December 2014

Annika Daley
Annika Ministries Int'l
(Program #645, Pts. 1-5 Air Date: 3/16 - 3/20/15)

  • Part 1: Introduction to Annika Ministries Int'l, Ministering to Abused Women.
    Part 2: Ministering to Victims of Abuse, Women and Men.
    Part 3: Annika shares Scripture toward healing from abuse.
    Part 4: The first step of dealing with scars in the hearts and minds of people.
    Part 5: Victims of abuse are terror victims that often isolate themselves from others and God. Ten behavior patterns of abuse victims.

December 2014

Dr. Hansen in Israel, Guests: Dr. David Rotem, Pts. 1-2; Rabbi Schmuel Stren, Pts. 3-4 & Ye'shi Reinhardt, Pt. 5
(Program #640, Pts. 1-2 Air Date: 2/9 - 2/10/15) (All adapted from television)

  • Part 1: Dr. Hansen and David Rotem, Knesset Member of Yisrael Beiteinu and Chair of the Knesset Christian Allies Caucus, discuss how the security needs of Israel also affect the world.
    Part 2: Dr. Hansen and David Rotem discuss examples of Terrorism in Israel and the world.

Rabbi Schmuel Stren
(Program #640, Pts. 3-4 Air Date: 2/11-2/12/15)

  • Part 3: Dr. Hansen & Rabbi Shmuel Stren discuss the need for funds to complete renovation of a building to be used as a girls school.
    Part 4: Dr. Hansen shares how he was given a tour of the ultra orthodox boys school while classes are in session.

Ye'shi Reinhardt & Dr. Michael Hyodo
(Program #640, Pt. 5 Air Date: 2/13/15)

Part 5: Interview with Ye'shi Reinhardt, Hands of Mercy from Sderot, Israel and Dr. Michael Hyodo, Benevolence Director for WMI, discussing our plans for a dental clinic in Sderot, Israel.

December 2014

Dr. Hansen in Israel, Guests: Pastor Nichad Salman, Pts. 1-2; Avi Amzalag, Pts. 3-4 (Pts. 1-4 adapted from television) Peggy Magnuson, Pt. 5
(Program #641, Pts. 1-2 Air Date: 2/16 - 2/17/15)

  • Part 1: Pastor Nichad Salman, Emmanuel Evangelical Church, Bethlehem, Palestinian Authorities - Discussing with Dr. Hansen the need for a medical facility in Bethlehem.
    Part 2: Pastor Nichad Salman talks about the medical center being a facility equipped with a lab and some specialty equipment.

Avi Amzalag & wife Miriam
ARA Agricultural Industries, Ltd. The Negev, Southern Israel
(Program #641, Pts. 3-4 Air Date: 2/18 - 2/19/15)

  • Part 3: Avi Amzalag (plaid shirt) General Manager, ARA Agricultural Industries, Ltd. and his wife Miriam - Avi discusses with Dr. Hansen his vision of growing vegatables in the Negev Desert in Southern Israel, making the desert bloom.
    Part 4: Avi Amzalag explains how he is constructing a packing house, community center and 2,600 acre farm on the highest plot of land in the Negev desert.

Peggy Magnuson
(Program #641, Pt. 5 Air Date: 2/20/15)

Dr. Hansen & Peggy Magnuson, WMI Staff,
Watchman / Intercessor

Part 5: Dr. Hansen & Peggy Magnuson discuss raising partners for a much needed dental clinic in Sderot, Israel.

January 2015

Rev. Linda Liberty,
Light to the Nations, Canada
(Program #638, Pts. 1-4 Air Date: 1/26-1/29/15)

  • Part 1: Rev. Linda Liberty shares that Trouble is Coming and it's Coming to the Church First.
    Part 2: Rev. Linda Liberty; discussing Dr. Hansen's prophecy for Canada.
    Part 3: Rev. Linda Liberty, discussing Dr. Hansen's American prophecies.
    Part 4: Rev. Linda Liberty and Peggy Magnuson discuss Dr. Hansen's 2010 Washington D.C. spiritual warfare trip and the importance of intercession.

Rev. Linda Liberty & Peggy Magnuson

(Program #638, Pt. 5 Air Date: 1/30/15)

Part 5: Rev. Linda Liberty & Peggy Magnuson discuss discipling the nations.



February 2015

Elijah from Romania & Sam Tanner
(Program # 644, Pts. 1-2 Air Date: 3/9 - 3/10/15)

  • Part 1: Dr. Hansen talks with Elijah who is a Romanian-born Jew and former military lieutenant in espionage. Elijah shares testimony of his escape from Romania to the U.S. He stated that Jews emigrating from Romania had their shoes torn apart in search of any gold, silver and money for confiscation. He discussed the anti-semitic lie about "Blood Sacrifice for McDonalds" and the demonic lie, "Kill a Jew and save your life for eternity".
    Part 2: Elijah continues by quoting Jeremiah 49:35-38 Persia / Iran, Persecution / Judgment. He states that Russia and China will rise up to aid Iran in fight against Israel and that Japan entered area of being cursed by God for dividing Israel by deploring Israel's plans to build housing for their people in Jerusalem. Judgment in northern Japan via earthquake and tsunami.

Sam Tanner
(Program # 644, Pt. 3 Air Date: 3/11/15)

Part 3: Ingenious Research CEO Jim Bischofberger (Skype) and President Sam Tanner, discussing their scientific progress, interviewing Jim via Skype.



Capt. Milton Alvarez
Former Mafia Man
International Evangelist
(Program #644, Pts. 4-5 Air Date: 3/12 - 3/13/15)

  • Part 4: Testimony of how the blindness of sin was removed so he could see the light of salvation given by grace through the love of Jesus. Milton survived four assassination attempts (shot 12 times, stabbed in the back, machete attack and Brazilian prison). Capt. Alvarez leads in a prayer for salvation.
    Part 5: Capt. Alvarez's testimony of prison ministry in Brazil and the Philippines. While in the Philippines, he met the Vampire of Manila. The Vampire's testimony of being saved from the electric chair by Ferdinand Marcos. Testimony of Jack "Murph the Surf" Murphy freed from death row. Milton exhorts the listeners to challenge the Lord to give them hope in their lives.

March 2015

Annika Daley,
Annika Ministries Int'l
(Program #651, Pt. 1 Air Date: 5/4/15)

Part 1: Ministering to Victims of Abuse, Women & Men - The Power of Forgiveness

Robin Rosenblatt,
Project Longhorn
(Program #651, Pt. 2 Air Date: 5/5/15)

Part 2: Improving the Cattle Industry & Meat Production for Israel

Doug & Rene' Brecto
(Program #651, Pts. 3-4 ~ Adapted from television Air Date: 5/6 - 5/7/15 Pt. 5 Air Date: 5/8/15)

Parts 3 & 4: Doug & Rene' choosing to exhibit the Fruit of the Holy Spirit as Rene' endures Multiple Sclerosis (God's definition of Love & His intention for Marriage)

Part 5: Doug Brecto on Marriage

May 2015

Evangelist Paulette Williams,
Keys of the Kingdom Ministries,
Honolulu, HI
(Program #653, Pts. 1-5 Air Date: 5/18 - 5/22/2015)

  • Part 1: "Holy Spirit and Tongues - A New Heart" - 5th generation Christian - Understood the voice of God from childhood - Family accused her of mocking God by speaking "funny talk" - Raised straight Baptist - Paulette's testimony of her rebellion at age 18 - When she first attended an Assembly of God church she found "funny talk" was actually known as speaking in tongues.
    Part 2: "New Hearts for Two" - Pastor Williams' physically hurting heart, muscularly - Paulette's confession; telling a doctor she is a child of God and telling her body to line up with the Word of God - God told Paulette, "Don't do to this one what you did to the last one."
    Part 3: Explaining Keys of the Kingdom Ministries - National Day of Prayer - 2015 - Organizing the National Day of Prayer annual parade in Honolulu, HI - Pastor Williams attended the Stanwood, WA observance of the National Day of Prayer.
    Part 4: Islam, the Prophet Muhammad, the Qur'an - Pastor Williams' testimony of confronting Muslim brothers about Ishmael supporting Isaac - California 'Christian' minister stated "Christianity is my job but Islam is my faith / religion".
    Part 5: "Witches Coming into Churches and Nobody Identifying Them" - Witchcraft in the Hawaiian Islands - Hawaiian demigods of fire and water worshiped with public nudity on a beach by politicians and university professors - Know the leadership around you.

May 2015

Attorney Stephen Pidgeon
(Program #659, Pts. 1-3 Air Date: 6/29 - 7/3/15)

  • Part 1: Historical Biblical Foundation of America: Political Correctness - Christians in America are doing as Germans did with Hitler / Nazism by not speaking up against tyrannical philosophy with God's Word / Truth for freedom.
    Part 2: Political Correctness - Progressive society is actually retrogressive through the brainwashing dictated by political correctness.
    Part 3: Muhammad and the Battle of Banu al Quraysa - Muhammad's slaughter of Banu al Quraysh and beheading of 600-900 men.
    Part 4: In Islam's Own Writings; Muhammad's Massacres and Sex Slaves - Muhammad was the model for all violent beheading, rape, crucifixion and burning alive of all non-Muslims, which is consistent with the teachings of Allah and Islam.
    Part 5: The Gay Mafia and America's aggressive Homosexual Agenda - Homosexual agenda taking control of the arts and media to promote their agenda - LGBT and Gay Mafia in Hollywood, media and the Catholic Church.

June 2015

Attorney Stephen Pidgeon
(Program #660, Pts. 1-4 Air Date: 7/6 - 7/9/15)

  • Part 1: The Gay Mafia, Part 2 - The Gay / Velvet Mafia - The Gay Mafia in the media, in politics and in the Catholic Church.
    Part 2: The Gay Mafia, Part 3 within the Catholic Church - Gay mafia in the Catholic Church - Self-castration / celibacy is not supported throughout Scripture - Homosexual lobby within the Catholic Church attempting to change the church doctrine toward homosexual acceptance.
    Part 3: Catastrophic National Disaster Imminent - The U.S. has sold many national parks and monuments to the UN - States fighting against the Federal government giving away cities and other land within their borders (sovereignty battles that could start civil war).
    Part 4: Franklin Graham and Egyptian President - Franklin Graham disinvited from National Day of Prayer event for comments about Islam - Egyptian President, Muslim Brotherhood is "Godfather" of global terrorism.

Bishop Wachira Karani, 
Dr. Michael Hyodo 
and Dr. Hansen's Prophecy to Kenya 6/15/2015 (Program #660, Pt. 5 Air Date: 7/10/15)

Part 5: Dr. Hansen reads excerpt from his 1992 Kenya prophecy and its 5 bullet points - Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto were God's choice for Kenya's leadership.






June 2015

Evang. Paulette Williams,
Keys of the Kingdom Ministries,
Honolulu, HI
(Program #665, Pt. 1 &2 Air Date: 8/10 - 8/11/15)

  • Part 1: Spiritual Warfare in Washington D.C.: Dr. Hansen's January 2010 trip to the Washington D.C. office of Dick Simmons, Founder of Men for the Nations; Vision of a spiritual octopus over the Capitol Building.
    Part 2: Prophecy for America and the Hawaiian Islands: Dr. Hansen's 2009 prophecy for America; Dr. Hansen's October 13, 2010 Hawaiian Islands prophecy; Many prophecies given for Hawaii; Judgment is necessary for Hawaii; Focus for church reunification; Annual human sacrifice of a virgin girl abducted from the big island of Hawaii during the month of October; Points in prophecy given years ago is taking place now; Worldly influence upon the children with the absence of parental training.

July 2015

Rev. Emmit Glanz,
Mountain Top Ministries of Puget Sound
(Program #662, Pts. 1-2 Air Date: 7/20 - 7/21/15)

  • Part 1: Supreme Court Justice Ruling on Same-Sex Marriage: Dr. Hansen's web site 'Thought for the Week' about the Supreme Court decision on same-sex marriage; U.S. Supreme Court undefines marriage; Tyrannical rule under the U.S. Supreme Court; Rev. Glanz shares Joel 2:12-14a as a call to action by Christians; UN Agenda 21 set to seize land from private citizens.
    Part 2: ISIS, Taking Jesus from U.S. Military and Team Jaylen: Toothless Eunuchs in the church today; Reasons pastors are 'Toothless Eunuchs'; We are losing America because of weak Toothless Eunuch pastors; ISIS in America with training camps in all states except Alaska; ISIS claims credit for shooting in Texas; Hundreds to thousands of Americans training to attack America.

Rev. Emmit Glanz & Judith Everard
(Program #662, Pt. 3 Air Date: 7/22/15)

Part 3: Toothless Eunuchs and Fearful Church Leaders; Dr. Hansen reads an excerpt from his 1995 prophecy to America; Judith's warning vision for pastors (full grown oaks of righteousness uprooting cedars of pride); Pastors are ignoring the warning prophecies directed toward them; 32% of adults have no religious affiliation; The New Atheists say any belief in God is a mental illness; U.S. Department of Education to withhold funding from any school not allowing students to use the bathroom or locker room of the gender they identify as; Homosexuals demanding IRS revoke tax exempt status from churches and ministries calling homosexuality sin; Homosexuals telling government to force Christians to accept homosexuality.

Attorney Stephen Pidgeon
(Program #662, Pts. 4-5 Air Date: 7/23 - 7/24/15)

  • Part 4: The Iran Nuclear Deal: AP news article, "Iran Nuclear Deal Means Compromise For Both Sides"; Areas of compromise mentioned; Attorney Pidgeon reveals data not stated in the report; Obama is pressing for deal ratification to put great wealth back into the hands of Iran; PM Netanyahu warned U.S. Congress that this would be a bad deal; Obama doesn't appear to have American interests at heart; Two horns of Islam rising, Sunni and Shiite; Why is Obama seemingly supporting Shiite Iran while he seems to favor Sunni Islam?
    Part 5: Washington Cartel Conspires Against Americans: WND news article, "Watch Ted Cruz unleashed: 'Washington cartel' conspires against Americans"; Excerpts are shared of Cruz's speech about political cronyism; Bailout was designed to favor big business over local or small business; Attorney Pidgeon doesn't want to defame capitalism, but calls it crony corporatism; Elite families and corporations of NWO spoken of by Attorney Pidgeon and their theft from the masses; Goldman Sachs stealing from others, they are too big to fail and we are too small to succeed; No free and fair elections in America any longer; Albert Pike started the mafia that now resides in U.S. federal government; Excerpts from Dr. Hansen's newsletter "Toothless Eunuchs" that expose that it's the church's fault for America's collapse; People are more concerned about their comfort instead of patriotism to the constitution and the Bible.












July 2015

Attorney Stephen Pidgeon
(Program #663, Pt. 1-3 Air Date: 7/27 - 7/29/15)

  • Part 1: Top Abortionist confesses, "I Sell Dead Babies": Excerpts read of Planned Parenthood official talking about procedures taken to harvest body parts for sale; The sale of human body tissue is a Federal crime; Attorney Pidgeon relates the ancient practice of babies being sacrificed to the idol Molech; Fetal tissue in cosmetics; Fetal tissue used as flavor enhancement in some foods (Pepsi & some potato chips) is nothing less than cannibalism; Nuclear attacks coming to America as judgment for abominations of abortion, homosexuality, etc.; Muslim Brotherhood protocols for America; Obama's economic jihad against America.
    Part 2: Fox News Channel Talker to Obama, "Why mum on murder by illegal?" Megan Kelly wondered why nothing was said by Obama administration on Kate Seinle's murder by an illegal alien as opposed to Michael Brown, Freddy Gray or Trevon Martin; Attorney Pidgeon explains how Obama is an ardent, strident and obvious racist who is constantly pulling the race card; Jesse Lee Peterson says that black leaders are guilty of committing black on black crime; Black leaders that accuse white police officers of murdering blacks are committing black on black crime; Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are not reverend but race hustlers and thugs; Open border policy by Democrats and Republicans is not in the interest of the nation; Black middle schooler accused Obama of politicizing Charleston, SC deaths.
    Part 3: ISIS Booby traps Baby to Explode: Various ISIS execution techniques are revealed; Attorney Pidgeon shares the difference between ISIS and ISIL; Obama recognizes ISIL; ISIS, a U.S. psy-op and represents spiritual Babylon; Chrislam is a satanic deception designed to overthrow the Christian church; Allowing the Qur'an to be taught in church turns it into a mosque; Christians are accused of intolerance, yet the intolerance and subjugation of Islam excels greatly; ISIS brutality is nothing now compared to what is coming; Demonic possession of the Muhammad of Islam who was denigrated by world leaders throughout history; Is the push for homosexual rights paving the way for Islam in America?

Dr. Jay Rawlings,
Founder / President of Israel Vision in Jerusalem, Israel
(Program #663, Pt. 4 Air Date: 7/30/15)

Part 4: The Keys to Revival in Relationship to Israel: Dr. Jay directs listeners to read Ezekiel 36 for understanding of the program; Ezekiel 23 gives conditions God had for the Jews returning to the land of Israel prophetically: Aliyah is a Hebrew term meaning Jews going up / returning to Zion; Iron Curtain falling allowed many Jews to return to Zion; Revival among the Jews in Russia and the 'stani' countries (Pakistan, Uzbekistan, etc.) facilitated their return; Israeli people blessed by God with ingenuity for financial prosperity; Arab people in nations around the world seeing visions and dreams of Jesus and accepting Him as Savior; The Prince of Peace Process; Dr. Hansen's testimony of former Muslim, now Christian, who was visited by Jesus.

Dr. Meridel Rawlings 
Jerusalem, Israel  
(Program #663, Pt. 5 Air Date: 7/31/15)

Part 5: Dr. Meridel Rawlings (Founder of Still Small Voice), Founder of Israel Vision in Jerusalem, Israel - Her Work in Nepal and Why She Does It, Human Trafficking; Dr. Meridel shares her testimony of how she became active in serving in India and Nepal; Meridel is a victim of childhood sexual abuse who ministers healing to such victims; Nepali woman who has saved 90 boys and girls from slavery in brothels; Some Nepali human trafficking is the result of parents selling their children as young as 3-5 years old.























July 2015

Drs. Jay & Meridel Rawlings,
Founder / President of Israel Vision in Jerusalem, Israel
(Program #664, Pts. 1-5 Air Date: 8/3 - 8/7/15)

  • Part 1: The Keys to Revival in Relationship to Israel: Dr. Jay directs listeners to read Ezekiel 36 for understanding of the program; Ezekiel 23 gives conditions God had for the Jews returning to the land of Israel prophetically; Aliyah is a Hebrew term meaning Jews going up / returning to Zion; Iron Curtain falling allowed many Jews to return to Zion; Revival among the Jews in Russia and the 'stani' countries (Pakistan, Uzbekistan, etc.) facilitated their return; Israeli people blessed by God with ingenuity for financial prosperity; Arab people in nations around the world seeing visions and dreams of Jesus and accepting Him as Savior; The Prince of Peace Process.
    Part 2: Dr. Meridel Rawlings (Founder of Still Small Voice), Her Work in Nepal and Why She Does It, Human Trafficking; Dr. Meridel shares her testimony of how she became active in serving in India and Nepal; Dr. Meridel is a victim of childhood sexual abuse who ministers healing to such victims; Nepali woman who has saved 90 boys and girls from slavery in brothels; Some Nepali human trafficking is the result of parents selling their children as young as 3-5 years old; Dr. Hansen's testimony from his parents of girls left outside on doorsteps because they aren't valued in China, they end up as slaves; 97% of all abuse is toward girls and women; Dr. Meridel shares contact information on where to get help related to abuse.
    Part 3: Drs. Jay & Meridel Rawlings - Why the Democratic Process is Being Attacked: We are battling ancient spirits today; Daniel's prayer was hindered by the Prince of Persia spirit; Prince of Persia is still influencing the Shiite Islamic Iran's Imams and Mullahs; Democratic nations stand in the way of Islam - Prince of Persia; Many western democracies are falling to humanism and liberalism; Democracy is in danger due to spiritual attack; Dr. Jay explains the power structure of democratic nations; Elected officials are not running and ruling for the people; Media and Supreme Courts influencing society; U.S. Supreme Court overriding the will of the people - removing God; U.S. no longer led by true democracy.
    Part 4: Dr. Jay Rawlings - ISIL and Islamic Jihad: Dr. Jay shares their commission in ministry to Israel; Dr. Jay uses television, internet and print media to bring aid to Israel. Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) and Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL); Islam controls by fear, non-Muslims and Muslims alike - rule by violent force; There are some good Muslims but no good Islam; Many Muslims today are seeing the bankruptcy of Islam as they see ISIS actions; Most people are not aware of Islam's agenda to rule the world; Islamic teachings control the people by removing free will through fear; Islam's forced submission is opposed to democratic free will.
    Part 5: Dr. Jay Rawlings and the Re-Arming of Gaza: Dr. Jay's calling to ministry; His wife Meridel, worked for two years in India during her engagement to Jay; Dr. Meridel heard a word of direction from God to serve in Israel; Dr. Jay resigned a high ranking hospital administration position and moved to Israel in 30 days; Description of the Rawlings' books "Love My People" and "Israel, the Nations and the Future".

July 2015

Annika Daley,
Annika Ministries Int'l
(Program #665, Pt. 3-5 Air Date: 8/12 - 8/14/15)

  • Part 3: The Spiritual Attack on Sexual Abuse Victims: Listening to the lies of the serpent, Satan, can be like a boa constrictor squeezing the life out of you; Sexual seduction is like the systematic deception of the serpent; Behavior patterns of the seducing abuser (the grooming); The horrors of the sexual abuse victim; Warfare prayer is needed to rebuke demonic influence; Must flee from the perpetrator / predator; Report abuse to police authorities; The need for Godly counseling; Rape victims are invaded by demons and the need for deliverance prayer to cast out the tormentors; Prayer for healing, salvation and Holy Spirit baptism by Dr. Hansen.
    Part 4: Demonic Influence in the Lives of the Abuser and the Abused: The first Adam was made in the image of God and since his fall, we are made in the image of the fallen Adam; Our body is the temple of the Holy Spirit; We can defile our bodies in may ways (piercings, diets, gluttony, cuttings, fornication); Two forms of physical abuse (the first is forced upon us and the second is what we allow others to do to us); Abuse can start subtly, unclean spirits influence unbelievers and Christians; We are wanton (lustful) under the influence of unclean spirits, demons; Demons oppress or possess us when we open ourselves up to sin; Humans are tripartite beings - spirit, soul and body; Soul = mind, will and emotions; The spirit is to commune with the Holy Spirit, Third Person of the Godhead; Body = demons enter the body like Jesus sending Legion into the pigs; The danger of immorality is you can be bound by demons; Dr. Hansen prays for victims of abuse and abusers afflicted by demons.
    Part 5: Behold, All Things are Made New: Perpetrators and victims need God; Abuse can bring spiritual woundedness that can be healed by the love of God; Being born again can bring the grace needed for healing; The power of "NO"; "NO", one of the most powerful and valuable words.

July 2015

Ron Marlow
(Program #668, Pts. 1-3a Air Date: 9/21 - 9/23/15)
(Adapted from television)

"Living Faith" - Ron Marlow, a dying WMI volunteer staff member that yet portrays the fruit of the Holy Spirit, the character of God.


August 2015

Doug and Rene' Brecto 
(Program #668, Pts. 3b-5 Air Date: 9/23 - 9/25/15)
(Adapted from television)

Multiple Sclerosis - The Promises of God, Divine Healing.

October 2015

Evang. Paulette Williams,
Keys of the Kingdom Ministries &
husband Oris Williams,
Honolulu, HI
(Program #669, Pts. 1-2 Air Date: 11/2 - 11/3/15)

  • Part 1: Vision: The church is losing its vision - Without vision, the church looks like the world - Vision is having our eyes on God / Christ - God is never out of place. If you're not doing right, you are out of sync with God - We choose whether we go to hell or not - The church is fast asleep at the bottom of the boat like Jonah was - God is very merciful when we repent - We must continue in prayer, pressing on until our prayer is fruitful - We must pray for ourselves to be faithful to speak and do God's will - David was not fearful to confront Goliath because God already equipped him.
    Part 2: The God in us and you (Visionary / Righteous man / Diplomat): We need the wealth of the wicked to spread the good news of Christ to the world - There is new leadership in Lagos, Nigeria where there is little education now because of Islam - Turkey's leader is a true Muslim enslaving his country - Pastor Paulette describes an attribute of her husband that enables him to be trusted around the world - The God within a Spirit-filled Christian can bring peace when relating to others - Oris knows God can use him to help WMI through his contacts in countries around the world.

Dr. Bree Keyton,
Bree Keyton Ministries 
(Program #669, Pts. 3-5 Air Date: 11/4 - 11/6/15)

  • Part 3: God's secret place: Three rebel armies in the DRC eating Pygmies, one Joseph Kony and two Boco Haram - Dr. Hansen shares historical truth about Islam - Men in Germany are now being told to have sex with their daughters, starting at age nine - The Lord is Good, a Stronghold in the day of trouble - The tangible reality of God's secret / hiding place (garden / Glory of God).
    Part 4: Prophetic revelation to Bree: Bree's vision she received while praying in Sodom and Gomorrah, Israel in 2005 - Angels lifted her above America and showed her nuclear explosions on both coasts, large conventional explosions in central states and much conventional warfare - Bree saw and heard souls in hell pleading for help - She was ignited to share the Gospel; warning that the kingdom of God was at hand - Her testimony of leading her mother-in-law to Christ on her death bed.
    Part 5: Furor erupts over 'trans' male in female locker room: America is treading on the thin ice of judgment by legalizing same-sex marriage - Obama is a NWO puppet to overthrow America - Thomas Jefferson authorized a bill to castrate homosexuals - We must move into the light of the Glorious Gospel - Horror in the dark, deep internet - Bree is a carrier of the light of the power of the Gospel to the Pygmies of the DRC - Pygmies see God's light shine through her and they want the light of the true God - Names of American founding fathers that said God belongs in national government - The prophetic confrontation of Jeremiah and Hananiah.









November 2015

Timothy Hurd,
from Oahu, Hawaii

Attends Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry in Redding, CA - Had a radical encounter with God at 17 years old (liquid love) - Who we are as revivalists and cultivating a relationship with Jesus - There is so much more for Christians if they had passion for God - Toothless eunuchs behind the pulpit today - Returning to the fear of the Lord - Much of the church today has lost their first love and it's the pastors fault - The God in you should be offended by liars and evil doers - The only way to know God is to spend time with Him; no substitute for relationship - Timothy's passion for youth aged 3-10 years old.


November 2015

Chaplain Sharon Dodge,
Serenity Therapies

Trained as a master herbalist - How she treated her husband's prostate cancer - Treatment to bring healing from abortion - Sharon's abortion guilt - She received personal healing by visiting an Israeli abortion clinic - Israeli women have more abortions per capita than America - Late November 2015 Muslim terror attacks in Israel are discussed - ISIS paying young Muslims to stab Jews and Christians - Dr. Hansen arrived at Jerusalem shopping market just after two Muslim girls were shot and killed, after they committed a stabbing attack - Dr. Hansen shares about America's war and defeat of Islam in the Barbary Coast War.


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