Many of you remember the Prophecy to America the Lord gave me in 1995 ( The points of that prophecy include nuclear, biological and chemical terrorism and natural disasters. These incidents and attacks occur because the church has lost its first love and has to a large extent become synchronized with the values, morality and philosophies of society. The hurricanes in Houston and Florida were no coincidence. Please read my book, “THE SCIENCE OF JUDGMENT.” God is predictable. There is a scientific pattern for the rise and fall of nations throughout history. The Cup of Iniquity principal always comes to pass as it is a law of sowing and reaping. There are reasons and explanations why 9/11 and Katrina happened. All scientific principals and laws created by God are true, whether it be gravity, electricity, momentum, mathematics, or biological laws that govern diseases.

The kings of the North, South, East and West are preparing to do battle and eventually after several wars, a mighty army will invade Israel to fight Jesus himself.

Iran, North Korea and Isis are all imminently threatening world peace as North Korea is preparing a Nuclear War. China and Russia are not innocent bystanders, but active players that have already formed an alliance with other nations, including India, to eventually be part of the soldiers of the King of the East, invading Israel at the battle of Armageddon.

In Isaiah 45, King Cyrus gave a proclamation to free the Hebrews from captivity and return to Israel and Jerusalem to rebuild the wall. The proclamation itself did not build the temple; it was a genesis. The people had to do their part and unite, work and fight. It took 22.7 years and 4 regimes to get the job done.

President Donald Trump has given America a reprieve for freedom. He has given a proclamation, but the church must unite behind him and help to change the laws that bring judgment on this nation such as idolatry, immorality, killing the innocent and dividing the land of Israel. The people of The United States must turn back to the faith of their forefathers that founded America. This nation was built on the morality and beliefs of Jesus Christ. The Bible was used in the courts for morality, justice and ethics. John Quincy Adams said, “The glory of the Revolution was the bonding of government and Christianity.” John Jay, the first chief justice and one of the three authors of the Constitution asserted, “It is the duty of the nation to see that it has Christian leaders.” The Supreme Court ruling in 1878, concerning the case of Reynolds vs. the United States Government, was that Christianity and government could not be separated since government was built upon the Bible and Christian beliefs.

Congress is divided between Republicans and Democrats who are sold out to the New World Order with its anti Judeo-Christian morality and those who are loyal to the sovereignty of The United States of America. President Donald Trump is trying to protect and maintain that sovereignty. The spiritual battle for Christian freedoms in America is at stake.

Help me continue to speak the truth and expose the lies of the enemy on television, radio, in churches, conferences and throughout the nations. This year I have traveled to and met with leaders in Israel, China, Malaysia and twice to Kenya. In October, I will be speaking at the World Holy Spirit Conference in Korea. Following that trip, I will return to Africa, as well as many states in America.

I desperately need your prayers and financial assistance. So far this year our ministry finances are approximately $52,000 behind. We are struggling to keep up with expenses but it’s not time to pull back. Please send your very best gift today. God bless you for your faithful support.

Dr. Jonathan Hansen

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