Jesus, the apostles and prophets and all of the heroes of the Bible, Moses, Queen Esther etc. all understood that their responsibility was to extend the morality and values of God in their cities, states and nations. They understood what sin was and that it brought judgment not only on themselves but the community and their nation. Most churches and Christians today no longer understand sin. They don't understand that their responsibility is to extend the kingdom of God and his righteousness on earth not to compromise and become part of the rebellious sinful culture. Most believers today want to make peace with the enemy instead of war so instead of extending the kingdom of God they extend the immorality of evil men on earth thus ultimately being judged with them as lot and his wife in Sodom and Gomorrah. Lot watched and did nothing and the Bible says his soul became vexed as he became comfortable with the sins of abortion and sodomy etc with the attitude of live and let live. If we as believers are not salt to extend the kingdom of God we instead become synchronized with the world and ultimately judged with the world.