November 12, 2015

An alliance between the International Coalition of Apostolic Leaders (ICAL) and World Ministries International (WMI) (DVD031816)

Dr. Hansen's presentation at the 2015 ICAL Conference where he speaks of an ICAL/WMI alliance to spread the Gospel and bring aid to people around the world.

November 17, 2015

Josh Reinstein, Host of Ask the Source on Israel Now News interviews Dr. Jonathan Hansen in Israel (DVD031116)

Dr. Hansen shares that he meets with the governments of the world to influence the nations to elect and follow Judeo-Christian values. Where there is good leadership, a nation prospers, but where evil men rule, the nation suffers!

November 19, 2015

Dr. Jay Rawlings, Founder/ President Jerusalem Vistas and Israel Vision TV (DVD022616)

Dr. Rawlings speaks of their media ministry, with hundreds of television programs, and helping to promote other ministries in Israel, as well as their testimony of supporting and sponsoring a pair of orphaned Sudanese refugee boys, rescuing them after deportation to South Sudan and aiding them in their immigration to Canada.

November 19, 2015

Tony and Kathy Stewart, Mount Moriah Trust (DVD022616)

The Stewarts describe how the Mount Moriah Trust was birthed into an organization to help needy believers in Israel. All donations to the Mount Moriah Trust go directly to bring practical aid to believers in need.

November 20, 2015

Jan Willem van der Hoeven, Director of International Christian Zionist Center (DVD030416)

Jan Willem shares how believers must let the lion of the Holy Spirit within them speak truth to fight for God's Word that protects and preserves freedom in the nations. He speaks of Corrie Ten Boom and the hiding place; the prayers offered up from there for the re-unification of the Jewish people to their own land in Israel. Much of the church is not standing up for Israel as it should.

November 20, 2015

Jim Schutz Director of The Joseph Project (DVD031116)

Jim Schutz gives a summary of the humanitarian work done by The Joseph Project. The Joseph Project receives containers at their Israeli warehouse from around the world, filled with household and clothing aid, which they distribute around the country to other aid organizations and municipalities.

January 5, 2016

Roy and Mary Kendall, Roy Kendall Ministries (DVD022616)

Roy shares about his role as a worship leader in Israel, becoming a certified massage therapist to minister to many leaders and raising pastors and teachers that serve in Israel and abroad.

January 5, 2016

Roy and Mary Kendall, Roy Kendall Ministries (DVD030416)

Roy speaks of the Palestinian lie accusing Israel of closing off Muslim access to the Temple Mount. Mary states that even though they live in Jerusalem, they aren't afraid of the attacks because the Holy Spirit inside of them directs them throughout their movements and keeps them out of harms way.

January 5, 2016

Roy and Mary Kendall, Roy Kendall Ministries (DVD031116)

Mary shares that it took three years to learn to like living in Israel & after 25 years she doesn't want to leave. Roy states that his fondest memory of living in Israel is his family learning to be a family.

February 5, 2016

Rev. Linda Liberty, Light to the Nations from Canada (DVD042216)

Prime Minister Pierre Elliot Trudeau's actions tore down his nation and he was described as Canada's only dictator. President Barack Hussein Obama and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau are both working to remove Christianity from their nations and taking them toward the New World Order. Rev. Liberty explains how Canada has radically changed. Dr. Hansen and Rev. Liberty compare the upbringing of Justin Trudeau and Barack Obama, their education and political/moral values.

February 8, 2016

Michael Oren, Member of Knesset and former Israeli Ambassador to America (DVD032516)

Member of the Knesset (MK) Oren shares how close war is all around them and how Obama abandoned the principles of the US-Israeli relationship, including 'no daylight' and 'no surprises'. He explains why he believes Obama deliberately made the mistakes of promoting the Palestinian cause and achieving a nuclear accord with Iran. MK Oren asks that people pray for Israel, get involved politically and contact politicians to support Israel.

February 8, 2016

Shai Hermesh, Executive Director - Israel, World Jewish Congress (DVD040116)

Shai served seven years in the Knesset and held the office of regional Mayor for 15 years prior to serving in the Knesset. He hosts foreign delegations to show how life is along the Gaza border and tells them to go beyond what they see by talking to the people that are suffering Post Traumatic Stress Disorder because of Hamas rockets.

February 8, 2016

Asher Intrater Founder and Apostolic Leader, Revive Israel Ministries (DVD040816)

Dr. Hansen shares how Apostle Asher's congregation is very strong in intercessory/prophetic prayer and worship. Revive Israel Ministries was established to bring Jewish believers back to the book of Acts. There is spiritual, scriptural and historic significance to the reforming of the Church in Israel, especially in Jerusalem.

February 8, 2016

Hugh Nemets Author of the book "Dead Jew Walking" (DVD041516)

Hugh was an atheist before becoming a Christian. He hated the Bible and Christianity. A former girlfriend took Hugh to lunch where she shared the love of God, led him to salvation in Jesus and gave him a Bible. When Hugh first started to read the Bible, it was a supernatural experience of light and power. Hugh received miraculous deliverance from all the desires of the immoral behavior in which he had lived.

March 24, 2016

Mihaela Kovacs, Founder/ Executive Director of The Beraca Foundation in Romania and Rev. Gwen Ehrenborg, Founder/ President of Supporting Women in Ministry International (S.W.I.M.) (DVD042916)

Mihaela gives a brief description of the origin of the Roma people (Gypsies) and how they are held in prejudice. The Roma suffered the same fate as Jews and Christians in the Nazi holocaust. She strives to encourage the Roma in their own self-esteem and educate the rest of society that the Roma are no different than themselves. The Beraca Foundation strives to work with leaders to show them the servant leadership of Jesus as the example of true leadership for their nations. Mihaela shares her testimony of how she became involved with abused women. Rev. Gwen explains that SWIM International is a support group for women in ministry.

March 25, 2016

Pastor Jack McKee Senior Pastor New Life City Church, Belfast, Northern Ireland & author of the book "What Does it Take?" (DVD050616)

Pastor Jack tells how the IRA attempted to kill him twice. His home was attacked at night and his car was fire bombed. The Holy Spirit saved his life from an assassination attempt through twenty minutes of prayer. Northern Ireland has been in conflict since 1969 with terror organizations within the Catholic and Protestant communities. Terror organizations have killed young men within his church.

October 12-14, 2015

The 5th World Holy Spirit Ministry International Conference in Korea Part 1 (DVD051316)

We must release the God in us to have and live in revival. The people with Moses didn't move with revival, otherwise, they would have taken the promised land. Unless you spend time with God daily, you don't know God and are led by your mind and emotions. It's only the God in you that can bring unity and God's blessing to a nation. The office of a prophet deals with sin that brings a curse and destruction. Those who operate in the five-fold ministries move in the gifts of the Holy Spirit, as the believer can. The Church in Korea is declining as stated in Dr. Hansen's prophecy to Korea. The Church must do their part right now to lead, or we will be persecuted by evil men.

October 12-14, 2015

The 5th World Holy Spirit Ministry International Conference in Korea Part 2 (DVD052016)

The Holy Spirit is needed in Christians to bring peace to nations. We must pray until we receive a breakthrough as Daniel did. Dr. Hansen confronted the Secretary General of the Global Parliament and showed him how President Obama is not a Christian. We receive power from God by spending time with Him. Examples of a 'word of knowledge' and a 'word of prophecy' are shared in confronting a leading bishop and giving prophecy to Presidents. Angels are in every church service as witnesses to how the Word of God is being preached.

October 12-14, 2015

The 5th World Holy Spirit Ministry International Conference in Korea - A Sampling of the Worship Music, Song and Dance (DVD061016)

Adult and Children's Choirs, Adult and Youth Worship Teams, Traditional Korean Instruments, Korean Dance and Hawaiian Hula Dance. 

October 12-14, 2015

The 5th World Holy Spirit Ministry International Conference in Korea - Person of The Holy Spirit / Prophecy and Exhortation for Korea (DVD061716)

Adam and Eve were made in the image of God. All thereafter are severed from God through sin and are made in the image of fallen Adam. The Third Person of the Godhead came to dwell in us to restore fellowship with God. Dr. Hansen shared the prophecy he received for Korea Nov. 28, 1995 and exhorts what is expected of the Church in Korea to prevent North Korea from taking over South Korea. Let the Lion of God roar. 

May 2, 2016

Michael Boldea, Hand of Help Ministry, Romania (DVD062416) Michael is a grandson of Dimitru Duduman, a prophet from Romania

If Christians fail to fulfill their responsibilities, Satan will rule the earth through evil men. The Bible states that obedient Christians will endure persecution. Eleven of the disciples suffered violent deaths. Most of the American Church is part of the Laodicean Church. Dimitru foretold the utter destruction of California, New York, Florida and Las Vegas, as well as the attack from Russia. The European Union dictates how much square footage is needed per child in an orphanage, as well as per chicken and that animals have to be euthanized before slaughter for consumption. Michael believes Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton are communists.

August 30, 2015

Bishop Thomas Muthee, Word of Faith Church Kiambu, Kenya - Part 1 (DVD070116)

Summary of August 2015 Kenya Mission Trip with pictures and Dr. Hansen preaching at Bishop Muthee's church. He introduces Dr. Hansen as a prophet to the nations. Moses didn't reach the promised land because too many selfish leaders were undermining him. Dr. Hansen shared how he challenged people at the Maasai Conference to take Kenya for Christ. The God in Christians is afraid of nothing. Many leaders behind pulpits around the world are toothless eunuchs afraid to come against sin, Islam etc. If someone wants to kill you, make him your brother by introducing him to Jesus. Photos of Dr. Hansen with Church leaders and Members of Parliament.

August 30, 2015

Bishop Thomas Muthee, Word of Faith Church Kiambu, Kenya - Part 2 (DVD070816)

Studio summary of August 2015 Kenya Mission trip and continuation of Dr. Hansen preaching in Kiambu, Kenya. Dr. Hansen teaches how the brass armor and weapons exposed Goliath as a man of sin. The Church is afraid of men spewing words of intimidation by Muslims. Dr. Hansen reads news headlines about African leaders in the Church and governments confronting Obama's push for homosexuality, Islam and Sharia law throughout the world. There are four attributes/conditions that the Church must follow to rule and reign. Word of Faith Church is challenged by Dr. Hansen to take the land with Bishop Muthee.

August 30, 2015

Bishop Thomas Muthee, Word of Faith Church Kiambu, Kenya - Part 3 (DVD071516)

Dr. Hansen continues to explain the August 2015 Kenya Mission trip with roll in video at Word of Faith Church, Kiambu, Kenya. Obama bribes nations to implement homosexuality, abortion and Sharia law. Obama backs Sunni Islam and sent the CIA into nations to move them under the Muslim Brotherhood. Judgment is for those that come against Jesus Christ and His Church. Rich Muslim nations are buying up Kenyan property and corrupt politicians and church leaders are selling out to Islam. Dr. Hansen instructs leaders to replace wicked leaders in office with righteous leaders.

August 30, 2015

Bishop Thomas Muthee, Word of Faith Church Kiambu, Kenya - Part 4 (DVD072216)

Dr. Hansen concludes summarizing the August 2015 Kenya Mission trip. Roll-in video of Dr. Hansen preaching in Kiambu, giving testimony of God's power, angels, attackers unable to harm him, unrepentant people dying, the word of knowledge, and the word of prophecy. Dr. Hansen shares his miraculous healing from pancreatitis, nodules in his lung, a swollen liver and cancer in his kidney through repentance from an improper diet, eating biblically and prayer. Church leadership holds people accountable on their tithes and sins.

August 24, 2016

Marty McClendon 2016 Candidate for Lieutenant Governor, WA State, Republican - General Election (DVD100716)

Dr. Hansen and Marty discuss how our freedom is at stake. He will defend truth, justice, liberty and protect the freedom that comes with property rights. Marty shares his ten goals while in office. He will hold government accountable and strive to make Washington more business friendly by cleaning up undo regulations. He proposes an incentive plan for officials that save money in annual budget. Marty wants to create a communications network where neighbor can help neighbor. He will protect our Constitutional rights, enforce the government constraints built into it and implement the Golden Rule back into government.

August 31, 2016

Attorney Stephen Pidgeon The Criminality of the Clinton Foundation (DVD101416)

It appears the Clinton Foundation is used as a tool for a pay-to-play scheme by Bill and Hillary and that they have sold national security interests for personal gain. The 2016 California Democratic primary was rigged to benefit Hillary Clinton. Hillary was fired for ethics violations from the law firm responsible for the indictment of President Nixon, who erased some audio tape, and yet she is not prosecuted for her deletion of thousands of emails. Attorney Pidgeon relates that Obama and Hillary sent US military into Libya, Syria and other nations at the direction of Saudi Arabia.

September 20, 2016

Attorney Stephen Pidgeon The Hillary Clinton Email Scandal (DVD102116)

Attorney Pidgeon explains how WikiLeaks have all of Hillary's emails while the Comey FBI claims to have a few of them. The following things are individual acts of espionage: every classified email that is on anything other than a government approved server, the deletion of any classified material on any device other than a government approved device and the destruction of any electronic hardware containing classified materials; such as cell phones, PDAs, computers, etc. Stephen shares how the people who set up Hillary's personal email server when questioned, they all pled the 5th.

October 9, 2016

Incheon Jung Bu Methodist Church, South Korea
Dr. Hansen's Prophetic/ Vision Proclamation (DVD121616)

Only the church/believers can unite Korea. Prayer alone won't change nations, but by people who are Spirit filled and led by God, speaking His Word and truth to leaders and society. Dr. Hansen prophetically proclaimed and exhorted the Senior Pastor and the Church to fly like the eagles, roar like the lion of Judah etc., and tear down strongholds and unite Korea!

October 10-12, 2016

The 6th World Holy Spirit Ministry International Conference, South Korea, Worship Medley, Part 1 (DVD122316)

The worship contains a medley of singing, traditional and contemporary instruments, music and dance in the Korean, English and Hawaiian languages.

October 12, 2016

The 6th World Holy Spirit Ministry International Conference, South Korea, Dr. Hansen's closing message "The Holy Spirit Saving Korea and the Nations" Part 1 (DVD123016)

The Bible speaks of a New World Order and one world government. The Church is at war whether they believe it or not. Christians are at war with evil men influenced by evil spirits. Many American politicians are aware that we are fighting for our literal freedom. If America loses its fight against the NWO, 25 million Christians are scheduled for immediate death. The purpose for God's people is to make disciples of the inhabitants of the earth. The book of Revelation tells us that more than 2 billion people will die. Intercession/prayer is important, but it takes people to do battle against evil men with the Gospel. When a believer spends time with God in His Word and prayer, the Lord gives His power to the person to move with and demonstrate His power.

October 12, 2016

The 6th World Holy Spirit Ministry International Conference, South Korea, Dr. Hansen's closing message "The Holy Spirit Saving Korea and the Nations" Part 2 (DVD010617)

The Church in Korea and America are divided. Half the Church in America is in apostasy under the Federal Council of Churches. Most of the other half of the American church is so in love with the world that they are useless. God wants you to shake your community and society around you. When Dr. Hansen's wife died, God told him that now he can understand how God feels being separated from His bride, the Church. Dr. Hansen shares about family members that have been imprisoned and killed for the Gospel and gives a prophetic exhortation of what is needed to take Korea and the nations for God.

October 10-12, 2016

The 6th World Holy Spirit Ministry International Conference, South Korea, Worship Medley, Part 2 (DVD011317)

This program continues with the medley of singers, dancers, and congregational worship. Something is desperately wrong if a Christian doesn't want to worship. The supernatural gift will flow through a Christian that spends time with God and in worship. True worship is an expression of joyous love unto God and will be demonstrated with smiles, hands raised and even Holy Spirit inspired dance.

October 12, 2016

The 6th World Holy Spirit Ministry International Conference, South Korea, Dr. Hansen's opening message "The Person of the Holy Spirit healing Korea and Nations" Part 1 (DVD012017)

If there is going to be any type of healing in Korea and the nations, it will be through Holy Spirit filled vessels of the Church. Active relationship with God in study, obedience, prayer and worship is the key to moving with the power of God. Only the Holy Spirit moving through people willing to be God's ambassadors can bring peace and prosperity to the nations on earth. We represent God and have the authority to move with His Spirit to rule on earth.

October 12, 2016

The 6th World Holy Spirit Ministry International Conference, South Korea, Dr. Hansen's opening message "The Person of the Holy Spirit healing Korea and Nations" Part 2 (DVD012717)

The impact of the church within Korea and America has been declining over the years and this is the reason why Korea and the nations are deteriorating. It's up to the church to bring peace to the nations with Christians filled with the Holy Spirit. Where the glory of God is, there is unity, peace and salvation. When you are filled with the Holy Spirit, there is no fear. We need the power of the Holy Spirit within us and as we spend time with God and walk in obedience to His Word, He will give us victory in the tasks He gives. The church in Korea has to become one with the Holy Spirit in order to unite and heal the nation to bring peace and prosperity.

December 23, 2016

Attorney Stephen Pidgeon The post-November 8, 2016 United States Presidential Elections and the projection for 2017 (DVD020317)

This interview discusses how President Obama caused radical division pushing a racist, socialistic ideology; how America's youth are taught a marxist world citizen set of values in public schools and universities and cannot recognize what is communism. Teachers in schools led a walk out because Donald Trump was elected President, causing rebellion instead of respect for authority. This program discusses the elite mafia class trying to overthrow the nation as well as the federal reserve being used to lead America and the real purpose behind "The Black Lives Matter Movement" and the EPA, liberal media and CIA.


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