I hope you are enjoying my monthly newsletters as well as the other work WMI does in “Sounding the Alarm” to the nations throughout the world, faithfully without compromise. We are living in what I believe are very perilous times. We here at WMI are in great need of God’s added provision to pay some debt without borrowing money. Please, if every person reading this request right now would give something, the crisis would be averted. Some of you can give twenty, some fifty, some a hundred or even a thousand dollars. Even ten dollars would be greatly appreciated! The amount could multiply like the loaves and fishes. Again, even ten dollars would help. If each person would give something, this crisis would be over! Look for my regular newsletter next week on the War between Germany and the European Union against The United States of America and Britain.

May God richly, richly bless you!!

Jonathan Hansen

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