Ever hear the phrase “we’re all in the same boat”?

It’s like all of us being stuck on the Titanic which is about to hit the iceberg…you know the story - when it hits the chunk of ice, it doesn’t end nice!

But the good news is that by working together we have a good possibility of turning the ship around before the disaster that will destroy our beloved country, and our families as we sink into evil Communism.

We are dangerously close to the point of no return.

As you know, I’m alarmed and very passionate about waking up enough people to hopefully create the “opening” and be the SPARK for a Great Awakening that we absolutely need from God, because that is our ONLY hope.

Thank you for already having joined me in this glorious mission, but currently we are too few to stop the Titanic disaster, which appears to be almost inevitable.

That’s why I desperately need your help to grow this movement to thousands more who realize our only hope is another Great Awakening.

Have you heard that there are three kinds of people in America?

1. There are a few people who MAKE things happen - these are the heroes.
2. Lots of people just passively WATCH things happen.
3. Most people are asleep and don’t have a clue - they just WONDER what happened!

So what kind of person are you?

Are you in the first group?  I believe you are - thank you!

You may not feel like a hero, but you will be one by proactively participating in this vitally important movement that I believe can spark our only hope:  A Great Awakening.

So, are you with me in wanting to save America and our future?

If you are then show me, and show God by doing the following things:

1. Earnestly pray and beseech God daily to grant us another Great Awakening.  Pray as if your life and the well-being of your family depends upon it because it actually does.
2. Boldly invite everyone you know to discover this important website AND to join us as a member of Eagles Saving Nations (and renew the subscription every year).  I suggest making your goal to help a minimum of 10 people join because of your influence.  For me, that makes you a hero.

Share why you feel so strongly about this cause and urge them to join you and us in this desperate fight to save America and our families.

Share our vision of filling stadiums and civic centers in America, and in every country to have the glory of God come down upon us as at Pentecost, so people can be empowered to go forth without fear or intimidation to get our country back.

3. I am boldly asking you to invest additional money into this cause in order for us to afford the stadiums and the other outreaches as we are already doing.

We are currently $50,000 short from making our annual budget because too many people are unaware, too casual or distracted.  Can you be a giver and donate $1,000?  Or just $100 or even $50 or $20?

Can you do it today?

We need to be EXPANDING our Sounding the Alarm Warning programs, NOT CANCELLING some of them.  We need to be sounding the alarm louder than ever before.

These burdens weigh heavily on my heart, so please pray and step up to the plate to do your part so that YOU can be one of the unsung heroes, for the glory of God, in this godly fight to save our nation before it’s too late.

Thank you so much for stepping up to join and supporting this cause in this life or death challenge!

P.S.  As you know, we all need to boldly speak the truth which will take away the deception of the lies being flooded on America and the nations.

Evil agents of Satan are trying to intimidate people to allow immorality to sweep the nations, take away our freedoms, and persecute the righteous.

In America, we are experiencing a Communist agenda to topple the Republic and move us into the New World Order of censorship and control.

We must have another Great Awakening!

Too much is at stake - do you agree?

Please take a couple minutes to prayerfully re-read this critical message so that my appeal really penetrates your heart.

Sounding the alarm in love,

Dr. Jonathan Hansen