At World Ministries International School of Theology Bible Schools, we offer a course titled: BT355: Christian Ethics taught by Dr. Mark Rutland. In the text book for that course, “The Finger of God”, Dr. Rutland states, “Life without loyalty is fragile in the jungle of Stone Age betrayal. Loyalty is the very fabric of community. Without loyalty, father and son will live as hated strangers, families will disintegrate and culture will descend to the bestial. When loyalty is lost, the very fabric of relationships unravels. And no society can expect loyalty to anchor its relationships once treachery becomes admirable. A disloyal man is disloyal in his character rather than in respect to particular relationships. A man is not simply disloyal to his wife-he is disloyal. The wise employer will reason: If he will be disloyal to his wife, why should I expect loyalty? A man does not simply act disloyally in some isolated sense. A man is either loyal or he is not. Loyalty never usurps authority. Loyalty is the glue that holds relationships together, makes families functional and armies victorious. Loyalty is the fabric of society. Without loyalty, marriage becomes a competitive minefield. Loyalty is the basic elements which validates and cements relationships. Disloyalty is the fertile ground of open rebellion.”

In each country I travel I see the manifestations of disloyalty that tear that nation apart. I recently returned from Kenya where the nation saw over one thousand people killed and hundreds of thousands living in displacement camps because the church voted for candidates along tribalistic lines. Some statistics suggest that Kenya is over 80 percent Christian. If the Christians in Kenya were more loyal to Jesus Christ, they would have voted for a born again President avoiding all the fighting, suffering and killing that the people living in Kenya have endured.

The United States of America is facing an economic collapse. America is facing terrorism and nuclear attacks because of the disloyalty of American citizens, political and religious personnel. The church in America has continually been conned by their political leadership because most Americans are too selfish and biased to vote for candidates that truly represent Christian values, ethics and morality. Consequently, the divided Church in America has voted in candidates that are liars convicted of perjury, adulterers, abortionists, homosexuals etc.

When a Christian votes for a political candidate they must vote for the person that would best protect their Christian liberties and freedoms. They should vote for a person that best lives up to the behaviors taught by Jesus Christ. America was founded on Christ and our forefathers knew this. They propagated Christian freedoms in the constitution and the courts. “In 1811, the Supreme Court ruled that it was unconstitutional to remove the Bible from school curriculums. In 1878, the Supreme Court ruled that Christianity and government could not be separated, since government is built upon the Bible and Christian beliefs.” (Marriage and Family Life by Scott and Cheri Scheer, from the course titled: BICC525: Building Blocks for Marriage and Family)

Please help me to continue to fight the good fight in promoting and protecting our Christian liberties and freedoms throughout America. Loyalty to Jesus Christ is the key! Please support me in your prayers and financial gifts as together we represent Jesus.

Dr. Jonathan Hansen

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