Evolution is one of the biggest lies that Satan has used to kill people. Evolution, I believe, is a demonically inspired theory that Satan, through men, has used to attack the very nature, character and existence of Jesus Christ. Nothing good...only evil...has come from the theory of evolution. People who reject the authority of Jesus Christ have jumped onto this unfounded, incredible lie to attack the foundation of America’s Christian heritage. The church has allowed this anti-Christ supposition to be taught in our public schools without demanding that another reputable alternative, such as creationism, be taught.

When a nation rejects the theory of creationism and instead lives by the assumptions and views taught by evolutionists, many times people change from morally conscious and compassionate individuals into barbarians. Charles Darwin himself was not only an evolutionist, but a racist, as were Adolph Hitler, Joseph Stalin and many other dictators who used the theory of evolution to categorize, control and exterminate people. Darwin used his theory of evolution to justify the white race as superior to other races and put the black man just above the ape. Hitler used evolution as justification to kill Jews, Africans, the elderly, the weak, and disabled people.

Many people who reject coming under the authority of God through Jesus Christ support evolution, even though it is impossible to prove. Evolution is a religion, not a science. Atheists, agnostics, dictators, liars, homosexuals, abortionists, murderers, adulterers, racists and other people who live immoral lives according to the Bible, believe this evil religious theory. It is a religious theory because they use evolution to worship themselves by serving the lusts and passions of their own hearts. Everyone has to serve something. One serves the real God or a myriad of false religions, including atheists, who have created evolution. (Romans, Chapter 1)

Evolution is a religious theory that humanists have used to attack the morality and authority of Jesus Christ throughout the world. When a society accepts evolution, they follow the morality and values of the animal kingdom which we can call, “the law of the jungle.” When a culture removes the moral absolutes of Judeo-Christian values and beliefs upon which America was founded, then Darwin’s teaching of only the “fittest survive” becomes the standard to gauge a country's laws. This allows all the evils to be practiced in countries led by dictators, socialists and communists. It is what allowed Hitler to gain the upper hand in all that he did in Europe. Only the church could have stopped Hitler at the beginning of his reign, and they failed miserably. The church in America today is failing to expose leaders who are really enemies of Jesus Christ and of the freedoms that were guaranteed to Americans in the Constitution of the United States.

Christians in America are failing to stop legislation passed into law which allows the teaching of evolution in public schools, acceptance of homosexuality, same-sex marriage, abortion, Islam, and every other religion, cult or occult except Christianity.

Margaret Sanger, who the white and black liberals tout as a hero for their cause, was a devout evolutionist, as well as the founder of Planned Parenthood. These socialist liberals fail to tell Americans--especially black Americans--that Margaret Sanger was a eugenicist and strong racist whose writings show the connection between abortion on demand and eugenic thinking, which Hitler used to his advantage to control and kill people in Germany. Sanger wanted to control the black race through abortion and birth control. All of her evil views were spawned because she believed the theory of evolution, which the racist Charles Darwin had created.

The atheist and agnostic liberals are trying to eradicate the morality of Jesus Christ from every fabric of American society through the news media, Hollywood movies, television, and the public schools. The socialistic/Marxist strategy is to continue to appoint activist judges who make laws against the will of the people in their various states.

The large majority of the population in the different states throughout America were and are against abortion and homosexuality, but that did not stop the activist Supreme Court justices from ignoring their will and forcing America into accepting sinful behaviors and laws. These liberal socialists, with their doctrine of evolution, are attacking the traditional values of Americans. They use censorship through the public schools and the courts to change the way Americans think in order to usher in their evil plan of socialism under the United Nations.

In his book "In Satan’s Footsteps", Theodore Shoebat wrote: “Sanger began publishing the Birth Control Review in 1917 and served as its editor until 1938. The May 1919 Review proclaimed, ‘More children for the fit, less for the unfit.’ By unfit, Sanger meant the mentally retarded or physically handicapped...A careful examination of the history of the abortion rights movement would shock even the most ardent defender of a woman’s right to choose. The founders of the movement were in fact racist, who despised the poor and were searching for a way to prevent races of color from reproducing. Rather than defending the rights of the poorest of the poor...the founders advocated abortion as a means of eliminating the poor, especially Blacks, Jews, Slavs and Italians."

" Rather than a desire to help the poor through welfare programs, they wanted to eliminate all charities and government aid. [This is what Hitler did]...In 1939 she created the program called the ‘Negro Project.’ In fact, she was so grounded in her ideology, that she was the guest speaker at a Ku Klux Klan rally in Silver lake, N.J. in 1926...The ‘Negro Project’ she implemented was designed to sterilize Blacks and reduce the number of Black children being born in the South. Sanger wrote: ‘We propose to hire three or four colored ministers, preferably with social-service backgrounds, and with engaging personalities. The most successful educational approach to the Negro is through a religious appeal. And we do not want word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population, and the minister is the man who can straighten out that idea if it occurs to any of their more rebellious members." (Pgs. 154-155) (Emphasis mine)

As I have already stated, Margaret Sanger believed in evolution. She was a racist and the founder of Planned Parenthood. Sanger believed strongly in abortion to control the black population. She aligned herself with the eugenicists.

In his book "Overcoming Racism Through the Gospel", African American author Rev. Dr. Melvin Johnson does a wonderful job in exposing the real Margaret Sanger and how she used black preachers to con the black community into accepting birth control clinics into their neighborhoods. The real problem in both white and black communities is that many political leaders and church leaders are selfish people with ulterior motives. Christians must become mature in their understanding of the Bible and use good discernment, or believers attending some churches will be conned and manipulated by their racist pastors and selfish political leaders.

Dr. Johnson states: “Few people realize today that the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) was originally an organization founded primarily by white moderate eugenicists from the South...They saw the only way to save the Negro from extermination was to amalgamate them with white people; thus creating-in their view-a higher and more intelligent Colored (Mulatto) race. They appointed W.E.B. Dubois, a man who was one-quarter Negro and three-fourths White, to be its first leader. DuBois himself was a moderate eugenicist, and believed the only hope for the Negro race in America was for it to become amalgamated and eventually lost in the larger white population."

"In an article for the Birth Control Review, Dubois called the large number of full-blooded Negro children born in the United States ‘quantity but not quality’ (Birth Control Review, June 1932, pg.167)...Socialism is when the people believe that government is god. Communism is when the government becomes god! When the NAACP and other groups are re-associated with its socialist links, one might understand why there is so much unquestioned loyalty to the political left. One can also begin to understand that in spite of the terribly tragic academic record of low black achievement in the public school system, this organization fights viciously to maintain the status-quo. As parents in failing inner-city public schools plead to allow them to receive vouchers, the NAACP stands in the doorway like a reverse George Wallace, blocking them from exiting. Why? Could this exist because John Dewey, known as the Father of Progressive Education in America, was a 1909 NAACP charter member? The efforts of the socialists who founded the NAACP was to establish through the newly-emerging and developing black culture a socialist society within the boundaries of the United States."

"To a great extent, this has come to pass! From his own socialist view, DuBois figured prominently in the fight against black capitalism particularly, and eventually became disillusioned with life in the United States altogether. He was an admirer of Joseph Stalin and the world’s socialist and communist leaders. In 1961, he joined the Communist Party USA at the age of 93. By 1963, he moved to and became a citizen of Ghana. Though a highly-revered figure in black history, little is spoken of about his favor of the socialistic philosophy and his efforts to implement it in the black community...Moorefield Storey, the first president of the NAACP was not only white, but also a devoted socialist." (Pgs. 27-29) (Emphasis mine)

I hope you are getting a clear picture of the true evil and dangerous doctrine of evolution being taught throughout America in our public schools and universities. The communists knew that in order to control the people they needed to indoctrinate students with their brainwashing propaganda. John Dewey taught in the Soviet Union, and the communists used his style of dumbing down the population. Instead of teaching them true academics such as math and science, Dewey’s system taught them skills such as basket weaving so they could not think independently for themselves. This finally created a dependent, boneheaded population their government could control.

John Dewey was a strong socialist and evolutionist and John Dewey’s educational system spawned a cradle-to-grave social welfare philosophy. This is what socialist and communistic countries are all about and is exactly where we are headed in the United States today. Our population is so stupid that a dictator is able to con them. We are removing all of the remaining vestiges of a free capitalistic nation under God and becoming another Europe. Our treasonous leaders want us to put our trust in our own government and in the United Nations.

Dewey signed the Humanist Manifesto, a document totally against the values and beliefs of Jesus Christ which holds that man is his own master. The communists knew that an ignorant population dependent on the government for their survival, was far easier to control than an intelligent one that depended on themselves through Jesus Christ (capitalism).

Atheists, socialists, communists, and traitors are deliberately and systematically attacking the foundations of America. These evolutionists are removing our Christian American history and attacking our morality, values and beliefs. Since we allowed these evolutionists to remove prayer and bibles from our public schools, our society has been in a spiral of unprecedented immorality and outright insanity as we make laws to protect the animals but not human babies in the mother's womb.

The evolutionists make laws to protect the rights of illegal aliens but deny the rights of law-abiding citizens who want to protect their families. They are doing everything in their power to destroy our second amendment rights and to deny us the opportunity to teach an alternative view of creation other than evolution. One must understand...they do not want Americans to believe in Jesus Christ because that puts morality back into the nation.

Dr. Melvin Johnson further states in his book, "Overcoming Racism through the Gospel": “One of the things the black community has failed to do is to recognize the motives of people, particularly whites who bring gifts and trinkets but harbor hidden agendas which prove detrimental to blacks as a whole. The most successful and most devastating individual has been Margaret Sanger. Under the disguise of being concerned for women, she was obsessed with ‘purifying America’s breeding stock." (Pg. 283)

“After coaching from W.E.B. DuBois, she began on a mission to befriend, promote, select and appoint black leaders and professionals to carry the birth control philosophy into the communities because at that time, blacks were still very suspicious of whites. Once the black leadership, especially the pastors, began to push the agenda of the birth control movement, the black communities became an expressway for the liberal agenda. Soon, this method for white outsiders to gain influence in those communities evolved into political strategy...Though many blacks even today perceive Sanger as a humanitarian, the truth of the matter is that she was one of the most treacherous of individuals ever to step into the black community. She presented a smile, but carried in her heart the American version of the holocaust!"

"The tragedy of the Tuskegee Study is only one segment, but should be as much a part of her legacy as the Planned Parenthood organization itself! Black America’s perception of Sanger and Planned Parenthood is yet based upon those black leaders who fell for her ‘sincerity’ and her assistance in helping them obtain social status and prominence.” (ibid. Pgs. 284, 286) (Emphasis mine)

Evolution is one of Satan’s most evil doctrines, as the teaching of evolution is directly responsible for changing the cultural values of people in nations that become indoctrinated through the educational system and brainwashed with this diabolical lie. Censorship is occurring daily in the American public schools and universities where atheist teachers and professors, who hate the Christian heritage and history of our nation and the freedoms guaranteed in the Constitution of the United States, deliberately avoid teaching the facts that prove that evolution is just a theory which true science rejects.

A parent sends his child or young adult to a public school or university, only to have the politically motivated teacher or professor indoctrinate the student with their personal bias and prejudice against Jesus Christ and passionately teach their religion called evolution. They teach their evolutionary doctrines (theories) as a fact of science, and they adamantly oppose the student’s own personal convictions about creation. There are countless testimonies where students are ridiculed and their papers penalized if they dare to express their views or do a research paper supporting an opposing opinion about socialism, abortion, homosexuality, or same-sex marriage. These political activist teachers and university professors are doing everything in their power to convince the student that evolution is a fact and that their opinion of creation and Jesus Christ as God with a set of morals and behaviors is ridiculous and even ludicrous. Like the communist goals and agenda for students in China or Russia, these educators want to make citizens of the world who reject the morality of their parents who were taught Judeo-Christian morality. God help us all to get into this battle to save America from this evil attack of mindless education they call evolution!

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