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Jonathan H. Hansen
Founder & President



To faithfully prophesy to the nations of the world proclaiming the Kingdom of God. We will warn the church to draw nigh unto God and challenge the “world” to come to know God through Jesus Christ.


To maintain an ongoing ministry throughout the United States and to minister in different countries each year with a specific prophetic Word for those countries. At the time of this printing, Rev. Hansen is focusing on over 60 nations with a specific warning from God! In each nation we will hold revival meetings and/or crusades in geographically strategic locations. We will also saturate the nation with the warning for that nation via mail, flyers, newspapers, radio, short wave, television, web site, etc., to get each specific nation’s message into the hands of every person in every city, town, and village throughout their country.


To reach 100 percent of the world with our radio and television programs of “Warning”. To have an army of believers on our mailing list who will partner with us as members of the Tape of the Month program to make this vision possible.


Ministering with both an apostolic and prophetic anointing, Rev. Hansen travels nationally and internationally to share the message of “Warning ” . . . a message to “set the people free!”

Apostolically, Rev. Hansen leads Pastors’ Seminars, etc. He is over 25 churches alone in Florida and counsels hundreds of pastors across the United States, as well as around the world. Rev. Hansen is truly a pastor to pastors.

Prophetically, Rev. Hansen ministers both nationally and internationally, giving a prophetic word to nations as well as leaders, (presidents, prime ministers, bishops, pastors, etc.) operating through a word of knowledge and prophecy. He speaks in crusades internationally and holds revival meetings and conventions in approximately 20 states within America yearly.

He endeavors to share this message in a way that will bring TRUTH and RESTORATION to the body of Christ. For those interested in hearing Rev. Hansen speak personally in your area, call the office at (360) 629-5248.

In Kenya people cry out to God in repentance for the sins of their city and the nation.



Now appearing daily and weekly on a variety of television venues.


Rev. Hansen is on satellite throughout the United States daily with the radio program, “Warning”. He also speaks for one hour weekly on short wave radio covering all of Africa, Asia, the Middle East, Europe, Australia and North America.


A very complete overview of the ministry of WMI, including radio, short wave, television programs, teaching articles, prophecies and benevolence (dental clinics), etc.

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An anointed group of global intercessors supports the vision of World Ministries International to get the message of “Warning” out to people of all nations. If you are called to intercede for Rev. Hansen and the mission of WMI, call our office to become a part of this powerful group.



“...and his ministers 
a flame of fire...”
Heb. 1:7

World Theological Centre for Evangelism and Missions, a CLST campus, is hosted by World Ministries International in Stanwood, Washington. We exist for the purpose of training Christian leaders (apostle, prophet, teacher, evangelist, pastor) and saints to be consumed by God and possessed by the Holy Ghost. The cost of attending is only a fraction of what is required to attend a residential college.

Studies are designed to prepare Christian warriors for pastoral, evangelistic, counseling, teaching, youth, children’s and other ministries, as well as to enrich their personal spiritual lives. Our goal is to challenge people to yield their will in perfect obedience to Jesus Christ so they can walk in power, authority and anointing.

Six degree programs are offered through WTCEM. They are: Diploma, Associate, Bachelor, and Master of Theology, Master of Divinity and Doctor of Ministry. All degrees conferred by WTCEM are in a Bible Theology major.

Rev. Jonathan Hansen

Tom Roberts
Dean of Students


Rev. & Mrs. Hansen are surrounded by their family, (from left to right),
Melita, Kareen, son-in-law Pastor Ty Gulstrom, Tamara (Hansen)
Gulstrom, and Talitha. (Talitha is currently serving as a missionary in Japan)

The Hansen family appreciates your prayers as Rev. Hansen is obedient to fulfill the call of God on his life.

The Attack on New York (9-11) and War with Iraq have happened exactly as warned, a continual process leading to World War III. The New World Order is being put together as one crisis after another gives more credence to its formation and existence in the eyes of the world lost in humanism and apostasy. When World War III comes upon the heathen as a thief in the night, they will scream for the empowerment of a World Government and adhere to the dictates of a false messiah (anti-Christ/beast/son of perdition). The terrible plagues warned about by Jesus in the book of Revelation are coming followed by Armageddon. Just as the ten plagues (wrath of God) came upon the superpower Egypt when God sent Moses to warn pharaoh to release his people from slavery, persecution and bondage, so God is going to bring the plagues upon the nations of the world who are rejecting his son Jesus Christ and persecuting his people (Christians, church). The reality is, if God doesn’t finally judge the world, then nations become a beast, slaughtering Christians as they did in Rwanda, Sudan, Indonesia, Nigeria etc. The insanity we are seeing all over the world will escalate until in all nations true Christians are persecuted as during the first century church. The judgment or plagues (wrath of God) is truly the love of God so the innocent, as warned in the book of Isaiah, do not become prey! May God return and set your people free all over the world! Amen and amen!

Please help me reach the nations for Jesus Christ. Please help me stop the slaughter of the innocent (abortion) and the torture and death of people as you saw the pictures of Sierra Leone and Liberia. I am still $10,000 short of being able to take a mission team to Sierra Leone and Liberia to hold meetings. Refer to the pictures of our special edition article which was titled “Parental Discretion Is Advised!” I cry when I think about the inhumanity that people are being forced to live under as well as die under. God is surely grieved. People have risked their security getting me those pictures. I have personally buried more people in Africa than I have performed marriages and the Holy Spirit is urging me to help the people of God who love Jesus in those nations. Please help us!

I have an increasing burden for the people (countries) of Central, South America and the Caribbean nations. They are so filled with evil and tormenting spirits from voodoo and witchcraft. People are dying daily from curses that have been cast on them and that they have been bound by for generations. I want to immediately go on WHRI short wave with a one hour per week “Warning” program. The cost is $500 per month.

Finally, I need to sign a contract to be on the Love Television Channel in Jamaica immediately with our 30 minute program “Warning”. They would air our program twice per week. The cost is $600 per month. We need to do this for one year before we can hold meetings in the national stadium, which will seat 40,000 people.

There are 7,000 people getting this article that have never once sent in a love offering to help us reach the nations. Please give us something today. If every one of you 7,000 would just send in $10 this one time we could accomplish all three immediate mission burdens.

Please, let us see the best month ever! I am personally asking for each person reading this article to send in something to help me reach the nations. Please let us have 100% participation for a break through month.

Love, Jonathan Hansen

© 2003 World Ministries International