2019 was a year of trials, attacks, victories and blessings, but a lot of spiritual warfare was required for myself and WMI throughout the year!

On July 16th, the Lord blessed me with a son, Michael Jonathan Jedidiah Hansen, but before the miracle of his birth, there were many times I had to exercise spiritual warfare to save his life and the life of my wife Adalia. Prior to his birth, Adalia was diagnosed with tumors in her uterus. She got so sick there were times she couldn’t get out of bed. If a hysterectomy was required, obviously we would have no baby. Even before the sex of the child was revealed by our doctor, different individuals had given prophecies that I would have a son and shared details about his life and destiny as well as Adalia’s. I interceded in prayer with another minister and we discerned, through the Holy Spirit, that a curse was coming against her from Kenya. Our prayers broke the curse and we proclaimed she was healed! That very night an angel came into our bedroom and observed Adalia. The next night the same angel came in, this time carrying a rod which he pointed at her. Out of the rod came blue and white lightning, hitting her in the chest, lifting her off the bed and dropping her back down. Instantly she was healed and she got out of bed. Several months later Adalia’s contractions began, her water broke and we went to the hospital. After 36 hours of labor the baby still was not delivered. Her situation became serious and five doctors and six nurses became involved in trying to save both their lives. Three doctors took turns as she was pushing to try to rotate the baby. Finally the baby was born not breathing and Adalia was hemorrhaging. During this ordeal, Adalia saw a vision of angels coming down a staircase from heaven. She asked me if it was her time to go to heaven. As I remembered the prophecies over her and the life of my son I answered “No, these angels are to help you have victory as you and the boy have destinies to complete.” As we exercised spiritual warfare and claimed the promises of God and the prophecies given over their lives by the Holy Spirit, they both lived. NOTE: Tremendous miracles happened by exercising spiritual warfare and not giving up hope during the attacks of the enemy.

Each day at WMI we work very hard to get the WARNING message to people in every nation. Monday through Friday we spend a minimum of eight hours, filming, recording and editing television, radio and shortwave radio. I write a monthly newsletter to train, equip and prepare Christians in every nation to win their nation for Jesus Christ. My goal is to reach 200,000 people in each nation with my free monthly newsletters. We also need 2,000 intercessors in every nation to intercede for what I am trying to accomplish in their nation to extend the kingdom of God. Dr. Michael Hyodo is leading our benevolence efforts to nations, helping people in need with food, clothing, education, and dental needs. I thank God for my dedicated staff, many who follow my example and sacrificially continue to help me reach the nations. We all believe in doing everything we can do to get the message of Jesus to the nations while there is freedom because we know this nation is divided, as many people are trying to topple the Republic of America, forcing us into the New World Order.

Before the baby was born, Adalia and I ministered in North Carolina in both January and April. In May we ministered in New Mexico. In June, I went to Bogota and Cali, Colombia. On August 30, Adalia and I took our newborn son and flew to Kansas to hold meetings there. On September 19-30, our family went to Kenya to minister daily with different leaders and start a Kenya Apostolic Coalition designed to bring peace to Kenya. Kenya has 43 tribes and during elections they vote for candidates based on tribalism instead of candidates representing the values of Jesus Christ. The only hope for Kenya is to convince Christians to vote for the best candidate with true Christian values and beliefs even if they are not from their tribe. They need to avoid racism. On October 4-9, my family and I ministered at the World Holy Spirit Conference in Korea. I spoke three different times and Adalia sang several times and gave a word. My son blessed people by just being there with his very gentle loving personality and people wanted to be around him and touch him as they heard about both Adalia and his miraculous survival. Korea is in deep trouble as the South Korean President is attempting to eradicate Christianity. I warned the Christians in Korea that only they could stop this from happening and bring lasting peace to Korea. On October 17-28, I traveled to Bogota, Colombia to minister to Pastors daily with up to 15,000 pastors on the final day. Colombia’s church, as in other nations, is dysfunctional, allowing corrupt politicians and cartels to rule their nation, causing the innocent to suffer. My challenge was to unite the church by dealing with the churches pride and prejudices so they could then come together and advance the Kingdom of God in Colombia, putting in righteous leaders. In each nation that I travel, I read and explain the prophecy for their particular nation. Bogota has hundreds of thousands of pastors, yet most won’t work together because they have an independent and orphan spirit. Many have lost their first love, making the church into a business instead of a force to transform a nation for God. In November and December I ministered in Texas and we ministered in California and Hawaii.

As you can see I have a great burden both internationally and in America. I want to thank all my supporters for your prayers and financial support. You truly are my partners in this great effort to reach the nations! I couldn’t do it without your help. The need is still great. We have much outstanding debt which we are struggling to bear. Please, if possible, send a generous year end gift. We pray you enjoy this time of the year with family and friends and focus on Jesus. May the Lord richly bless you for your faithfulness. Have a very happy and prosperous New Year!

Dr. Jonathan Hansen

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