’s contractions began, her water broke and we went to the hospital. After 36 hours of labor, the baby still was not delivered. Her situation became serious and five doctors and six nurses became involved in trying to save both their lives. Three doctors took turns for hours as she was pushing to try to rotate the baby. Adalia saw a vision with angels coming down a staircase from heaven to her bed. She told me her vision and asked me if she was dying. I held onto the promises of God and the prophecies concerning Adalia and our son and continued in spiritual warfare, knowing what God, through prophecy, had already said about them and their destiny. I told Adalia “No, you are not dying but those angels are here to assist you so that the baby will be born safely and you and I can continue to fulfill God’s will for our lives because you and our son have a destiny to complete.” 

After 4 hours the baby was finally born, but he was not breathing. Some of the medical staff was working on the baby and the others were working on Adalia as she was hemorrhaging. I was interceding with God for victory for my son and wife. The hemorrhaging stopped and the baby started breathing. They took him to NICU with a breathing mask on and wires going everywhere. They said he would be in NICU for at least 11 days, but after 4 days both Adalia and my son, Michael Jonathan Jedidiah were released. There is no doubt in my mind that both Adalia and our son MJ, are a gift from God to help me fulfill the call of God on my life and to extend the kingdom of God on earth. Adalia has a genuine apostolic and prophetic ministry. 

MJ is not like any baby I have ever known. Within six months we had already traveled with him to Kenya, East Africa and Amsterdam twice as well as to France, South Korea, Utah, Kansas, Oregon, California and Hawaii. On all the international and national plane trips he did not cry. In all the church services, including South Korea, where I spoke at the World Holy Spirit Conference with three days of meetings lasting 13 hours per day, he was a perfect baby. I truly believe my son was touched by the Holy Spirit in Adalia’s womb when the angel pointed the rod at her and lighting came out of it hitting her chest, just as John the Baptist was touched by the Holy Spirit in his mother’s womb. MJ is calm, happy and so very good. I have never observed a baby with his temperament and demeanor. We serve a miracle working God and the testimonies described in this letter can best be described as “It’s Supernatural.”

Jonathan Hansen 

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