In August 1995 the Lord had me move my family from Africa back to America to lead World Ministries International (WMI) full time. On December 24, 1995 at 0541hrs., I received a prophecy for the people in America who call themselves “born again”.

“The Lord is saying that He will exhort the American people to look to Him. He will cause an incident to happen in America so great so as to get their attention. This could possibly be through the weather, food, disease, economy (although it would have to be a much greater degree than we have yet experienced), or nuclear war at a national level.

God is saying that the people of America are guilty of intense pride, intense self-exaltation, and self-satisfaction. In all areas of life in America, including the church, most of the people are filled with pleasing themselves. The leaders in America, even in the church for the most part, are filled with self-glorification and self attainment. Many of the leaders not only have a gluttonous appetite for glory and ‘the things of the world’, but some are guilty of immorality and amorality. Many church leaders do not know right from wrong any longer. Many are guilty of lying, cheating, fornication, and adultery. Because so many of the pastors have become amoral and are no longer either capable or bold enough to counsel truth, the American people are turned over to the philosophies of evil men and satanic spirits. The psychic, the philosopher, the professor, and even Eastern religions take the place of the truth of Jesus Christ that should be taught fundamentally, doctrinally sound, and without error. But the message is not popular with the people of America, nor with many deceived pastors within the church...”

The Lord told me to warn America from 1998-2008 concerning a Stock Market Collapse, Nuclear Attack, Civil Unrest, Social Security Collapse, Natural Disasters and much more. Please read the prophecy for America on my web site:

What you need to understand is that God did not say all is going to happen between those years, but to warn the church in America as much as possible during that period of time. It is only a matter of time before all is fulfilled. The only delay for judgment is intercession, as Abraham interceded for Sodom and Gomorrah in Genesis 18:23-33, or a genuine repentance as in Nineveh, Jonah 3:5-10.

Dear Saint, you know that immorality and amorality is throughout our leadership both politically and within the established church. Constantly our leaders are being exposed for adultery, lying, misuse of funds, etc. Many leaders are proud of backing what God classifies as an abomination such as homosexuality, abortion and pagan religions, but they attack you as a hate monger if you stand up for the values of Jesus Christ. Please help me stand up for Judeo-Christian values and beliefs which made America the greatest nation on earth.

God bless you!

Jonathan Hansen

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