Ladies and Gentlemen, we are in a spiritual war! When Adam submitted to the devil by disobeying God thus sinning, Adam turned over the leadership of the earth to Satan who now influences men with humanism via Nazism, communism and Islam and other ideologies and religions in leading nations against the seed of Christ; the bride of God.

Genesis 3:15 reads, “And I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed; it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heel.”

The Warning is clear in this verse that we are in a spiritual war with Satan and men that follow his influence. It is also clear that Satan through men causes believers to be persecuted but Jesus wins at the battle of Armageddon.

Matthew 28:18-20 states, “...All power is given unto me in heaven and in earth. Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost: Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you...”

The purpose of God, through His church, is to reveal His glory over all the earth. (Psalm 72:19). In Genesis 1:26-28, Luke 19:13 and Matthew 5:13, Christians are suppose to take dominion, subdue, be salt, occupy thus obeying the Great commission in making disciples in every nation. If Christians lead the people prosper, if unbelievers rule than the church is persecuted and the nation deteriorates.

The majority of the people in Germany were carnal Christians who disagreed with Nazism and disliked Hitler but failed to speak against his policies until they lost their freedom.

The same thing is true in Russia with Communism and Lenin and Stalin. They failed to take action against this ideology and these leaders until they lost their freedom and millions died.

Today the West and the United States of America are facing the same fight for life, liberty and property. Through the influence of the United Nations led by humanists, communists and other religions, America is being led into the trap of adopting an ideology of multiculturalism and interfaith dialogue and the United States is in great danger of sacrificing its Judeo-Christian foundation leading to disaster!

Just like Christians in Europe who followed political correctness, where other humanists, atheists and religious minorities gained all the rights and the silent majority lost their values, morality and eventually their freedoms.

We as Christians must smash political correctness and once again obey the Great Commission and influence this nation to follow Judeo-Christian laws which were the foundation of our courts and government.

If people want to migrate to America, they must integrate and sign a statement of loyalty to our laws and constitution. If they want to change our values thinking their culture is better, than let them go back to their respective countries that they are fleeing as the fruit of their culture and religions are destroying their nations and are the very reasons they want to come to America. They must pledge to be loyal to the laws of America and never to take up arms against their fellow countrymen. They should never ask for other legal system, particularly Islamic Sharia law.

President John Quincy Adams said, “The glory of the Revolution was the bonding of government and Christianity.”

In 1878, the Supreme Court ruled that Christianity and government could not be separated, since government is built upon the Bible and Christian beliefs.”

All former Muslim snipers and suicide bombers who I have interviewed on my radio and TV programs state dogmatically, There are good Muslims who don’t read or follow the Koran and we love the Muslim people but there is no peaceful Islam!

Australian Pastor and Politician Daniel Nalliah states in his book, THE 21st CENTURY CULTURE WAR IN THE WEST, Muslims who carry out violent jihad are mandated by their prophet Mohammed and the Quran to carry out horrible crimes against humanity such as rape, torture, murder, slaughter of whole families, etc. In fact, Mohammad himself did the same. Make no mistake, the Muslims who carry out violent jihad are true Muslims, not simply extremists, militants or terrorists who have hijacked the Islamic faith as the media and the UN proclaim. They follow the teachings and lifestyle of their leader Mohammed, as commanded in the Quran.”

The Prophet Mohammed was one of the greatest human rights violators. Mohammed himself led and fought 81 campaigns killing thousands... Mohammed himself beheaded 600 to 800 people. He took a six year old girl when he was in his 50’s to be one of his 15 brides and had sex with her when she was nine years old.

In Islam Jesus is a mere man, a prophet, who returns to earth to kill the Christians and Jews and bring the entire world under Islam by force. If you say Jesus is God they behead you as that is blasphemy in Islam.

In Islam every nation must come under it or they plan jihad until they rule that nation.

1. We pray for OUR NATION that it will return to its Christian Heritage so God can once again bless, protect and prosper the United States of America.

2. Father God we pray that our nation have PEACE: That Americans will repent of their immorality, adultery, homosexuality; it’s accepting humanism and throwing you out of public schools, universities, movies, media etc., so that THE SCIENCE OF JUDGMENT lifts from this nation and we can have peace!

3. We PRAY FOR OUR GOVERNMENT: That it will be led by People that understand the importance of Judeo-Christian values and morality so our nation can once again return to its greatness, protecting life, liberty and property instead of trying to control people and betraying Americans and the constitution and bill of rights by putting us under international laws and the United Nations and eventually the New World Order!

4. Father God we PRAY FOR OUR MILITARY AND FIRST RESPONDERS: that they will be encouraged even though racism is sweeping through America by an internal enemy that is against what this nation was built upon and humanists and liberals who want to bring down the Republic are trying to divide and conquer and destroy our military and policemen so they can usher in their evil agenda. Father God, bless our military personnel and chaplains and police and firemen our paramedics and protect them and let them keep order and peace throughout America and the world.

5. We PRAY FOR OUR MEDIA: that they will report the facts not a politically driven agenda to change the values of this nation.

6. We PRAY FOR OUR YOUTH: that they will become the leaders under God to protect this nation. That they will not be influenced by the humanistic teachings in our schools and universities that cause them to engage in immorality and become the problem instead of the solution.

7. We PRAY FOR OUR EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS: that they will once again return to Judeo-Christian values and morality and reject humanism that attacks God himself.

8. We PRAY FOR THE ECONOMY: that it will prosper by being driven by Godly principals; the constitution and bill of rights that drive, sustain and build prosperity and freedom for all who truly want to work.

9. We PRAY FOR OUR FAMILIES: who are constantly coming under attack by humanists, atheist and other religions, trying to undermine the authority of the parents to raise their children up in the fear of the Lord which would guarantee them healthy marriages and good jobs.

10. We PRAY FOR RENEWAL IN THE CHURCH: where boldness inspired by faith in a passionate relationship with Jesus Christ will cause people to speak up for truth, justice and Godliness and its virtues so that this nation can be protected and led by Godly men and women who will protect our freedoms and usher in prosperity and peace.

11. FATHER GOD we especially PRAY FOR PERSECUTED CHRISTIANS: In this generation there are more Christians dying all over the world for their faith than in any other generation combined. Bless them, encourage them, sustain them, protect them and give them peace!

12. And finally, WE PRAY FOR ISRAEL: that peace will come to that nation and their enemies be confused and scattered.

13. We pray that believers will understand the importance of Israel in the Bible, that Jerusalem is called God’s city by God himself and Jesus returns and sets up His capital in Jerusalem. That as we pray for the peace of Jerusalem we are praying that the Jews will accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior and that the nations will come under the authority of Jesus Christ.

14. We PRAY FOR THE PROTECTION OF CHRISTIANS AND JEWS as they follow the Bible and Torah that God will intervene on behalf of his people and finally there will be peace on earth!!

Dr. Jonathan Hansen

© 2015 World Ministries International