Lawlessness is sweeping America like never before. The Science of Judgment is happening right before our very eyes, yet many Christians do not recognize what is taking place. If you do not have a copy of my book, THE SCIENCE OF JUDGMENT, please telephone my office at 360-629-5248 and order your copy or you can order it from my website at

The Liberal Left WOKE anti-Christian vermin culture is spewing out sheer venom. They hate Christianity and have no sense of what is right or wrong. They seem to behave like the people who lived in the cities of Sodom, Gomorrah, and the Plain Cities who were destroyed because of their constant depravity that resulted in sodomy and lesbianism.  

These hate filled baby killers and apostates have so much demonic hate inside of them. They are turned over to a reprobate mind and they have no problems behaving like the Nazis, who followed the hate demonic policies of Hitler. He demonized the Jews and others by taking away their property, freedom and finally exterminating them.  

Hitler betrayed the German people with his policies and hatred. He was influenced by witchcraft, psychics and psychopaths who were so filled with evil spirits. They had no problems torturing, killing, mutilating and gassing their victims in the concentration camps.  

Have you listened to the words coming out of the mouths of these BLM, Antifa, pro choice (abortion), WOKE people, who are fully supported and instigated for the most part, by Democratic leadership? They are purposely trying to tear America apart and have instigated hatred, racism, an anti American and anti Christian morality. They have given the green light for these lawless rebels to attack people, burn down stores, cities, harass and intimidate law abiding people and even Supreme Court Justices, all in the name of non violent protests. This is a known lie by every person with common sense. All of America, as well as the world, watched cities in America burn. Democratic leaders insanely called them peaceful protests and they should continue. They also have watched our Democratic leadership and President Biden call women men and men women. He approves them to have a sex change operation if they wish, as well as children. What total insanity! Nobody would have believed this stupidity was even possible when I was growing up. Tucker Carlson has led the charge, which should have been led by Church leaders, calling to impeach President Joe Biden for sending America's emergency oil reserves to China and India.     

Please help me to continue to Sound the Alarm. Each month the giving has been below our monthly budget. We really need your prayers and support. We live totally by faith, believing enough will come in through the mail. There are not enough speaking engagements to make up the difference. We also still owe $13,191 on the Ministry vehicle.

Thank you so very much for your faithfulness.
Jonathan Hansen